The 5 Best Ruger SR1911 Accessories & Upgrades – Reviews 2022

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The Ruger SR 1911 is a reliable and solid 1911 made in the United States. It’s popular, reliable, and capable of being a modern defensive handgun. The 1911 is an old design, obviously more than a century at this point. It can admittedly use a face lift.

Accessorizing the Ruger SR 1911 means highlighting and addressing the design’s weaknesses. The accessories should allow the weapon to work better as a handgun. The accessories also shouldn’t slow the weapon down. They also need to keep up. What I mean is the Ruger SR 1911 is based on a design over a hundred years old and it still works, so your accessories need to match the 1911’s reputation.

Below are our recommendations for the 5 best Ruger SR1911 accessories.

Recover Tactical Grips

The Recover Tactical grips at first appear to be extremely gimmicky. They are a set of grips that attach like normal grips but extend over the frame to add a rail to the 1911 platform. This rail is designed to accept flashlights, lasers, and other accessories. However, these grips and the rail attached has proven itself to be a capable and effective system. The Ruger SR 1911 does not come with a rail from the factory, so this certainly adds to the old workhorses versatility.

The Recover grips (see full specs) attach very easy to the 1911 and are surprisingly well made. They come in a variety of colors, including FDE, OD Green, black, and even pink (yes, pink!). The rail is standard Picatinny and allows the mounting of almost any accessory on the market. The grips install and stay together with the addition of two screws, but the install is still simple and gunsmith-free.

They are made from a lightweight but reinforced polymer that is strong enough to withstand some serious abuse. If they were metal they would be much heavier and likely rub the finish from the gun they are mounted on. Surprisingly, as grips they are quite functional. They are covered on both sides with a wavy series of bumps that allows for a sure grip on the weapon. Best of all, no permanent modification to your weapon. If you go with these grips, there is also a holster made specifically to fit them. These are among the best Ruger SR1911 accessories you can purchase.

Recover Tactical upgrades your 1911 with rail system

Streamlight TLR 1

The Streamlight TLR 1 is one of the most popular handgun lights on the market. It’s a powerful and robust full-sized light. This particular model produces 300 lumens and there are models that shine up to 800 lumens. I prefer this 300-lumen model because the battery life is much, much longer, lasting up to 2.5 hours of continuous use.

The Streamlight TLR 1 mounts to a standard Picatinny rail and will interface perfectly with the Recover tactical grips. The Streamlight TLR 1 is the perfect option for shooters who are looking to use their Ruger SR 1911 as their home defense weapon. The presence of a light guarantees that in the middle of the night if something goes bump you can bump pack. The light ensures have positive identification on your enemy, and hopefully, it’s just not the cat knocking the lamp off the table.

The Streamlight is also bright enough to blind an enemy and give them a momentary lapse in their ability to react. The light is machined aluminum and that features a sealed construction and an anodized finish. The system is water and dust proof and can take whatever you can throw at it. This should be on anyone’s list of the best Ruger SR1911 upgrades.

Streamlight 69110 TLR-1 C4 LED Rail Mounted Flashlight

Galco Miami Classic Shoulder Holster

The Galco Miami Classic Shoulder Holster system is easily the best should holster on the market. 1911s are big and rather heavy guns, so to effectively carry them concealed it helps to have a robust holster. The Galco Miami’s shoulder holster design makes it easy to carry a 1911 concealed with nothing more than an external overshirt or jacket. The shoulder carry position makes it easy to make big guns disappear.

The Miami Classic is one of the most comfortable shoulder rigs due to the wide leather straps and tons of adjustment capability. The Miami Classic Shoulder Holster can be adjusted to fit both small and large shooters and should be adjusted for each user. The Miami Classic is an all leather holster and is remarkably attractive. It looks as stylish and good as it functions. The Miami Classic is also modular, and you can add a variety of different attachments to it.

It comes stock with a holster and dual magazine pouch. The end user can replace the mag pouch with a handcuff pouch, a Ka-Bar sheath, or single mag pouch. The Miami Classic has long been the standard bearer for shoulder holsters and continues to be popular with law enforcement. Bar none, these are among the best Ruger SR1911 accessories.

Assembly, Adjustment and Safe Use of a Galco Shoulder System

Trijicon Novak Cut HD Front Sight

Different sights serve different purposes. Some are for plinking, others are for competition, and some are of course made for combat. The 1911 design was made for combat as it was literally built for war. The Trijicon Novak Front Sight is built for combat and the modern battlefield. The sight is, of course, a night sight so it glows brightly in low light situations (I know, this is a hard concept to understand).

The front sight has a tritium light installed into the front sight (see full specs), which glows very brightly when the lights are dimmed. In a firefight you have focus on the front sight, get it on target and pull the trigger. This is a perfect sight for the concealed carrier and are among the best Ruger SR1911 accessories for the money.

Trijicon HD Night Sights 1911 Novak Cut Review

Kensight 1911 DAS

The Kensight 1911 DAS, or Defense Adjustable rear sight, is a combat based rear sight for 1911s. They replace the simple sights that come on the Ruger SR 1911 with an a more advanced adjustable set designed for defensive shooting. The sights are trimmed and rounded to prevent your 1911 when drawing from concealment. The combat style sight body allows one handed operation of the slide. You can easily rack it off your belt if your hand is wounded.

The sight is made entirely from EDM machined chrome-moly steel. The sights start as a solid piece of billet metal and are milled into the sights you see now. These sights are extremely well made and very strong. They are matte black and this reduces the glare from sunlight and overhead lights. These sights have a Novak LoMount dovetail cut that match perfectly with the Ruger SR 1911.

The Kensight 1911 DAS sights has adjustments for both windage and elevation. The clicks are very tactile and quite loud so you know when you’ve made an adjustment. The sight has two white dots to align with the front sight. A limited lifetime warranty backs the Kensight DAS sights as well.


Ruger has made an awesome 1911 with their SR 1911. It is a simple, robust design that looks as good as it performs. However, it can be made better. The accessories listed above are primarily focused on a combat weapon, be it home defense, or concealed carry. The Ruger SR 1911 fits this role well but fits it a little better when there are some upgrades applied.

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