The 4 Best Chest Pack Holsters – Reviews 2022

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Chest carry is nothing new, and it is making a major comeback. Concealed carry is extremely popular and luckily we live in a time where you can carry in any way you like. Chest pack carry can go one of two ways, overt, and covert.

Overt holsters are for open carry and tactical scenarios. They need to allow the user a rapid and easy draw. These holsters also need to be well supported and comfortable for everyday wear. The covert style often doubles as an accessory pouch. They need to conceal the weapon effectively, while also keeping it well supported so when the time comes it is ready to go.

Below we look at both overt and covert-type holsters. These are, in our humble opinion, the 4 best chest pack holsters on the market.

Covert Escape

The Covert Escape bag is a multi-use pouch that allows carriers to carry a whole lot of gear. This includes flashlights, extra magazines, tourniquets and anything else you may need. The covert uses a single strap to secure the pack to your body. Once secured it stay located on the chest for easy access. The main pouch is the perfect size for a compact handgun and even some full-size models. You could fit a Walther P99 in it, but you won’t fit a revolver with a six-inch barrel in there so Dirty Harry wannabes need to find something else.

The gun itself is secured by a zipper and of course should be pointed downwards. This pack allows you to take everything off your belt and put it on your chest. This gives immediate and easy access to your gear and gun when working in extremely close quarters. You can easily reach and retrieve your weapon without issue. You’ll also cut your reload time when using the outside magazine pouch.

The weapon is secured and isn’t going anywhere once it is in place. You can arrange the kit in five different configurations, and you can carry multiple smaller handguns if you’d prefer. This kit is quite comfortable and is an excellent option for the working man who needs a variety of tools at hand and still wants his gun to be close. This kit is easy to toss and go out the door, and easy to toss on at night when something goes bump. This would make a great concealed chest holster.

Hazard4 Covert RG Escape: TD Product DEMO

Blackhawk Holster and Strike Platform

The Blackhawk Strike platform is capable of taking any Blackhawk holster and turning it into a chest rig. The example here is the famed M9 or Beretta 92FS holster. This chest set up requires a plate carrier or chest rig to use, but for tactical applications it is perfect. The use of a chest mounted holster has become very popular in tactical applications. The Blackhawk system makes the weapon easier to draw in a multitude of positions.

If you are in the prone position it is easier to grab your gun from the Chest Mounted Strike platform than a waist mounted platform. The Blackhawk holster uses an active retention device to hold the weapon in place until the release button is pressed. The Blackhawk Strike platform is easy to put in place, and once it is done, it doesn’t move or shift at all. The platform and holster are made entirely from Kydex, a polymer-based material.

This material is waterproof, rip-proof, and incredibly durable. You can adjust the weapon to a wide variety of different angles that suit you. The Strike system is incredibly durable and very, very strong. It’s designed to last forever, and will unless you take a chainsaw to it. Once it is in place it’s secure and easy to use. Hands down, it’s one of the best chest pack holsters that’s also a great military chest holster as well.

BLACKHAWK! SERPA Ambidextrous S.T.R.I.K.E Platform Plate

Covert Loader

Made by the same people who made the Covert Escape, the Covert Loader is the big boy option for chest pack carry. This has a front and backpack that can be used for extra gear. This option is the perfect one for a bug out gear carrier. A nice handgun in the front pouch, with gear spread throughout both the front and pack of the pack. This setup would allow a user to load some essential survival gear into both packs and hit the road in an emergency.

The front pouch can contain your handgun and several magazines at one time. In fact, you have the ability to store everything you need to survive a gunfight in almost any situation. What I mean is that you can have a gun, extra magazines, a flashlight, and even a small armor panel in this pack.

Outside of an emergency situation, this pack (see full specs) is excellent for a variety of adventuring. You can still keep your gun in the front pouch and have room for tools, and a flashlight for close quarters construction work. There is also room for cameras and camera accessories for explorers. You just have lots of room for ammo, and accessories. You just have room to store your gun and whatever else you need, making this one of the best chest pack holsters around.

Hazard 4 / Civilian Lab Escape / Loader Chest Rig Part 1 by MilPic

Diamond D Guide’s Choice

When you mix old-school leather with a modern firearm, what do you get? The Guide’s Choice by Diamond D. This holster is designed by Alaskan guides for big bore automatics. This can fit the Glock 20 and 21, 10mm and 45 ACP variants respectively. The holster (see full specs) can actually fit a wide variety of full sized guns, especially Glocks. The Guide Choice is designed for outdoors work.

What’s important to remember is that in Alaska the environment is constantly trying to kill you. This includes the animals in Alaska. This includes bears and wolves that all hate you stupid human and yet also consider you a tasty treat (and even animals that don’t want to eat you, like a moose, still hate you). Having an easy to draw firearm can be a real lifesaver in these situations. This holster positions the weapon near the chest for a good reason. The Guide’s Gear holster is centered on the chest in case you fall, are tackled, or traveling in rough environments.

It’s much easier to draw your weapon on the ground from your chest. Also when pushing through the wilderness you’ll be forced to expose your weapon to the environment. This means the gun is likely to hit snow, tree limbs, and even mountain sides if it is on your hips. On the chest, it’s more protected and easier to carry bigger and heavier guns.

Guides Choice Chest Holster

Say It with Your Chest

A chest-mounted handgun has some real advantages over other types of carry. The biggest thing is to determine if it is right for you. In certain situations, it is by far the most advantageous carry option. The systems I’ve listed above are perfect for chest carry and ensure you are comfortable in those specific situations. And with this article, we hope you’ve found the best chest pack holster for your needs. Good luck!

  • Owner of, Boyd Smith is a major handgun enthusiast, and although he owns Glocks, he prefers the revolving wheel type. His go-to guns are a Smith & Wesson 642 Performance Center for carry and a Ruger GP100 in the nightstand biometric safe (he has kids). He loads both revolvers with old-school 148-grain Federal Gold Medal .38 wadcutters. It’s OK if you think he’s a wimp. Email him.

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