The 4 Best Mossberg 702 Plinkster Accessories – Tactical Mods Review 2022

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The Mossberg 702 Plinkster is a well-made, easy-shooting rimfire rifle. It comes nearly perfect from the factory, but it can always be accessorized. Accessories should improve the functionality of the weapon, and make it easier to handle, and more fun to shoot. Accessories can always make the weapon last longer and run smoother, and these are welcome additions to any weapon. Even a fun one like the plinkster.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best Mossberg 702 Plinkster accessories. Take a gander, why don’t you?

Nikon Prostaff Rimfire

The Nikon Prostaff rimfire scope is the perfect 702 accessory. The rifle is in ..22, and this scope is specifically designed for .22 LR rifles. The scope is super lightweight but quite strong. This tactical scope is built for the miniature rimfire round, but it’s also still built just as good as a centerfire rifle scope. In fact, the differences between the Prostaff rimfire and centerfire models are relatively minor. The Nikon Prostaff rimfire is a 4 to 12 power optic with a 40mm objective lens.

The Nikon Prostaff Rimfire (see full specs) has fully multi-coated lenses that allow 98% of available light to transmit through the scope. The wide objective lens makes it possible to see a nice wide field of view and gather as much light as possible. The Nikon Prostaff has zero reset turrets, a feature rarely found on rimfire scopes, so it’s nice to see it here. This makes it possible to ‘zero’ the turrets after you zero the rifle. This makes it possible to keep track of adjustments in the field. This way you can go back to your normal zero after shooting on a windy day.

The optic features a bullet drop compensator reticle that makes it easy to predict where your round will fall at certain ranges This feature makes distance shooting much easier, especially for beginners. The optic is water and shockproof as well as being nitrogen filled to keep fog out and away. It’s easily one of the best Mossberg 702 Plinkster accessories on the market.

Nikon Prostaff Rifle Scope 4-12X40

NCStar Gun Case

If you need to transport your weapon you need to transport it safely, and quietly. The two main goals in transporting a weapon are discretion and safety. You want to be able to transport the weapon safely. When it comes to firearms, safety is the biggest priority. The NCStar gun case is heavily padded and capable of protecting the weapon from dings, scratches and damage of any kind. It will protect the Mossberg 702 Plinkster during transport to and from the range or the hunting camp or wherever.

The second thing a gun bag should do is be discreet. Some people panic regarding the sight of any gun, so the bag can help prevent this. Someone getting the wrong impression about your legally owned firearm can lead to the police being called, leading to a rather uncomfortable if not fatal situation. So remain protected and keep your firearm discreet. This could also prevent someone from trying to steal the weapon if left in a vehicle.

The bag is made from heavy-duty PVC material that is strong and tear and water resistant. The inside is double padded to keep your weapon from bouncing and being scratched. There are external pockets for magazines, ammunition, and other external necessities. You also have two normal carrying handles, and a rear carrying strap the allows it to go over the shoulder. Sometimes, the ideal Mossberg 702 Plinkster is simply a case.

NCStar Tactical Gun Case - Good Quality, Low Price

Hoppe’s .22 Cleaning Kit

If you are looking for a surefire and correct way to clean your firearm Hoppe’s makes an all in one kit for .22 caliber rifles. The kit is pretty much all inclusive. The only thing I would add is an old shirt to act as a rag. Other than that the kit comes with a bore brush that comes in several different pieces that combine together to clean the bore of a rifle. After all, .22 ammunition tends to be quite dirty, so keeping the bore clean is critical to basic accuracy.

The cleaning rods break into several pieces for easy transport and are topped with a handle to make it easy to run the attachments back and forth. In terms of brushes the kit comes with one main wire brush for heavy duty bore cleaning. You get two additional attachments that allows the user to run cloth, or cotton patches through the bore for fine cleaning. You get a whole mess of bore patches as well.

To top the kit off you get two bottles of cleaning formula. The first is the famous Hoppe’s no 9 lubricating and cleaning formula. This lubrication will ensure your weapon runs smoothly for years and years. You also get a small bottle of bore solvent to clean your bore. This kit is simple but complete, and easy to use and is one of the best Mossberg 702 Plinkster accessories period.

How to Deep Clean a Rifle

UTG Reinforced Bipod

There isn’t an easy way to attach a bipod to the Mossberg 702 Plinkster. There are no stock sling swivels, so you can either attach a set of sling swivels and attach a bipod to the swivels. That takes time and a gunsmith. The simpler option is the UTG Reinforced bipod. This bipod allows the user to attach the bipod directly to the barrel. This eliminates the need for sling swivels. The UTG bipod is easy to install, and easy to take off. It’s small, compact, and lightweight—it’ll make a great upgrade to your Mossberg.

The bipod (see full specs) is made of lightweight aluminum and is durable enough to withstand the abuse most people will use. The feet are coated with rubber to improve its grip on the ground. The legs actually fold out of the way when not in use, which makes it a more convenient package when not in use.

The legs are equipped with a posi lock mechanism to prevent the bipod from tipping to the side. A tactical bipod will improve your ability to accurately and consistently hit your target. A bipod also makes it both easier and safer to train new shooters as well. These bipods are simple and quite affordable to use. If you ever want to move it from weapon to weapon it is simple to do, making this one of the best Mossberg 702 Plinkster accessories for the money.

UTG New Gen Clamp-on Bipod

Into the Breach

The Plinkster is a great little gun. Mossberg hit the nail on the head when they designed this bad boy, especially considering its price point. The accessories for it should follow the Plinkster’s example: Well-made and well-priced. In all modesty, we believe the four listed above certainly follow that example. Good luck!

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  1. Mossberg did not design “this bad boy” beyond specifying a chinsy Schnabel stock on an existing CBC barreled action.

    • For those interested in saving a few bucks, the Rossi rs22 is identical to this weapon. Stocks and magazines are interchangeable, the only difference between the two is the inflated price point on the mossberg unit.

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