The 4 Best Ruger P89 Accessories, Upgrades & Parts — Reviews 2022

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The Ruger P89 is a classic American firearm. It’s affordable and reliable and was, for a while, everywhere. Is it perfect? No, but that’s okay. You see, the American firearms industry can do a hell of a lot to improve upon everyday handguns, and the P89 is the very definition of an everyday semi-auto pistol.

When you start choosing to accessorize your Ruger P89, you need to keep a few things in mind. What does the accessory do for you? Does it improve your performance? Does it make the firearm easier to use? If it doesn’t, is it worth your time and money? Probably not. Focus on what it can do for you. While no accessory can make you a better shot, accessories can make a weapon easier to shoot, more comfortable to carry, and overall a more effective weapon.

Below are our recommendations for the best Ruger P89 accessories. Check these parts out!

Fobus Standard Paddle Holster

Carrying a Ruger P89 can be quite the challenge. It is a full-sized firearm that has a full-sized weight to it. On the plus side, a full-sized handgun is easier to shoot, more accurate, and often carries a higher capacity of ammunition. Still, the Ruger P89 needs a capable holster, and the Fobus Standard Paddle Holster is one such holster.

The Fobus Standard uses a standard paddle design that places the paddle behind your pants and is secured by your belt. It can carry the weight of a full sized handgun with its steel reinforced rivet attachments.

This holster is capable of carrying both the 9mm and 40 S&W variants of the firearm. Once properly secured to a belt, the holster is capable of carrying the Ruger P89 comfortably throughout the day. The holster uses a passive retention device; this ensures you draw and clean and rapid. The only downside is the lack of active retention device makes it possible for the gun to be taken in a physical fight--but you don’t want anyone that close to you in the first place!

The use of polymer materials over standard leather guarantees the holster will never lose shape, flatten, or tear and rip. It’s easy to wash, and not affected by the moisture of gun oil. The use of polymer materials also keeps the holster’s weight at right around 2 ounces. It’s one of the best Ruger P89 accessories on the market.

Uncle Mike’s Tactical Kydex Magazine Carrier

The Ruger P89 uses a double-stack magazine that means it’s wider than the standard single stack that comes with a lot of concealed carry firearms. It’s key to remember this as a single stack carrier is too small. This mag carrier from Uncle Mike’s is wide enough to fit a Ruger P89 holster; actually, it is big enough to fit two of these magazines. Like the Fobus holster, it does use a paddle but there are belt mounted options if you choose.

This magazine pouch is perfect for concealed carry as it holds the magazines tight to your body and prevents any bulges from showing. The Uncle Mike’s magazine pouch is an open top design that allows a rapid draw of the magazines and doesn’t have anything to get in the way. These magazine pouches are still safe and secure though. They use an internal resistance system to put pressure on the magazine and keep it from moving.

The pouch itself is made entirely from Kydex. Like the Fobus holster, it’s not affected by water, gun oil, or anything that would cause something like leather or nylon to fail. It will essentially last forever, and is extremely well made, and quite affordable--one of the best Ruger P89 upgrades.

HIVIZ Ruger Interchangeable LITEWAVE Front Handgun Sight

Front sight focus. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. If you’ve ever taken a firearms class or watched a training DVD, you’ve heard it. Front sight focus means grab the front sight with your eyes, get it on target, and pull the trigger. To do this effectively, you need to be able to actually see the front sight. The Hi Viz front sight for the Ruger P89 is absolutely perfect for this.

It’s bright green in color and made from polymer resin. This front sight is easy to install most of the time, but you may need a gunsmith if you aren’t confident with the tools necessary. Some minor filing maybe necessary to fit the front sight snugly. Once installed, it will basically never fall out of place.

Likewise, once installed, the sight is remarkably easy to see. It works best in the daylight since it doesn’t glow in anyway. However, even in low light situations, the sight is easy to see and find. In fact, unless it is totally dark the sight is quite easy to see. Let’s face it, if it’s totally dark you won’t be able to see your target to begin with--unless you’re being attacked by Casper the Friendly Ghost, in which case, blast away. Whichever your target, this is the best Ruger P89 accessories around.

HiViz Pistol Dovetail Type Front Sight Installation Video

Crimson Trace Laser Grips

Crimson Trace laser grips is probably the best laser sighting system in the world for concealed carriers. The design is ingenious and it fits so effortlessly onto a firearm. It adds absolutely zero bulk to the firearm and this aids in concealment, and at the same time provides an effective and easy to see laser. Crimson Trace produces a line of grips that fits the P series of Ruger handguns without issue.

To install, simply remove your stock grips, and install these where they used to be. The whole thing takes about five minutes and, once installed, they are ready to go. No gunsmith required. To activate grab the firearm as you normally would and the laser will automatically turn on. It’s grip activated, if you will. The laser can be adjusted via elevation and windage adjustments.

This allows you to effortlessly turn the laser on (see full specs) and get it into action should you ever need to defend yourself. Regardless of the available light, you’ll be easily able to see this laser. If you don’t need the firearm on all you need to do is turn the master switch off. This will allow you to preserve battery when training, and target practicing. Hands down, this is one of the best Ruger P89 accessories.

Sighting-In & Recalibrating Your Laser Sight


When it comes to accessorizing, you need to take your time. Figure out what works for you. The Ruger P89 is an excellent handgun so don’t stress yourself too much on trying to improve it. Accessorize in ways that make you a more effective shooter and concealed carrier.

Just remember a very simply rule: when accessorizing, if it doesn’t make the weapon easier to shoot, easier to carry, or make you more effective, don’t buy it or, if you’ve already purchased it, return it. Good luck!

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