The 4 Best Lasers for Glock — 19 & Other Model Sight Reviews

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The Glock 19 is a reliable, accurate, and dependable weapon, and a laser for the weapon should be the same. A Glock 19 is hard to improve but when equipped with a laser it will make it easier to acquire a target and improve accuracy in low light situations.

A laser aim device needs to be bright enough for use in both day and night time situations. The laser should be lightweight and not upset the balance of the weapon. Some who carry conceal may stray away from a rail mounted laser since it requires a special holster to carry. The following lasers are made by reputable manufacturers that are on the forefront of laser technology.

These our recommendations for the 4 best lasers for Glock 19 (though, they’ll fit any Glock model):

Streamlight TLR 4 Light & Laser

The Glock 19 falls between two different specific niches of firearm. Glock considers the model 19 a compact, and many enjoy carrying the weapon concealed. However, some will say the Glock is not so compact. The Glock 19 is a popular duty weapon with police and security professionals. For these professionals, concealing the weapon is not a priority. These professionals can equip a larger laser device—the impressive TLR 4.

The TLR 4 is a combination flashlight and laser module that equips to the picatinny rail of a weapon. The unit is very lightweight and is equipped with a very powerful laser. The TLR 4 uses advanced C4 LED technology to provide a brilliant white light, and red laser. The TLR 4 features an ambidextrous on/off switch that can be triggered with the trigger finger.

The laser is rated at 640-660nm and is capable of providing long range laser placement. The electronics are optimized to provide regulated intensity. The controls allow the user to regulate the method of use of the TLR 4, and the controls can allow the user to use the light only, laser only, or light and laser at the same time. The laser itself can run for 11 hours unregulated.

The Streamlight TLR 4 is an ultra powerful light laser combo, that is also built for duty and dependability. If you want a study product, this is probably the best laser for Glock 19’s.

LaserMax SPS-R Spartan Handgun Laser sight

LaserMax is a well-known laser company who excels at making lasers everyone can afford. Crimson Trace, Surefire, and Streamlight are all amazing companies, but you pay a premium for their gear. Lasermax allows your everyday joe to toss a laser on their gun without breaking the bank. Besides price the LaserMax Spartan does have the benefit of being small and compact. Seeing as how the Glock 19 is one of the most popular CCW guns on the market.

When it comes to concealed carry, smaller is typically better. The LaserMax Spartan is a little guy with a lot of performance. Due to its small size, it uses a small battery. With that being said, Lasermax has taken a step to help save battery life. The Spartan is equipped with an Auto Off after ten minutes of inactivity. This ensures if you forget to turn it off before holstering the battery isn’t dead when you really need it.

The controls on the Spartan are also fantastic, and one of the unit’s highlights. I really like the oversized and easy to reach on and off switch. It’s simple to actuate with gloves. They are also ambidextrous and very easy to reach. Overall the LaserMax is an excellent laser, at a great price.

LaserMax Guide Rod

We like LaserMax products so much, here’s another. For people concealed-carrying, they may even desire to accessorize without adding any unnecessary bulk. Adding external lasers or lights can also make it more difficult to find a holster, especially a concealed carry holster. So when someone wants to add a laser to their weapon and resist adding bulk, what can he or she do?

LaserMax invented one of the most ingenious methods of concealing a laser. They redesigned the Glock’s guide rod and installed a laser into it, thereby adding no additional bulk. The LaserMax guide rod is installed without any special tools or gunsmithing required.

Once installed, the on/off switch can be used ambidextrously to fit any shooter. The laser is guaranteed by the factory to be pre sighted in for the Glock’s point of aim at ten yards, and guarantees that the laser will be within one inch of the laser. The guide rod laser does not reduce the reliability of a Glock pistol. The LaserMax guide rod pulses to improve visibility and is used for faster identification. This is one of the cleverest and best lasers for Glock 19 pistols.

LaserMax Product Overview - GuideRod

Crimson Trace Laser Grip

The Crimson Trace laser company has been producing laser grips for handguns for years, and their products have always been superbly popular, and incredibly effective. However, when it came to the polymer pistols like the Glock 19 that did not have interchangeable grips, Crimson Trace had to become inventive.

The Crimson Trace laser grips attach around the rear of the grip and provide an extended beavertail that contains a laser emitter. These grips work identically to the same grips produced for 1911s or revolvers. This mean as soon as you grip the weapon the laser emitter comes on. This can be invaluable to someone in a self defense situation since there is no need to consciously activate the laser. It’s simply on and ready to rock and roll.

The Crimson Trace grips emit a very bright light laser that is eye catching during both the night and the day. The easy to use nature and overall durable and dependable nature of Crimson Trace products make this an excellent accessory for your Glock. This product’s method of mounting does not require finding a special holster, and does not make the weapon difficult to carry. This is definitely a contender for the best laser sight for Glock 19 pistols.

Spot On

A laser does not reduce the necessity of using iron sights, and anyone with a laser should still train for the possibility of not having it. That being said, a laser can save your life in a situation where you can’t see your sights or simply by reducing the time necessary to get shots on target. The best Glock lasers can provide the user with comfort in their ability to get on target regardless of the situation.

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