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sig P938 ankle holster

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The Sig P938 is a micro 9mm 1911 model that is designed for concealed carry for civilians or as a backup firearms for police officers. The P938 is a firearm that is small enough for ankle carry, and while ankle carry isn’t for everyone, it is a perfectly accepted carry method.

An ankle carry holster has to be supportive of the weapon or else you risk dropping the weapon accidentally or at the least being uncomfortable for most of the day. Retention is another important factor in keeping the weapon in the holster. A solid retention device allows the user to carry with confidence his or her weapon isn’t going anywhere until it’s necessary. The last factor in an ankle holster is comfort; if the holster isn’t comfortable, it’s nearly useless.

We’ve scoured the marketplace to show you the 4 best Sig P938 ankle holsters for the money:

UTG Concealed Ankle Holster

The most affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality is the UTG Concealed Ankle holster. Designed by optics and tactical powerhouse UTG, this concealed carry holster is designed for small automatic pistols just like the Sig P938. The UTG is made entirely from nylon and is a two-piece system. The upper half attaches around the calf and the lower half wraps around the ankle. This is an ultra supportive style of holster that keeps the weapon from bouncing, slipping, and becoming uncomfortable.

The UTG ankle holster is designed to cover the trigger guard and prevent any negligent and accidental discharges. The UTG ankle holster features a simple retention device that relies on velcro. Velcro is easy for the user to disarm, but makes it impossible for the weapon to accidentally fall out.

The UTG ankle holster may lack the finer points of a holster, but it’s still completely safe and suitable for carrying a firearm with. The UTG ankle holster will fit most users and will snugly hold the SIG P938. If you’re on a budget, this just might be the best Sig P938 ankle holster period.

Topmeet Ankle Holster

The SIG P938 is a very small gun, but it is an all metal gun and a little heavy for its small size. That weight is great for recoil reduction, but some folks can find it heavy in the ankle. If you find the SIG P938 to be a bit heavy, then the unique Topmeet holster is for you. The Topmeet ankle holster is unlike any other ankle holster on the market. It’s very robust and designed to be incredibly supportive of your gun. The Topmeet attaches around your ankle and calf and is much larger than most ankle rigs.

This extra size makes it easy to carry the gun comfortably. This design is also no slip in nature and won’t rotate around your ankle as you walk. The Topmeet design is incredibly comfortable and made from a soft neoprene material so its comfortable against the ankle and quite strong. The soft material adds an extra level of protection against those sharp angles on the SIG 938. The overall design is brilliant and keeps the same level of concealment you expect from an ankle holster with increased comfort.

The Topmeet ankle holster has a standard external holster that allows you to carry the gun in a secure manner easily. It has a standard thumb clip for retention, and the holster accommodates a wide variety of firearms, including the SIG P938.

Uncle Mike’s LE Ankle Holster

The Uncle Mike‘s Law Enforcement ankle holster is one of many different holsters in their Law Enforcement line. This ankle holster is made from a soft knit fabric and nylon. Both are sweat and water resistant and effectively protect your weapon from external moisture. A layer of closed cell foam acts as the moisture barrier for this weapon. The LE ankle holster’s soft knit fabric keeps the holster nice and comfortable when wrapped around the holster. This soft fabric keeps the weapon from chafing and causing discomfort throughout a long day.

The Uncle Mike’s LE ankle holster comes in multiple sizes, and the one most suited for the SIG P938 is the size 1. Keep this in mind when ordering.

The Uncle Mike’s holster is a two part holster. The upper portion is roughly an inch wide that use velcro to secure itself to the user’s leg. The actual ankle portion is quite wide, which aids in supporting the weight of the all-metal Sig P938. The velcro on both the top and bottom portions has a cinch down hook that allows the user to keep a tight fit with the holster.

The Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement is a well-made design that is extremely comfortable and easy to wear throughout an entire day.

The Tuff Force Ankle Holster

The Tuff Force Ankle holster is purpose-built for small automatics like the Sig P938 or the Sig P238. This small holster wraps nice and tight around the lower portion of the user’s ankle and the upper portion of the calf. The upper portion is not required to use this holster due to how close the weapon is kept to the ankle. However, the calf portion does provide additional support for most users.

The Tuff Force Ankle (see full specs) holster’s straps are quite wide, and this lends to the comfort of the holster. These wide straps support the weapon’s weight and prevent the straps from digging in, moving, and chafing the calf and ankle. The Tuff Force ankle holster uses an elastic strap to keep the weapon in the holster throughout the day and is capable of withstanding the bumping and jarring of someone running.

The Tuff Force ankle holster comes with a small pad that attaches to the holster to provide extra comfort. This pad is made from an easy to clean and breathable material. This brings the comfort level up to an entirely new level. The Sig P938 has some sharp angles, including the rear of the slide, and the weapon’s hammer. This pad prevents these sharp edges from reaching the end user. This pad also prevents the user’s sweat from reaching your Sig P938 and causing rust. No ifs and buts, this is one of the best Sig P938 ankle holsters.


The SIG P938 is an excellent little gun. It’s accurate, easy shooting, has low recoil, and can be used effectively for self-defense. An ankle holster is an effective way to carry a handgun and works well for people who drive, wear a specific uniform for work, or folks who are seated for a large portion of the day. A good ankle holster can be a comfortable and effective means of concealing a firearm, and a bad ankle holster is literally painful. We hope with this article, you’ve found the best Sig P938 ankle holster for your needs.

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