The 4 Best Scopes for Ruger Mini 30 – Reviews 2022

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The Mini 30 fires a short range but powerful round. The 7.62 x 39 round is of Russian origin and designed to be used within 300 meters. A scope designed to work with the Mini 30 shouldn’t be super powerful, and if a variable scope, it should have a lower setting. The 7.62 x 39 has some sharp bullet drop beyond 300 meters so the use of a Mil or MOA dot scope is efficient at compensating for bullet drop. The scope should also hold a zero after repeated firing and be capable of withstanding the heat this semi-auto can generate.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best scopes for Mini 30 rifles.

Barska IR Contour

The Barska IR Contour offers users an affordable option to scope their Mini 30 rifle. As stated above, the Mini 30 is designed for shooting well under 300 yards so a super powerful optic is not necessary. The Barska IR Contour scope is a fixed 4-power optic, and fixed 4-power scopes keep the optics affordable, lightweight, and compact. Another benefit is the fact you don’t have to worry about the focal plane of the optic.

The Contour is a rigid optic that is shockproof and more than capable of handling the recoil from the Mini 30. The Barska’s reticle is illuminated with the option for green or red. The optic is also glass-etched so the optic can run without illumination. The reticle is a mil-dot style, so users can compensate for bullet drop and windage. The optic has a built-in sunshade to reduce glare and the chance of that telltale scope reflection.

For a budget optic, the Barska is very clear, quite surprising for the smaller 32 mm objective lens. The lenses have a slight bluish tint, but this is expected when the lenses are multi-coated. Because it effectively fits the round fired and mounts wll on the famed Ruger Ranch Rifle, the Barska IR Contour is one of the best scopes for Mini 30 period.

Trijicon Accupoint

The Trijicon Accupoint is one of the most expensive options for the Mini 30. However, it is well-suited for the design. The Accupoint is a 1 to 4 power variable optic, with a small 24 mm objective lens. Trijicon makes up for the small lens by completely multicoating their lenses. This multi-coated system eliminates any noticeable glare and provides brilliant clarity and light transmission. The lens coating also eliminates distortion for the most accurate shooting possible.

The optic (see full specs) uses a triangle as the reticle that is illuminated for easy use. The illumination is completely battery-free that relies on tritium and fiber optics to provide a bright and clear reticle. This brightness level is adjustable via sliding scale that covers the optics fiber optics. The aircraft grade aluminum housing is rugged, and one piece, meaning it’s stronger and more precise. The optic uses a multi-focused eyepiece, which will eliminate any focusing and distortion issues in the scope’s entire field of view.

The Trijicon Accupoint is easy and rapid to get on target. The magnification range is completely appropriate for the Mini 30 and its 7.62mm round. At 1x, with its triangle reticle it can effectively be used as a red dot scope. The magnification allows for easy engagement out to five hundred yards, well beyond the Mini 30’s effective range. The Accupoint is one of the highest quality compact optics with a 1 to 4 range and is worth every penny.

Trijicon AccuPower 1 4x24 Scope Review

Monstrum Tactical

The Monstrum Tactical Compact rifle scope is problem-solving scope. Are you looking to engage some close-range targets: hogs, varmint, or predators? The scope has you covered with its 1.5-power setting. Do you need to reach out and touch something? Shooting small targets at close range? Try 3 or 4 power. The difference in magnification makes the Monstrum scope quite versatile and simple to use.

The scope has a 24mm objective lens, and of course, the lenses are coated for greater light gathering and flare reduction. The Monstrum tactical scope has an illuminated, glass-etched reticle. The user can choose between red or green illumination. The reticle also has a simple to use rangefinder built into the reticle. The scope comes equipped with a Weaver or Picatinny base, so extra scope rings or a scope mount isn’t necessary.

The Monstrum Tactical scope also has an independent built-in red laser mounted to the side of it. This built-in laser allows the scope to be used at close to point blank range with perfect accuracy. The scope can be used in a wide variety of different situations, from plinking to hunting or to home and self-defense. If you like versatility on a budget, this is without a doubt the best scope for Mini 30’s.

Budget 1-4 Scope (Monstrum Tactical)

Redfield Revolution

The Redfield brand is one of the most well known among hunters. The classic simplicity of Redfield optics is appreciated by hunters who prefer to invest in the quality of their glass rather than tactical features. For those hunting with the Ruger Mini 30 it’d be hard to go wrong with the Revolution. The scope features a variable magnification of 2 to 7 power with a 33mm objective lens.

The Revolution (see full specs) is the product of American design and American manufacturing, not unlike the Ruger Mini 30 itself. The variable magnification range is perfect for the Mini 30’s close and short range strengths. The optic allows the brush hunter to have an effective short range scope for rapid engagement, and a variable range for shots that need to reach out or for simple scouting.

The Redfield Revolution is full waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof, so hunting is not a tough task for it. The scope is also covered by a lifetime warranty.

The Revolution features Redfield’s Accu-range glass and Rapid Target Acquisition eyepiece. The Accu-range glass gives you crystal clear lens perfection at any magnification. The Rapid Target Acquisition eyepiece allows a fast focus when you get behind the scope, cutting the time it takes to make an accurate shot. This optic should be on anyone’s list of the best scope for Ruger Mini 30 rifles.


The Little .30 Cal that Could

The Mini 30 is an interesting and fun rifle. Designed to put round after round into a target, this little semi-auto is considerably more powerful than its little brother, the Mini 14. The weapon is accurate within its effective range and is perfect for deer, hogs, and predators of all types. The rifle needs a scope that exemplifies its strengths and makes up for its weaknesses, and we hope with this article, you’ve found the best scope for your Ruger Mini 30.

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