The 4 Best Barska Scopes – Reviews of Rifle Optics 2022

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Barska scopes and Barska, in general, are pretty well known in the gun industry for their line of effective and affordable optics and firearms accessories. Barska’s line is expansive when it comes to optics, and they can be used for hunting, tactical, target practice, and plinking. Regardless of your role, Barska probably makes a scope for it.

What’s the best Barska scope? Hard to say and hard to choose one single scope. It’s a lot easier to choose the best Barska scope for a specific purpose. Let’s look at our reviews for the top Barska scopes for tactical use, for plinking, for hunting, and, of course, for target shooting.

Barska Scope Review for Target Shooting: Barska Huntmaster Pro

By the name, you’d think this would be my chosen Barska scope for hunting, but in my opinion, it’s better suited for target shooting than hunting. The 3 to 12 power magnification is capable of being a good hunting scope, but in all honesty, the 12 power is a bit much for most hunters. 12 power, however, is an excellent level of magnification for hitting tiny little bullseyes at long ranges. The multi-coated lenses and large objective lens make a bright and clear picture at any time of the day. This is an important consideration for looking at white and black targets at long ranges.

The 30/30 reticle is thin enough to easily see your target at different ranges and on higher magnification ranges. The reticle can also illuminate to 11 different brightness settings. Of course, this allows for easy viewing in low light, but can also help on bright and sunny days. An illuminated reticle won’t be lost in a sea of sunshine or a dark target.

This optic does weigh over 21 ounces and is 13 inches long. That’s pretty big for a hunting optic but doesn’t affect target shooting in most situations. The Barska Huntmaster makes seeing, hitting, and putting hole after hole into a small target not only possible but relatively easy. Depending on your skill of course.

Barska Scope Review for Hunting: Barska 1-4x28 Hunting Scope

This is the best Barska hunting scope in my opinion. It’s even in the name so how can I deny its ability to be a solid hunting rifle? So why is it a good hunting scope? Easy, it’s lightweight, accurate, compact, and its magnification is perfectly suited for multiple hunting ranges. 1 to 4 power covers the typical range a hunter will shoot a target, within 25 to 200 yards being the average. Very few hunters will go further than this due to humane hunting and simply because most environments won’t allow it.

The 1 power side makes it perfect for hunting game at brush ranges, from 1 to 50 yards. Past that you can amp up the magnification to 2, 3, or 4, or anything in between. This small optic could be used on traditional hunting rifles, shotguns with slug barrels, and semi-auto varmint guns. You can hunt deer, hogs, coyotes, and prairie dogs with this one optic.

The optic (see full specs) features lockable external target turrets. These fingertip adjustable turrets are perfect for making field changes when hunting and the ability to lock them down ensures they don’t move as you hump it through woods. The reticle is glass etches, but can also be illuminated green and red. The Barska hunting scope is an excellent choice for a variety of animals and environments.

Barska Scope Review for Plinking: Barska 4x32

There is nothing more relaxing than sending lead down range into a tin can, a spinning target, or any manner of fake gopher, coyote, or pigeon. Plinking is what we call it, and its one of the oldest firearm recreational activities out there. Plinking doesn’t need a scope, but it can be a fun way to teach or to allow older shooters to easily see their targets. The simple and affordable Barska 4x32 is a fixed power optic that’s really perfect for any range.

The Barska features long eye relief to prevent new shooters from getting a bad case of scope eye and to allow the scope easy transition from gun to gun. This scope is quite versatile in terms of weapon selection and can safely be mounted on pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Due to the rigid shockproof design, there is nothing too big or too small you can toss at it.

The illuminated reticle makes it possible to see regardless of the time of day, and when using the Bindon aiming concept you basically have a red dot due to the low magnification. The built in sun shade keeps shooters comfortable. The scope is lightweight at only 10 ounces and some change and is a solid contender on anything from rimfire rifles to .338 Lapua Magnums.

Barska Scope Reviews for AR-15 & Tactical Uses: Barska 4x20 + 4x28 Electro sights

The Barska 4x20 Electro sight is almost a carbon copy of the classic Colt 4x optic. Like the Colt, the Barska Electro sight is designed for tactical applications and can be used in a variety of situations. The Barska 4x20 Electro sight is designed specifically with the AR 15 with a carry handle. These attach to the carry handle and allow room to use the standard A2 peep sights.

The 4x20 is designed for use up to 500 yards and uses a bullet drop compensation system for 5.56/223 rounds out to 500 yards. This Electro sight is the best option for a rifle equipped with a carry handle, which is still in heavy use by civilians and police forces.

The Barska 4x30 Electro sight is designed for any rifle with a picatinny rail. This attaches directly to the scope mounts and this is the more common route to take for rifles outside of the AR 15 platform. The simple mil dot reticle is perfect for a variety of rifles. The scope is coated with three picatinny rails that allow for easy attachment of miniature red dot sights or lights and lasers.


Kicking it Barska

Barska’s wide variety of optics guarantees you can find a scope in their line for any rifle and any application. This massive line of optics can make finding the perfect one difficult, but it’s not impossible. These four are some of Barska’s best. Good luck!

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