The 4 Best AR-15 Lower Parts Kits –AR15 LPK Reviews 2022

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So why get an AR-15 lower parts kit? Well, building an AR at home is a grand American tradition that dates back to the first time somebody figured out that people would actually do armory-level gunsmithing at home. This clever bit of capitalistic thinking has spawned an industry that thrives just off of lost tiny springs and detents, as millions of people assemble rifles on their kitchen table during TV commercial breaks.

No matter if you are building to save money or because you want to use higher quality parts than normally ship with your rifle or maybe because you enjoy the challenge, selecting the right AR 15 lower parts kit has always been a bit of a chore. Ranging from mild to wild, lower parts kits range from bone stock mil-spec to weird solutions in search of a problem (and a customer). We’ve waded through high end gear and junk alike to give you the top LPK on the market today (all of which are available on Brownells).

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best AR-15 lower parts kits on the market:

DPMS AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

Here is a standard mil-spec lower parts kit at an unbeatable price. DPMS is a famous name in the AR-15 world, so you know even their budget parts are bound to be good. While this LPK lacks bells and whistles, it also lacks the premium price tag that come with those.

Perfect for your first build or just putting together a simple budget lower, you can be assured that any rifle built with this kit will reliably go bang for the lifetime of the gun. What more can you ask for out of standard parts? I went ahead and snagged a couple of these because you never know when they’ll come in handy. For the money, it is likely the best lpk for AR15 rifles period.

Brownells - AR-15 Parts Kit

Brownell’s MOE AR15 Lower Parts Kit

While most LPK’s are generally considered everything but the buffer tube assembly and stock, if you really want the best AR lower parts kit, you need everything you need to build the lower. Brownell’s bundles the DPMS LPK above with their premium quality buffer tube assembly, and a Magpull MOE stock and pistol grip to give you a build kit that is several steps above the norm.

You’ll find the enhanced Magpul stock and grip make a real difference in handling your rifle, and really stand out from the boring mil spec furniture so many people use. If you need a complete lower build kit, this is it!

Brownells - AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kit

Bravo Company Enhanced AR-15 Lower Parts Kit

Let’s look at the upgrades here first. A premium pistol grip that is far more comfortable than a standard grip and an enhanced trigger guard. Next we have a high end trigger group, which combines to make this one of the best AR15 lower parts kits you can find on the market today.

Designed for competitive shooters who appreciate a high quality trigger with a nice, crisp and clean break, Bravo Company has gone out of their way to offer a truly magnificent lower parts kit that won’t break the bank. If you are going for a higher end rifle build, this may be the LPK for you.

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Lewis Machine and Tool Two Stage AR15 Lower Parts Kit

Don’t let the high price tag fool you— this LPK is simply amazing. While there isn’t much to get excited over in the world of springs and other small fiddly bits, the two-stage trigger that LMT ships is more than enough to move it into best AR-15 lower parts kit country.

Now, a two stage trigger is crucial for any really accurate rifle or home defense gun. Regular single-stage triggers can ruin a precise shot, while a custom crafted two stage trigger is a delight to shoot again and again. With AR parts at historic lows, there is no reason not to go ahead and put a Lewis Machine lower parts kit into your next AR-15 build.

Choosing the Best AR15 Lower Parts Kit

Best is somewhat subjective. For some, a simple mil-spec LPK’s will do the job; others demand parts hand machined by Tibetan monks living in a higher plane of existence. There are perfectly good reasons to choose any of those extremes, or somewhere in the middle. For most AR owners, a basic lower parts kit does the job. They have built a more or less typical mil-spec rifle, and get basic mil-spec performance out of it. It does the job but little else. However, when you start moving beyond “better than minimally acceptable standards,” things can get really interesting.

Sometimes, you just need some higher-grade furniture to go with a stock lower parts kit. After all, a nice stock and pistol grip can make a huge difference in performance and comfort. Or you can step it up a notch and focus on the real heart of the LPK: the trigger. Sure, fancy mag catches and bolt release levers are nice, and there is a safety for every sort of imagined need out there, but it’s all pointless if your trigger is junk. Most fancy bits and bobs are made for competitive shooters, but a good two stage trigger or at least a crisp single stage is where you should start, regardless of how you shoot.

Building a budget rifle calls for budget parts. But the current AR parts market is making it possible to build custom and semi-custom rifles for 25% (or more) less than what the same gun would have cost just a couple years ago. Take advantage of this market trend, and choose better than good enough. The best AR-15 lower parts kit is both cheaper than ever, and better than ever before. Personally, I’d only run with mil-spec if price was an issue. There are many fine LPK’s on the market right now, and with just a little careful examination, you’ll find that you can build a better rifle than ever before. Good luck!

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