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Best Pocket Holster

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Anyone who has decided that they want to carry a concealed weapon as a part of their EDC are always on the lookout for the most comfortable and practical way to carry that weapon. There are a great host of different concealed carry options available for you, from IWB holsters to ankle holsters and shoulder holsters.

Each of these options as its benefits, but they may also be impractical at certain times. The benefit of pocket carry is that it fits with any mode of dress at all times. The obvious downside to pocket carry is that you can only carry small, pocket sized pistols in this manner but on the other hand, anyone who does it will tell you that it is completely concealable and comfortable.

Here are the 4 best pocket holsters on the market:

UTG Ambidextrous Pocket Holster

As the name suggests, this is a fully ambidextrous pocket holster. With dimensions of 3.9 by 5.6 inches, the UTG Ambidextrous Pocket Holster will work with anything from subcompact .380 and 9mm semi-automatic pistols to .38-caliber snub nose revolvers. As you can already tell, this is a very versatile little pocket holster, but the benefits don’t end there. Non-slip bands on both sides of the holster not only retain the holster in your pocket when your draw your handgun, but they can furthermore be used to store things money or a license. All in all, this is a very handy and multi-purpose little holster that delivers everything you could want in a pocket holster.

Uncle Mike’s Open-Top Inside-The-Pocket Holster

Being one of the biggest names in the firearm accessories world, Uncle Mike’s absolutely has their own pocket holster on the market. Made out of nylon, their open-top inside-the-pocket holster is designed to both protect your gun and cushion your leg at the same time. Similar to the UTG holster we just saw, non-slip bands are present on this holster so that when you draw the gun the holster stays in the pocket. This is easily one of the best pocket holsters for the money.

Allen Company No-Show Inside-the-Pocket Holster

The No-Show Inside-the-Pocket Holster from Allen Company is designed for subcompact .380 and 9mm pocket sized, semi-automatic pistols. Having been tested for utmost durability, Allen Company intended this holster to be for the roughest of users and it shows in the overall quality of the holster. However, just because that the durability of the holster has been given special attention does not mean that comfort was skipped over. The smooth lining of the holster not only makes it comfortable to carry in your pocket, but also permits a very easy draw as well.

BLACKHAWK! Inside Pocket Holster

As concealable as most pocket pistols are, there’s also no denying that some of those pistols can have sharp edges and contours that make then uncomfortable to wear. Blackhawk! was aware of this when they designed their inside pocket holster. As a result, they installed a laminate construction on the holster that provides extra cushioning against your leg and furthermore reduces printing. This is an open-top holster so you can get a full grip over the firearm, and a non-slip band surrounds the body of the holster and will keep it in your pocket when the firearm is drawn in an emergency. This should be on anyone’s list of the best pocket holster.

What do You Need in a Pocket Holster?

Like other kinds of holsters, pocket holsters come in a very wide range of designs. In the end though, regardless of the design of the holster or the materials used, they all serve the same purposes: to stabilize the pistol in your pocket, to cover the trigger when the pistol is holstered, and to retain itself in your pocket when the pistol is drawn. Therefore, when looking for a pocket holster we strongly suggest that you follow a certain criteria.

First of all, we suggest that you select an open top holster with the trigger guard fully covered. An open top holster is any kind of a holster where there is no strap over the grip or the rear of the gun. As a result, you can simply wrap a full grip around the weapon without having to push or snap anything out of the way, allowing you to draw faster. It’s also very important that the trigger guard of your weapon is fully covered up. It’s simply a major safety hazard if the trigger guard is not covered, because something else in your pocket could potentially press against the trigger and cause the gun to go off.

One thing that you will also have noticed about all four of the pocket holsters that we selected is how they are made out of a non-slip material or have non-slip bands around the body of the holster. It is this material that allows the holster to remain in your pocket when the weapon is drawn. The last thing you need in an emergency situation is for you to draw your gun only for the holster to still be wrapped around it! Plain and simple, if a pocket holster you are looking at doesn’t have that non-slip band or at least a kind of non-slip material, avoid it like the plague.

Another quality to look for in a pocket holster is for it to not print. After all, what good is concealing a weapon if everyone can tell you have it? At that point you might as well be open carrying. However, there is also no pocket holster that will universally not print. Some holsters print more or less depending on the person. For that reason, buy two or three holsters and test them out. Walk around your house and ask any family members if they can tell you have a holstered gun in your pocket. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you can tell. Sooner or later, you’ll come across the best pocket holster for your needs.

Last but not least, pay attention to the material the holster is made out of. Pocket holsters are mostly made out of leather, nylon, or kydex materials. Out of these, nylon is the best. It doesn’t have the attractiveness of leather or the rigidness of kydex, but it will definitely conform to your body the best and give you the most comfort.

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