The 4 Best BDU Pants – Reviews 2021

Best BDU Pants

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BDUs, or battle dress uniforms, are strong, resilient, comfortable, and designed for an extremely active lifestyle. BDUs were first developed and worn by the military and were praised for their utility. BDU pants were specifically designed for those needing a flexible, somewhat baggy, pair of pants that could provide sufficient space for storage.

Modern BDUs follow the classic lines, including the addition of multiple pockets, flexibility, and comfort. Users need something that can be used as an effective pair of BDU style pants but also maintain a level of professionalism. Modern BDUs need not be necessarily militaristic like khaki, black, and navy; they could be any color you want.

Here, in our opinion, are the best BDU pants for the money:

BlackHawk Tactical Pants

The Blackhawk tactical pants are designed to be both fashionable and functional. They are designed as a low profile BDU that fits to the body more than like slacks than traditional military pants. The Blackhawk pants are reinforced for a long life, and to prevent the pants from ripping, tearing and breaking during the heavy use those who wear BDUs can expect. These pants offer a variety of different pockets and an easy way to access each one.

You do have the traditional large cargo pockets, but they are sag free, unlike standard military trousers. These pockets appear thin and small, but expand to an oversized style when filled. These pants also provide two small front thigh pockets than fit a variety of goods including extra pistol magazines, pocket knives, or small electronics. The Blackhawk pants are an excellent low profile option for a low profile operator.

The Blackhawk tactical pants feature internal elastic webbing on the inside of each pocket to provide storage organization for up to three magazines, knives, or other goods. The Blackhawk pants are designed to accommodate a riggers belt up to 1.75 inches wide. The pants also have a silicone grip strip that keeps your shirt tucked in no matter what. This allows the user to maintain clear access to waist mounted accessories like a handgun without the shirt getting in the way. Blackhawk has professionals in mind when they designed these pants but they are still an exceptional option for an outdoorsman. These are easily among the best BDU pants on the market.

Tru Spec BDUs

If you are looking for a simple, reliable, tough as nails pair of BDUs that can be worn in nearly any situation the Tru Spec brand BDUs are perfect. The Tru Spec BDUs are designed for those looking for something covert, someone looking to blend into the ground, and retain the ability to have a strong, dependable pair of pants, with the ability to carry an increased load or really whatever you need.

The Tru Spec BDUs use rip-stop technology to prevent small holes from becoming big tears. The Tru Spec BDUs are one hundred percent cotton so no synthetic fibers here. This means if these pants ignite, they will burn, but they will not melt and cling to the user. These Tru Spec BDUs have a standard pocket system, including standard front and back pockets, and oversized cargo pockets.

The front pockets are slash pockets and the rear are protected with snag proof pocket flaps. The cargo pockets have drain holes in case you get deep in the water. These pockets provide a large amount of storage for the average user. The pants themselves are available in a wide variety of different colors including more covert khaki, black, and blue, and more overt camouflage patterns. These BDUs are tough, and can be worn nearly anywhere without drawing attention. These should be on anyone’s list of the best BDU pants.

Black 6 BDUs

The Black 6 BDUs are a poly cotton blend pant that is light, but also very, very tough. This blend may not be safe for a fire line, but for the majority of tasks it is up to par. The Black 6 BDUs draw their name from of course their color and the six pockets they wear. The Black 6 BDUs are plenty capable of living a rough and tumble life, perfect for hunting, duty wear, or hiking and camping.

The Black 6 BDUs have a solid set of reinforcement in both the seats and knees. This reinforcement keeps the pants from tearing when bending, squatting, and kneeling over and over. This also allows dynamic and fast movements, like those involved in extreme adventure sports. The bottoms are equipped with drawstrings and allow for a breathable, or when drawn, a protected wear.

The Black 6 BDUs use six pockets to contain whatever necessary gear you’ll need. The large, oversized cargo pockets allow the user to store a surprisingly large package, or amount of gear. The pants overall are heavy, but comfortable, they feel solid, and they fit well. There is an elastic band on either side to protect make small, micro adjustments and to ensure a better fit. The Black 6 BDUs are an excellent set of BDUs, extremely durable and very comfortable.

5.11 TacLite Pants

5.11 is a leading innovator in tactical goods and known for their wide variety of bags, slings, holsters, and apparel. The 5.11 Taclite pants are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and functional. The Taclite line of pants are modeled not after military BDUs but modern urban apparel. However, the pants are just as functional as any military BDUs. The 5.11 Taclite is another poly/cotton mix and is still lightweight and comfortable.

The Taclite series features seven different pockets, the traditional two front slash pockets and reinforced and extremely roomy. The series also features two rear pockets, one with a rear strap over the back pocket. This rear strap is very handy to attach pocket knives and multitools for quick access, and this keeps you from having to dig into your pockets unnecessarily, and in a bad time.

The 5.11 Taclite series does have two generous cargo pockets that disappear when empty. The pants feature oversized belt loops that are reinforced for strength and dependability. There is a small front thigh pocket that is designed to hold a pistol magazine inconspicuously. The seat and knees are heavily reinforced for comfort and durability. There’s also a small V ring that can used for a pistol lanyard, or to hang a set of keys from. The 5.11 Taclite are among the best BDU pants since they combine fashion and function seamlessly.

BDU Buds

BDU pants are highly effective for specific situations where men and women are doing active work in a potentially hostile environment. BDU pants provide a high level of comfort and movement to their users, and provide enough pockets to make minor cargo storage easy. That’s why BDU pants are the chosen pants for firefighters, police, and militaries world wide—and hopefully for whatever role you’d need them to perform. Good luck!

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  1. If you’re into wearing blue jeans for practically every thing you do, it’s time that you upgrade to BDU’s. They’re far more comfortable, are much stronger, will hold up longer, and can carry more. Additionally, because they’re designed to be loose fitting, they’re cooler in summer months. But beware of imitations. Real BDU’s will ALWAYS have an obvious double layered butt and knees, often (but not always) with pockets for knee pads. Steer clear of the imitations. Those double layered areas are there for a good reason…those areas get the most abuse. Civilians often wear tennis shoes with BDU’s. BDU’s will almost always be too long in their fit. They’re supposed to be that way. They don’t require hemming to get the proper fit. They’re made to be worn properly blouse did with hightop boots. That’s done by either tucking to extra length into your boots or using either “boot” or rubber bands to tuck and fold and hold that excessive material tucked under and up so the bottom of the pant sits directly over the highest eyelet of your boots. Personally this looks much better than tucking them into your boots. This not only eliminates the excessive material from falling below your heels, but it prevents outdoor critters from being able to climb up your legs. This can be especially important if you’re in a tick prone area, as properly worn BDU pants will keep them out. You can almost always tell the difference between someone with prior military service from others by how they’re going to wear their BDU pants. Those with prior service will more likely than not blouse them over boots. BDUs are my go to pants when my activities call for long pants.

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