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As your trusty companion for important tasks throughout the day, your pocket knife needs to be truly multi-purpose and convenient. While there are numerous different models of pocket knives for you to choose from, one of the most useful will be the classic Stockman knife.

The Stockman is a pocket knife that is designed for a variety of tasks because it comes equipped with three separate blades: a clip point for detailed cutting work, a spey for sweeping strokes, and a sheepsfoot blade for clean cuts.

In this article, we will cover four of the best Stockman knives on the market and then talk about what you need to look for in a Stockman regardless of which specific model you choose:

Buck Knives 0371BRS Stockman 3 Blade Pocket Knife

Buck Knives is a huge name in the cutlery world, so it would make sense that they have a Stockman blade for sale. The 0371BRS Stockman is a very well-built knife thanks to the high quality 420HC stainless steel and a high impact plastic handle. This is a knife that can absorb force effortlessly and last you for many years. Total length on this knife when closed is just under four inches, with a weight of 2.9 ounces. Both the spey blade and the sheepsfoot blade measure two inches while the clip blade is two and three quarters inches.

Buck Knives: Edge of Legend Film

Case 7049 Navy Blue Bone 63032 SS Stockman Knife

All Case Knives are one hundred percent made right here in the United States and the Navy Blue Bone Stockman Knife is no exception. It’s clear that Case takes much pride in their work, because the Navy Blue Bone (see full specs) is absolutely beautiful to look at with its real dyed bone handles and even better to operate with its ultra smooth blade opening. Case sells their knives with a lifetime guarantee and many customers claim that the edge on their blade remains sharper than knives from other popular brands such as Buck, Gerber, or Kershaw. Hands down, if you’re looking for the best Stockman knife, take a serious look at this one.

Case Copperlock Navy Blue Bone #07064 (61549L SS)

SchradeStockman IMP16S Imperial Stainless Steel 3 Blade Pocket Knife

Schrade is another renowned name in the world of knives, and their Stockman IMP16S Imperial Stainless Steel Blade easily meets the bar for quality that they have set. Each blade on the Schrade Stockman measures two and a half inches, while the handle measures just under three and a half inches for a total length of just less than six inches when one of the blades is fully extended. Each blade is made out of a 400 series stainless steel with a durable Celluloid handle, but total weight is still just 1.9 ounces.

Case 042 Amber Bone 6318 SS Medium Stockman Knife

Case makes another Stockman knife called the 042 Amber Bone, which has been built with outdoor activities in mind such as hunting, fishing, and hiking. The spey blade on a Stockman in particular is perfect for cleaning fish. Total weight on the Amber Bone (see full specs) is just two and a half ounces, with a total closed length of just over three and a half inches. The knife gets its name from the material the handle is made out of, a peach seed jigged amber bone. Case backs up the Amber Bone knife with a limited lifetime warranty.

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What to Look for in the Best Stockman Knives

There’s no denying that pocket knives in general are among the useful tools ever made by man. For literally thousands of years, we have used small pocket sized knives for self-defense, to cut food, to clean game, to open things, and a huge assortment of other tasks. Simply put, life would be radically different without pocket knives.

A Stockman knife may not be the only useful pocket knife, but it is definitely among the most useful thanks to the three different blades it holds. Nonetheless, just because a knife is labeled as a Stockman does not automatically mean that it is worth your purchase. There are specific things that you still need to look for to make sure that your Stockman knife is quality and something that is going to last you a long time.

The first thing to look for is the quality of the steel itself. In particular, the steel needs to be durable and have the ability to hold a sharp edge for a long time. A 420 stainless steel blade is a great example of a blade material that fulfills both of these qualities perfectly, though there are other great options available as well.

The next thing to look for is for the blade to NOT have a serrated edge. While you may certainly want a serrated blade in another type of knife, it doesn’t belong on a Stockman knife.

An ergonomic handle is also of paramount importance. The handle of the knife needs to essentially feel like an extension of your hand. If it’s not comfortable to wield, then you’re not going to enjoy using it and that’s a major issue. The handle also needs to offer you a secure grip. Much of the time we spend using knives will be in adverse conditions where our hands may get wet. A handle that is allowed to slip will not only make your job harder, it could also potentially result in a serious injury.

Finally, the last thing to look for in the best Stockman knife is the overall thickness of it. Because a Stockman knife has three blades, it’s naturally going to be a little thicker than folding knives with a single blade. Nonetheless, it still needs to fit comfortably in your pocket. If your knife is thicker than what’s comfortable, then it belongs in a pouch attached to your belt, and this negates the whole purpose of having a pocket knife in the first place. Good luck!

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