The 4 Best IDPA Holsters Approved and Legal for Competition 2022

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The IDPA, or the International Defensive Pistol Association, is an action pistol sport that involves realistic defensive scenarios and is shot entirely with handguns. All its categories demand the user has a holster, and there are particular rules that lay the groundwork for the holster allowed:

1. The holster must be worn on the strong side, meaning the dominant side of the body.
2. The holster must retain the weapon enough to do normal daily tasks without the risk of dropping the weapon.
3. The holster must be concealed unless the participant is law enforcement; and shoulder, ankle, and cross draw are not allowed.

With these criteria in mind, we’ve selected the 4 best IDPA holsters for you here:

Comp-Tac International Holster

Comp-Tac is a brand that tells its entire story in its name. Comp-Tac, or Competition Tactical, produces gear for both tactical competitions. These competitions are designed to test people’s skill with firearms in defensive situations. These differ from traditional competitions by using real gear over gear designed specifically for competition. The Comp-Tac International is a strong side outside the waistband holster designed for both duty and concealed carry. The holster is extremely modular and allows the use of a variety of different attachments.

The user can choose between a paddle attachment, a belt attachment, and a belt drop offset holsters. Since police can use an open carry style for competition, the belt drop offset is a major advantage for police competitors. The paddle and belt options lend themselves to concealed carry participants. The holsters have three different cant options including the straight drop speed draw, the angle forward FBI cant, or the grip angle rearward cross draw fashion.

The Comp-Tac International holster is designed with a passive retention device that is user adjustable near the trigger guard with a retention screw. The holster is cut right below the ejection port to aid in draw speed and getting the gun on target as fast as possible. The Comp-Tac International holster is one of the best IDPA holsters and would be a perfect choice for the police competitor or the concealed carry competitor.

Safariland ALS Concealment Paddle Holster

The Safariland ALS concealment series is an excellent holster for IDPA competition. The holster is designed for concealability and meets the IDPA rules. The ALS concealment holsters are entirely Kydex in nature, which means it is resistant to water and ripping and tearing. The Safariland ALS is capable of withstanding an extremely versatile amount of temperatures—up to three hundred degrees and down to negative fifty degrees.

The ALS concealment holsters are injection modeled and designed to fit specific firearms. This increases both the holster’s retention ability and the smoothness of drawing the weapon. The holster is adjustable for cant and allows the user to customize it for their own personal preferences. The ALS uses an automatic lock system that is required for IDPA competition. What really makes this holster well suited for IDPA is its ability to resist the dirt and moisture, and keep working. IDPA matches could be dirty and nasty events!

The holster is also very comfortable to wear over a long period of time, like a day at the IDPA competition. This holster also allows for a very broad range of movement. The holster comes with both a paddle attachment, and a belt attachment for user preference. The holster is remarkably light, and cut specifically to increase the weapon’s draw speed. The holster is modular and there are many aftermarket attachment options available for use off the IDPA contest. This is one of the best IDPA holsters period.

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Glock Sport Combat Holster

Not only is this holster designed for Glock pistols, it is designed and made by Glock. The Glock Sport holsters are designed for nearly every model of the Glock pistol, and are made to be durable, strong, and extremely simple. The Glock Sport Combat Holster uses passive retention which meets the IDPA guidelines for retention, and the holster specifically uses a special trigger guard retention device. This secures the pistol through nearly any situation but allows the user to rapidly draw the weapon without an active device getting in the way.

The design itself is ambidextrous and can be carried comfortably in a variety of different positions. The Glock Sport Combat holster is a belt-mounted holsters designed to accommodate belts from one inch all the way up to two and a half inch belts. The holster does this comfortably by featuring cut out tabs to accommodate bigger belts.

The Glock Sport does offer IDPA competitors the options of using multiple guns with one holster. Since the Glock series of pistols are built on frame sizes, the Glock sport holster is built to accommodate any pistol built on the 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG frame. This includes full size, competition size, compact, and subcompact guns. This allows the shooter to use a variety of different guns in competition without having to learn how to use a different holster. The Glock Sport combat holster offers a lot of options in one, simple, polymer package.

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Blade Tech Signature Holster

The Blade Tech Signature holster is a classic kydex design that is both IDPA approved and an awesome choice for concealed carry (the above ad says it’s for Glocks, but the linked product has options for dozens of other gun models). The holster made entirely from Blade Tech’s kydex blend for superior strength, durability, as well as superior fit. The gun uses a passive retention option that is easily adjustable to ensure your gun stays put when running the range courses. The Signature line is custom molded for every gun and you can find compatibility with most popular guns. These guns are precision molded to allow for increased retention and better protection of your gun.

The Blade Tech Signature offers a RMR cut to accommodate an optic, as well as an IDPA legal speed cut to make drawing quick and intuitive. The holster allows for either TEK-LOK or belt loop attachments. The TEK-LOK attachments will allow you to easily adjust cant in any direction you decide on. The trigger guard offers a positive lock engagement that clicks to let you know your weapon is secure and riding right.

Blade Tech is renowned for its competition holsters and the Signature model is an awesome all around holster. While it was designed with IDPA in mind there is no reason why it cannot double as a concealed carry holster. It’s secure, quick and easy to draw from, and incredibly well made.

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Play by the Rules

The IDPA rules are very clear and do limit the type and style of holster you can use. However, the rules do make sure you have a quality holster, so following the guidelines is more of a help than a hindrance. IDPA is an interesting and rapidly growing sport, and the invaluable skills one learns in a match can save a life. Finding the best IDPA holster takes very little effort with the great selection to you nowadays!

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