What is the Best 1-6x Scope? The 5 Best 1-6 Scopes Reviewed

Best 1-6x Scope, Best 1-6 Scope Review

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Why get a 1-6x scope when there are so many more powerful optics? Well, many shooters, especially those with AR 15 and similar rifles, prefer a low power scope that is compact, lightweight, and enhances the target, without burdening their tactical or semi auto sporting rifle with a large and awkward scope. To that end, 1-6 scopes are extremely popular for sport shooters, and of course the market is filled with a bewildering array of such scopes.

Rifle scopes are usually described in their minimum to maximum magnification. Thus, a 1-6x scope can be adjusted from 1 power (no magnification) to 6 power (six times real life) magnification. The shooter sometimes requires only minimum magnification and is mainly looking for a replacement for their iron sights, and to perhaps extend their shooting range a bit beyond typical iron sight range.

Because a lot of customers for 1-6 powered scopes are mounting them on an AR style rifle or similar, most 1-6x scopes are designed with that type of rifle and end user in mind. Given that, the top 1-6 scopes will feature advanced options such as illuminated reticles, bullet drop compensation, rangefinders, or other precision features. However, there are 1-6x scopes to fit every budget and every user out there.

Below we’ve reviewed what we consider the 5 best 1-6x scopes on the market:

Primary Arms 1-6x Scope

The Primary Arms 1-6x scope is one of the most advanced 1-6x scopes on the market. Featuring fully coated optics, illuminated reticle, rangefinding and bullet drop calibration, and built in flip up lens caps, this is a serious scope for serious work. Suitable for hunting, competition or law enforcement/military work, this, like any high quality scope, it is nitrogen purged to render it fogproof, and is a nice, compact size that won’t throw the balance of your rifle off. Primary Arms 1-6x scopes will be right at home on an AR or similar tactical rifle, or even lightweight bolt action or single shot rifles. This 1-6x power scope is designed to be feature rich without costing you an arm and a leg, and might be the best 1-6x scope if you’re on a budget.

Primary arms acss 1-6x

Bushnell’s 1-6x Scope Offering

Bushnell brings a high end 1-6x scope to the market as well, with their Elite Tactical model. Designed for the most demanding sport or tactical use, the Elite Tacitcal model (see full specs) features true 1x magnification (many scopes come close, but still slightly magnify the target, even at 1x setting, but the Tactical Elite gives an honest unmagnified view on the lowest setting), illuminated reticle, argon purged tube, fully coated and protected optics to ensure optimal performance even in the rain, and a rock solid, industry standard 30mm tube, the Bushnell 1-6x scope is at home on any tactical or competition rifle you might choose to put it on.

Bushnell Elite 1-6.5x SMRS BTR1 SFP 3Gun Scope Review

Vortex Razor 1-6x Scope

The Vortex Razor is likely the best 1-6 power scope for the money period. With its sensible 24mm objective lens, 30mm tube, advanced internal optics design, O-ring sealed tube for superior waterproof construction, illuminated glass etched reticle, and special proprietary optical coatings for maximum clarity, this is truly an ideal 1-6 scope in every way. If you need a stone cold reliable scope on top of your AR or other tactical carbine that you can use for hunting, three gun shooting or even self defense, this scope (see full specs) is the one for you. Rugged, reliable, and while expensive, it is an investment in the future of your rifle and your shooting needs.

AR15 Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6X Rifle Scope

TruGlo Tactical Tru Brite 1-6x Scope

TruGlo is mostly known for their night sights, but their entry into optics is worth noting. The TruGlo Tactical Tru Brite optic uses a 30mm tube and comes with a one-piece scope mount that’s durable and stable. This 1 to 6 power optic uses a 24mm objective lens. The Truglo scope is surprisingly affordable and built to last. This scope may have tactical in the name but don’t limit yourself to what’s in a name. This optic is at home just plinking, hunting, and of course, it works fine for tactical shooting.

Truglo Trubite 1-6x24 on Troy Alpha Carbine!!!!!

Tac Vector 1-6x Scope — Low Profile, Not Low Quality

Vector Arms brings us an extremely nice low profile 1-6x power scope at a price that won’t break the bank. Like other scopes reviewed, this scope has an illuminated reticle, is fog, shock and waterproof, has a nitrogen purged tube, and as an added feature has red or green illumination. Offered up as a a scope with all the in demand features of bigger name models, The Vector Arms 1-6x power scope is a fine mid range optic, well suited for sport and competition work, and, like the Primary Arms product, is an ideal choice for the budget minded shooter.

No Matter Which 1-6x Scope You Choose

There are an untold number of 1-6x power scopes flooding the market. With heavy demand for such scopes for AR and similar rifles, you have an awful lot of choices in optics. Not all scopes are created equally though, and sadly there are a number of junky scopes on the market.

The best 1-6x scopes will all have the same things in common though. Their tubes will be purged with an inert gas, to prevent fogging during low temperature or sudden temperature swings. They will be shockproof, that is to say, resistant against recoil, and they will be waterproof, because you of course do not want water getting inside of your nice, expensive scope.

The best scopes also have fully coated optics. This means the lenses are given an anti glare coating that allows consistent light transmission (which gives you a crisp, clear image), reduces glare, and improve image contrast and sharpness. Fully coated optics are an industry standard, and are now even found on lower end 1-6x power scopes.

Lastly, many of the best 1-6x power scopes will have an illuminated reticle. An illuminated reticle lights up your crosshairs and allows them to contrast against your target. Because black crosshairs may not always show up on a target in low light, poor weather, or simply because of the color of the target, an illuminated reticle on your 1-6x power scope will actually let you see where you have placed your crosshairs on the target, and can properly engage it. Illuminated reticles add little weight and cost to 1-6x power scopes, and are extremely popular with hunters, and for home defense and tactical use.

However, whichever 1-6x power scope you decide is the best, make sure it at least features the industry standard features discussed earlier, and you will be sure of having a quality scope on your rifle.

Primary Arms 1-6x scope ACSS reticle: Quick Look

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