The 4 Best Scopes for Sig 716 – Reviews 2023

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So why get a scope for your Sig 716? Well, the SIG 716 is a powerful semi-automatic rifle built on the traditional AR platform. As an AR, it’s designed for a little bit of everything. It can be used for long range, close range, competition, hunting, tactical use, and more.

As a rifle, however, it can greatly benefit from a scope. The optic needs to be paired towards the intention of the rifle. So today we’ve gathered several high-quality scopes we think would be perfect on the SIG 716. So, without further ado . . .

Here are our reviews of the 4 best scopes for Sig 716 rifles on the market:

Trijicon ACOG 3.5x Scope

Might as start big, right? The SIG 716 is a versatile system that can benefit greatly from a versatile optic, and the Trijicon ACOG is one of the all time greatest combat optics. It serves with the Marine Corps and US Army and has fought in two wars successfully. This particular model utilizes a reticle designed exclusively for the .308 caliber round. You can pick from a variety of reticles, with my personal favorite being the Chevron 308.

The reticle is designed to provide a bullet drop compensator (see full specs). This is a preset table that allows the shooter to have an almost perfect table of where their round drops. They simply match the range they are shooting at with the range on their reticle and fire away. This allows shooters to make rapid and accurate shots at ranges out to 1,200 meters. On top of that the simple 3.5x fixed magnification makes it capable of both close quarters and long range combat. In close quarters, the Bindon aiming concept is used that turns this into basically a red dot.

The ACOG is also a rock solid optic. There is a great story about actually being shot in Iraq and protecting its user. That’s how well these optics are made. They can take a serious beating and keep coming back for more. They are equipped with a tritium and fiber-optic strip that absorbs light and uses it to illuminate the reticle. The Trijicon ACOG is likely the most combat proven optic in the world and it’s certainly one of the best scopes for Sig 716 rifles period.

Primary Arms 5x Prism Scope

If you like the idea of the Trijicon ACOG but find the price a little too high for you, there are alternatives. The Primary Arms Prism scope is one alternative. It shares a number of features with the ACOG. It’s a fixed power optic that’s compact and modern. It features a bullet drop compensating reticle, and is perfectly designed for the SIG 716. The Primary Arms Prism Scope is a 5 power optic and it uses the ACSS reticle. That reticle is actually becoming an option in Trijicon optics soon too so you know it works.

For longer range shooting the reticle is marked out to 800 yards. The glass etched reticle features a ¾ circle and dot combo (see full specs) designed for close range shooting. The circle and dot combo are illuminated and powered by a single CR2032 battery. You have 10 total illumination settings with 5 red and 5 green. The circle and dot reticle is excellent for close quarters use and the optic is Bindon-aiming compatible.

The Prism scope features a short section of picatinny rail that would allow the mounting of a miniature red dot if you prefer that over the Bindon aiming concept. The scope is crystal clear and provides a very nice picture to the end user. It’s also dependable and durable. The optic is backed with a 3 year warranty, but you aren’t likely to need it.

Primary Arms 5x Prism Scope Review!

Nikon P-308 Scope

The Nikon P Series of scopes have a great reputation in the hunting and competition realm. These realms are also ruled by guns like the SIG 716. The P-308 and the SIG 716 are a match made in heaven. The Nikon P-308 is a long range and precision scope that’s offers a variable magnification. It offers shooters a 4 to 12 power magnification range with a 42mm objective lens. This kind of magnification power is perfect for most shooting beyond 200 yards and out to the edge of the 308’s range.

It’s perfect for hunting a wide variety of game both large and small. The scope is equipped with an 800 yard BDC reticle that’s dialed into the .308 caliber round. This bullet drop compensator mixed with the powerful magnification range makes it quite easy to hit small targets at long ranges. The scope itself is backed with fully multi coated lenses which provides optimum light transmission for low-light shooting. The 40mm objective lens keeps the scope compact but the picture clear and bright.

The Nikon P308 utilizes 1-inch rings and mounts with ease to the flat top upper of the SIG 716 rifle. The turrets are spring loaded and feature Nikon’s zero reset turrets. It’s very easy to dial in some quick field adjustments and to walk your way to your target without the need of tools. For long-range shooting and tactical use, this is one of the best scopes for Sig 716 around.

Nikon P-308 4-12x40 BDC 800 Scope

Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Scope (Actually, it’s a Red Dot)

We’ve talked medium range, we’ve talked long range, now let’s talk close range. How close? Within 200 yards up to the point you can smell their breath. What’s better for a SIG rifle than a SIG optic? The SIG Romeo 5 is one of SIG’s smaller red dots, but it sits at the perfect height to cowitness with standard AR height sights. The objective lens is only 20mms, but with both eyes opened all you see is the red dot. The SIG Romeo 5 red dot optic has a 2 moa dot for taking precise shots.

The red dot features 10 illumination settings with 8 made for daylight shooting and 2 that are night vision compatible. What’s awesome is SIG’s MOTAC setting. Instead of having to turn the optic on to start rocking and rolling it turns on when it senses motion. This can save you invaluable seconds when it comes time to start shooting. You don’t have to worry about messing with on/off switches, especially in a dark or low light situation.

The SIG Romeo 5 is an all around excellent red dot options for your SIG 716. Because sometimes the best scope for Sig 716 rifles is actually a red dot.

Sig Sauer Romeo 5 red dot review: Surprising for a budget optic

SIG 716

The powerful, reliable, and fun SIG 716 is an excellent semi-auto battle rifle. Its full-powered cartridge is designed to reach out and touch a target. With a well-made optic hitting your target won’t just be possible but easy to do. Good luck!

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