The 4 Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Sets – Reviews 2023

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So why do gunsmiths need a specialized screwdriver set? Well, not everyone knows this, but it is not best to use any old screwdriver when working on guns. Common household screwdrivers are not designed for the precision screws used on firearms, and may more readily slip and mar the finish on your gun, or even strip heads.

Instead, you need specially ground and shaped screwdrivers that will minimize the chance of slippage, and fit the screw head better. These gunsmith screwdrivers can range from cheap, low-grade nasty things to tools of exquisite craftsmanship and design. Now you may not be so picky when working on the AR you use as a truck gun, but stop and ask yourself if you really want to use a dollar store screwdriver on your vintage Smith and Wesson or grandfather’s hunting rifle? I sure as heck don’t, and neither should you. So . . .

Here are our recommendations of the 4 best gunsmith screwdriver sets on the market:

Weaver Gunsmith Screwdriver Tool Set, Entry Level

Don’t let the “entry level” name fool you, if you just need a basic set of quality gunsmith screwdrivers, this is it. With more than enough assorted bits to handle the most common screws find on firearms, odds are, you’ll never be at a loss for the right bit.

Honestly, for the average gun owner, this kit is just what you need, regardless of if you are fiddling with your deer rifle or working on your regular carry piece. And because it’s sold by Weaver, you know it is going to be a quality screwdriver set that can last a lifetime.

Grace USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set

For those who like dedicated screwdrivers instead of a set of bits, the Grace gun care screwdriver set is ideal. Eight common size screwdrivers are sure to cover nearly all your gunsmith screwdriver needs. And each one is ideally sized to be both comfortable to use and to easily loosen or tighten most any screw.

The wooden handles add warmth and a timeless elegance, and because they are made right here in the USA, not only do you get great screwdrivers but you are keeping American craftsmen working. For this price, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with these bad boys. These are among the best gunsmith screwdriver sets for the money.

Grace USA Gunsmithing Kit

Wheeler 89 Piece Deluxe Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set

This 89 piece screwdriver kit has pretty much everything you need. With 54 flat tip bits, 15 assorted specialty bits, eight Allen, four Phillips, and three different Torx bits, and two different driving handles (see full specs), this kit will probably cover almost any screw on any gun you might encounter.

What is great about this kit is the fact it is in fact so extensive. If you work on a lot of guns, you’ll eventually need one of these odd little bits. As an added bonus, a screwdriver set this extensive has a lot of use outside of the gun room. For a professional grade kit, this is surprisingly affordable and really deserves a place in your shop or workbench.

Review: Wheeler Engineering - Deluxe Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

Weaver Deluxe Gunsmith Screwdriver Tool Set

This may be the ultimate gunsmith screwdriver kits on the market, although that is partly because it is more than just screwdrivers. Indeed, this is a complete set of tools that will allow you to remove practically screw on a firearm, as well as set or remove pins.

This professional grade kit includes a magnetic bit driver, an assortment of punches, as well as a two headed brass/plastic mallet (see full specs). This is a must have kit if you own multiple firearms or are a professional gunsmith or simply enjoy owning a comprehensive array of tools for home use. And since it is priced well, there is no practical reason not to go ahead and get one.

Review Weaver Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit 88 piece gun smith tools

Understanding the Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Sets

Take a look at the screws on your favorite gun. You’ll notice that outside of various large stock screws or the sort used to attach removable accessory bases to various rails or such, they are invariably somewhat small and precise. The slots in the heads may be shallow and narrow, and that general purpose mechanic’s screwdriver in your toolbox might only barely fit.

Instead, you’d need an assortment of screwdrivers or screwdriver bits which will most perfectly fit the screw you are working on. Not only will this make removing or installing the screw easier by properly loading force on the screw, it minimizes the chance of stripping the screw head.

One often sees the phrase “hollow ground” applied to gunsmith screwdrivers. This means the tip is ground to provide a beveled shape, which allows for the most precise sizing possible. While a hollow ground tool can be more fragile, they are also more accurately shaped, which is of utmost importance when working on firearms.

Lastly, having a good set of gunsmith screwdrivers minimizes the risk of damaging your firearm. We’ve probably all seen guns scratched up around screws where improperly sized screwdrivers were used, and constantly slipped out of the screw head, marring the finish, and gouging metal and wood. Correct screwdrivers all but eliminate the chance of such damage.


Picking the best gunsmith screwdriver sets is mostly a matter of your need and your budget. Although I have several extensive kits, my favorite one is just a basic set of screwdriver bits that allows me to work on everything from my old Trapdoor Springfield to my beater 10/22, but your needs may be different. Certainly, there is an appeal to a more complex set of bits and tools, and the arguably low cost for so many assorted precision tools more than justifies buying a more complex set, particularly if you have other things that use small screws to work on.

A good set of screwdrivers is an investment in the overall value and function of your firearms collection. They protect against damage to the screw and the gun itself, make it easier to work on your gun, and offer a pride of ownership in having a set of quality tools. You’ve already spent hundreds or thousands on your guns, a few more bucks on screwdrivers are worth it!

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  1. I just ordered the Weaver 849719 deluxe gunsmith tool set as a result of reading about it on your site. Thanks for the info!

  2. I require a bit set that will service fine shotguns. Very thin flatheads and a bit for two prong (7mm) disk set strikers is a must. Any options? Thank you.

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