The 5 Best Shemaghs — Tactical Keffiyeh Scarf Review 2021

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The Shemagh is a great addition to your tactical and hunting gear. Gone are the days that this headscarf was considered to be something exclusive to military wear. Also known as a Ghutrah or Keffiyeh, this head wrap has its origins in the Middle East, but today can be found used all over the world.

Offering protection from exposure to the sun, while also protecting your mouth and eyes from dust and sand when you’re on the go, this is a functional and practical garment that you’ll find to be a beneficial addition to your gear. Whether you are working outdoors, hunting, or you are a survivalist, your Shemagh has countless all-weather uses that you’ll appreciate.

Here are the 5 best Shemaghs:

Premium Shemagh Head Neck Scarf by Tapp Collections

The premium Shemaghs from Tapp Collections feature long tassels, which is something that not all Shemaghs offer. They are an attractive addition to these cotton and cotton-wool blend garments.

An effective yet very simple means of protecting your face, neck, and eyes from harm from the elements, these scarves are offered in a range of colors and patterns. Some of the colors offered might not be the most ideal for tactical purposes, but they are good options for a windy or cold day on the range. Or even for a day fishing or working in the yard.

They can offer you protection year-round, as they can protect your head from the stinging cold of a snowstorm if you happen to be working, hunting or shooting outdoors.

At 42” x 42” and by 4oz in weight, you’ll find any one of these Shemaghs will meet your face and neck protection needs. These are easily among the best Shemaghs.

Mato & Hash Military Shemagh Tactical Desert 100% Cotton Keffiyeh Scarf Wrap

If you are looking for a 100% cotton Shemagh that will offer you durability and comfort, then this wrap is just what you need. Arriving with an instructional booklet that will show you some of the various ways that you can wear your Shemagh, this is a good choice in multi-functional head wraps.

One feature of this head scarf that sets it apart from some of the others that are available is that the patterns are stitched versus being printed onto the fabric.

These cotton head wraps will not only keep you cool and comfortable on a hot day, while offering you protection from the harmful rays of the sun, but they will also provide you protection during the cooler months. The natural materials mean that the scarf will dry rapidly on warm days, so that you are not left a sweaty mess underneath it.

There are 16 colors available in these Shemaghs, including black, gold, olive drab, desert sand, pink and black, and more. You are sure to find the right color for your needs. This is among the best Shemaghs if you want variety.

Fox Outdoor Tactical Shemagh Keffiyeh Desert Head Scarf

Available in 15 colors that are good options for tactical and outdoor wear, these Shemaghs from Fox Outdoor are a must-have for the person spending time outside facing the elements. Whether you are facing the harsh summer sun, a dust storm or even a blizzard, the 100% cotton material of these head wraps will give you the protection that you need.

Offered in a one-size standard 42” x 42” these Shemaghs are not just for tactical purposes. The 100% cotton material will allow them to work well as an autumn or winter scarf for the fashionista.

Whether you’re battling a dust storm, facing down a blizzard, or working outdoors on a construction site, these all-weather head wraps will keep you comfortable.

Military Shemagh Arab Tactical Desert Keffiyeh Scarf

Offered in more than 45 different colors and color combinations, these Shemagh head scarves have a woven pattern and are not simply printed onto blank fabric.

The 100% cotton fabric offers both warmth during the cooler months and moisture-wicking cooling properties during the warmer months. This makes your Shemagh a must-have all-weather solution for protecting your face and neck from the elements.

Working outside in the hot sun? Simply soak your head wrap in water, wring it out, and place it on your head or around your neck. As the water evaporates, you’ll feel instant cooling that can help get you through a hot day outdoors.

Lightweight at just a few ounces, you won’t feel overly bulky when your scarf is in place. The soft comfortable material will also allow for all-day wear.

These Shemaghs are a one-size solution, measuring at 43” x 42”. They offer solid outdoor protection for when you need it the most.

ROTHCO Men’s Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarf

Whether you are looking for an addition to your tactical gear, looking for something to keep you warm and protect your face while hunting, or you are searching for a must-have addition to your bug-out bag, you’ll find that this multi-purpose Shemagh can readily meet all of your needs.

With a 100% cotton woven pattern, this head scarf is offered in some good tactical colors, including olive drab, foliage green, desert tan, and coyote brown. Select the color that will suit your needs, and be sure to pick out a few extras for other outdoor uses.

Remember that your Shemagh is not just a must-have tactical garment to protect your head and neck from the sun, wind, and sand. It’s great tool for offering protection during the cooler months, and even when you are participating in outdoor sports that would otherwise expose you to the elements.

One-size fits all comfortably. These lightweight but durable scarves measure at 42” x 42”.


The Shemagh is a multi-purpose head scarf that offers great potential for use as a part of your tactical garb, as well as for other outdoor wear. It can offer year-round protection from the sun or cold for your head, neck, face, and ears.

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