The 4 Best MOLLE Vests on the Market — Reviews 2021

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What is the most valuable and easiest method of carrying a variety of different tactical gear? The MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) vest is the answer. These vests allow the attachment of things like magazine pouches, handguns, medical kit, and much more. These vests have to be dependable and strong, capable of holding the weight of loaded magazines, machine gun belts, and who knows what else. They vests have to be strong and comfortable to wear. You could be wearing one for hours and if the vests don’t have proper ventilation, a supportive harness, or doesn’t distribute weight properly, you are going to have a rough day.

Here are, in our opinion, the 4 best MOLLE vests on the market:

NCStar VISM Vest

The VISM vest by NcStar is a complete MOLLE vest designed to be worn without body armor. The vest is designed to be held tight to the body for maximum support and stability. The vest lacks the traditional zipper that commonly equips MOLLE vests and uses three buckles placed at the top, bottom and middle of the vest to maximize the vest’s stability. The VISM is outfitted with 6 side adjustment straps and adjustable shoulders to customize the fit for every individual.

The VISM is complete with MOLLE webbing that covers the entire vest, giving ample room to mount accessories and adjust for each individual user. The vest is double mesh lined for a secure, strong, and breathable material that allows the user to operate without overheating. The webbing is reinforced to carry the heavy weight associated with loaded magazines, canteens, and a variety of other tactical goods.

The rear of the VISM vest has a padded hydration compartment to allow the use of a hydration bladder without having to use an additional carrier. The VISM vest has a heavy-duty nylon pistol belt that is attached to the vest. The belt is complete with two pouches for magazines, or other accessories. This is one of the best MOLLE vests for the money.

USMC Tactical FLC

Issued in the Marines, the current issued equipment–the USMC MOLLE vest–is an extremely durable, very strong, and capable MOLLE vest. The USMC vest can be worn over body armor, including heavy duty flak jackets. The vest is extremely adjustable and can be worn comfortably with armor as well. The USMC tactical vest is covered with high quality, reinforced MOLLE webbing.

The vest is mesh to reduce weight and improve air flow. The rear of the vest is completely opened for either the use of a hydration carrier or for increased ventilation. The USMC vest is secured with a front middle position buckle and a zippered column. The vest weighs only 1.7 pounds but is rated for heavy duty equipment.

This vest is used by riflemen, grenadiers, and even machine gunners tasked with carrying the heaviest loads. The USMC tactical vest features two internal pockets, one of the left and one on the right side of the vest. This allows users to store and protect valuable materials like mission briefings and maps. The vests initial design is for tactical measures, but it can easily be converted for a variety of roles including hunting, competition, and even as a tool carrier for handymen and women. If you want the best MOLLE vest, why not get the same one used by our fighting forces?

Condor Ronin

The Ronin is designed to be as lightweight as possible. This MOLLE vest can be worn over soft body armor with ease and worn without any armor. The Ronin is very light, and very open for ventilation purposes. The Ronin is perfect for hunters, scouts, and even hikers or wildland firefighters looking for a convenient method of carrying gear.

The Ronin uses the traditional H harness design to distribute weight evenly and allows the vest to hold as much weight as possible. The MOLLE real estate on this vest is minimal, since movement and ventilation and saving weight were the goals. The vest can be equipped with enough pouches to outfit the vest with six magazines, a handgun, an IFAK medical kit, and numerous small accessories.

The Ronin has two mesh map pockets, one on each side of the vest. These pockets are hidden inside the vest and secured with velcro. The harness is mesh padded for comfort over long periods of time wearing heavy gear. Although the vest is designed for a light load, the webbing is heavyweight and reinforced for durability. The Ronin is an excellent lightweight vest that is modular since the entire harness and vest is assembled with heavy duty buckles. The vest is adjustable for a variety of different body types and sizes.

Condor MCR1

The Condor MCR 1 also known as the modular chest rig is a well thought out and perfectly executed MOLLE vest. The MCR is heavyweight and strong as an ox. The MCR can be equipped with a variety of different gear as the vest is covered with a healthy amount of MOLLE webbing; it’s even on the shoulder straps.

The MCR is not only capable of being worn over armor, but a hard armor or soft armor ballistic plate can be inserted into the front of the vest. The back of the MCR is opened for ventilation, or to easily sling a weapon or wear a hydration carrier. The straps crisscross around the back of the vest, with a strap at the bottom connecting horizontally. The straps are all padded for comfort and to handle the loadout’s weight.

The MCR is completely adjustable for different fits and body types. The vest is extremely durable and perfect for a door kicker. The Condor spreads and distributes weight evenly, and allows for increased comfort over long periods of time. The Condor MCR 1 is an extremely durable vest that is designed to be used in tactical operations.

Dressed Up

The best MOLLE vests can do a lot for the owner and user. These vests are capable of holding all the necessary gear someone in the military, police, airsoft, or even people who just love the outdoors. These vests have to be dependable, though and are often mission specific. Rarely does one vest suit every situation, and every user, so choose one that fits you and your needs. Good luck!

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