The 4 Best Single Clip IWB Holsters – Reviews 2023

best single clip iwb holster

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So why carry a single clip IWB holster? When it comes to concealed carry you have hundreds of options for holster. However, one of the best and most popular minimalist methods is the single clip IWB. These holsters are small, and are often more comfortable and easier to carry due to their size.

Single clip IQB holsters need to be supportive of your weapon and hold it in place regardless of how much or how exactly you are moving. They also need to be easy to draw from and, of course, be easy to conceal. We’ve limited down to only a few choices so keep reading for the juicy details.

Below are our reviews of the 4 best single clip IWB holsters on the market:

Lirisy Single Clip IWB Holster

If you are on a budget but want a concealable, comfortable, and quality holster, look no further than the Lirisy IWB holster. This very simple nylon holster is a single clip design that can be worn strong side, appendix, small of back, and in a crossdraw position. The Lirisy IWB holster is designed to fit a variety of different firearms, but is limited to smaller firearms like the Glock 26, the Ruger LC9, and similarly sized firearms. With some smaller guns, it will even accommodate a small laser aiming device attached to the gun.

Typically, budget holster is a phrase that implies crap. However, the Lirisy IWB holster is surprisingly well-made. The holster is made from a combination of neoprene and 600d nylon. Nylon is water resistant and pretty darn tough. Neoprene is soft and doesn’t chafe the body when it comes all day wear and carry.

The Lirisy IWB single clip model is simple, but comes complete with a thumb thong to secure the weapon in place, which makes it impossible to be stripped from you. Using this device is completely optional but increases security and retention. The Lirisy features a rugged metal single clip that’s bound by leather to the holster. It’s not going anywhere once it’s placed on your belt. This is easily one of the best single clip IWB holsters for the money.

Blade Tech Revolution Klipt Single Clip IWB Holster

Blade Tech is a small company with big ambitions and amazing designs. It goes without saying they’ve become incredibly successful, and their designs are functional and affordable. The Klipt is their entry into the single clip IWB design. This is a kydex frame holster and because of that it’s insanely thin. Thin holsters are easy to fit and wear inside the waistband, and the thinner the holster the more comfortable it will be. The Revolution Klipt comes ready for a wide variety of different firearms that range in size from the diminutive SIG 238 to the duty-sized Glock 19.

The Klipt offers a heightened sweat guard that keeps your body from contacting the gun. The holster is designed for strong side or for cross draw carry. The low cut side makes gripping the gun easy and drawing intuitive. The benefits of kydex are in full effect here. The holster doesn’t collapse when the gun is drawn so reholstering is just as easy as drawing.

The Blade Tech Revolution Klipt is also priced surprisingly affordably. It’s custom cut for each firearm and this allows it to offer increased retention. This holster is perfect for low-profile carry and can be easily concealed with minimal effort and minimal cover garments.

Blackhawk ARC Single Clip IWB Holster

Blackhawk is mostly known for their Serpa and Omnivore series of holsters. These are duty style OWB holsters that are great options for OWB, but what about a minimalist IWB holster? Well, Blackhawk has you covered there too. The Blackhawk ARC is their extension into the single clip IWB carry world. ARC is an acronym for Ambidextrous Reversible Carry, which means exactly what it sounds like.

The single clip can be easily swapped from side to side making this the premier selection for left handed shooters or right handers wanting to carry a backup gun. The ARC’s single clip is easily removable and you get two total to accommodate belts that are 1.5 to 1.5 inches wide. The ARC is made entirely for polymer materials that are sweat resistant and durable. The holster is compact and thin for easy and comfortable carry. There isn’t a sweat guard due to the ambidextrous nature so be prepared to get a little sweat on your gun.

The Blackhawk ARC also has a passive retention device that can be adjusted to increase or decrease retention. The ARC comes in a variety of different sizes that all accommodate different guns. This includes popular models from Smith and Wesson, Glock, Springfield, and Ruger. This dynamic holster is also affordable, easy to find, and reliable for everyday carry. Hands down, it’s one of the best single clip IWB holsters around.

Galco Triton Single Clip IWB Holster

Carrying a full-sized gun with a single clip can be a challenge. Typically, single clip IWB carry is reserved for smaller and lighter firearms. To carry a full-sized gun, you need one helluva holster. The Galco Triton just so happens to be one helluva holster. The Galco Triton is a kydex holster that’s as thin as it can be. It certain points it’s more reinforced to accommodate full sized handguns. The Triton is an IWB holster designed to be carried appendix, strong side, as well as cross draw (see full specs). The holster has a slightly forward cant that does make it a bit better suited for strongside carry.

The Galco Triton is a masterpiece of a holster and the wide and powerful clip makes it perfect for carrying a larger gun. Typically, the bigger the gun the wider the clip you’ll need. The Triton’s clip perfectly accommodates a full-sized Glock or SIG Sauer pistol. The Triton is also a modular holster and Galco produces a few different options for belt attachments if you want to change it up a bit.

You can adjust the holster’s retention with two screws placed under the trigger guard. The holster also features a solid fit sweat guard to protect you and to protect your gun.

Single Clip

Finding the best single Clip IWB holster the perfect solution for a wide variety of users. Its minimalist design is suited for deep concealment with minimal cover garments. A single clip IWB holster is perfect for concealed carry on a daily basis, provided you chose the right holster. The four above are excellent examples of high quality single clip IWB holsters, if we do say so ourselves. Good luck!

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