The 4 Best IWB Holsters for Ruger LC9 — Reviews 2023

best IWB holster for ruger lc9

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Your Ruger LC9 is a solid conceal carry option in handguns. At just 6 inches in length and 4.5 inches in height, this is one petite pistol. Despite its small stature, it can still prove to be a challenge to discreetly conceal your pistol when you are on the go. The solution is to find the best IWB for the Ruger LC9. The ideal holster should be one that meets your specific needs for reliability, concealability, and comfort.

The right holster should be one that securely fits your firearm, and doesn’t pose a risk of having the gun fall out when you are out and about. In addition to a secure fit, you need to ensure that the holster with gun feel comfortable on your belt. Discomfort can quickly lead to painful irritation, and even result in your making the decision to halt carrying your firearm for some time.  Here are the 4 best holsters for Ruger LC9 that we could find:

Ruger LC9 & LC9s Hip Holster with Magazine Pouch

Designed specifically with the Ruger LC9 in mind, this holster is an effortless combination of a clip-on and a belt holster. This combination allows it to offer you both the convenience that you get from using a clip-on holster, and also the stability that is found with using a belt holster. Rugged and functional, this is a solidly designed and constructed holster.

The holster is ambidextrous so that it can be worn by either a left-handed or right-handed person. It has belt loops on both sides of the holster, and the metal clip can be moved from side-to-side.

With a multi-layer nylon exterior and interior, the holster will mold to the shape of your pistol so that you can get that perfect fit that you need. Exterior of the holster will prove to be resistant to scuffing and to moisture, which will ensure it’s around for many good years of us.

The holster features a soft interior lining and reinforced thumb break that will ensure you of a fast release and the smooth draw that you need when seconds matter. The interior lining has a closed cell foam moisture barrier to ensure that moisture need not become a concern for your firearm.

Double needle stitching helps to ensure that your holster is reinforced with the strength you need, while the nylon binding tape offers durable protection against fraying.

The build-in magazine pouch makes it easy to carry an extra magazine with you, so you are always prepared when the situation calls for it. This is one of the best LC9 holster, bar none.

Blade-Tech Holster Klipt Appendix IWB (Various models available)

With an ultra-thin signature and low profile, this holster is a great option for conceal carrying your Ruger LC9. Comfortable, durable, and practical, you’ll find this to be a good holster option, no matter where your day takes you.

The design of this holster makes it possible to carry your pistol without printing. Everyone can agree that an undetectable holster that doesn’t result in printing, regardless of what you’re wearing, is a good option to have.

Fitting belts that are up to 1 ¾” wide, the holster features Blade Tech technology that locks the pistol securely in place. The belt clip is very secure but still allows for quick release from your belt when it is needed.

Originally designed for use in the armed forces, this holster can be worn as a front strong-side appendix holster, as a straight drop IWB holster, and also on the weak side in an IWB cross-draw fashion. With its simple design, it is truly a flexible holster that can be worn in the way that best works for you.

The slim design and low profile of this holster also makes it a good choice as a discreet second holster when you are carrying a larger firearm. It’s a solid choice that you’ll appreciate each time you use it.

Blade-Tech Industries IWB Klipt Ambi Appendix Holster

Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle

If you are looking for a maintenance free holster that will withstand the harshest of environments, you’ll find that the Fobus Standard Holster can meet your needs. Unlike other holster materials that may need to be oiled and conditioned in order to stay in good shape, this holster need only be washed out and kept clean with soap and water if it gets a bit grimy from every day use.

The holster is lightweight and compact, and will fit firmly onto your belt, using a rubberized paddle. The bumped texture of the paddle will ensure that it doesn’t slip when it is in place.

The passive retention system unique to this holster offers you a much faster draw than you may otherwise experience with leather. The only point of contact that your pistol will make with the holster will be at the point that the trigger guard meets the frame.

Whether you are heading to the range or looking for a good holster for in the field or while hunting, you’ll find that the features of this slim and light holster will meet your needs. This is one of the best holsters for Ruger LC9 handguns.

Ruger LC9 Fobus paddle holster

New Barsony Gun IWB Holster + Single Magazine Pouch

Available in both a left-handed and right-handed option, the New Barsony IWB holster offers a number of features that you are sure to appreciate. The lightweight and ultra-thin materials used in the construction of this holster ensure that it has that barely-there feel that you’re looking for from an on-the-go holster. The nylon materials are durable, rugged, and feature precision stitching to ensure your holster lasts. The steel belt clip is exceptionally strong, so you can rely on it to not jostle loose as you go about your day.

The holster features an internal moisture barrier that will keep dampness and perspiration away from your gun. This is important for the continued good condition of your gun.

Wear the holster at the small of your back, cross-draw, or strong-side. You do have the option to wear this holster in the position that works best for your personal preferences.


Selecting the best IWB holster for your Ruger LC9 will help to ensure that you are always comfortable when you are carrying your pistol. The selection of a holster that has been designed for the small profile of the Ruger LC9 will ensure that you get the secure and safe fit that you need.

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