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The AK 47 is a venerable old rifle, once the arm of our ideological enemies, and found all over the globe thanks to massive Soviet arms programs during the Cold War, it is a rugged, durable and hard hitting firearm. Said to be the most common military rifle on the planet, it is widely sold in the US in a wide range of domestically made and imported configurations. The traditional low cost, reasonably powerful cartridge, acceptable combat or hunting accuracy, and the mystique of owning the primary arm of our enemies had made the AK as popular in the US as it is anywhere else.

However, as a carbine, the AK needs a few things to bring it into the 21st Century—first and foremost, better optics, and there is no better optic than the ACOG. So if you’ve got an AK-47, and are looking to modernize it, we’ve got you covered! Below are what we consider the best AK47 ACOG on the market and the accessories you’d need to get it mounted on your rifle.


Really, there is not a lot of variation on the ACOG theme, and many of them are calibrated for .223 or .308. Of course, there are AK rifles in those calibers but by far, the most common AK style rifles are in 7.62x39 or 5.45x39 calibers, and that is what we are looking at here today. A “modestly priced” ACOG, this model illuminates using a single and readily available AA battery.

Ideal for use on any carbine, the optic (see full specs) shines on an AK 47 where the rugged construction and modern looks combines with the equally rugged and timeless design of General Kalashnikov. With fixed 4x32 magnification, an illuminated crosshair reticle, and the famous Trijicon commitment to quality, you would be hard pressed to find a better AK optic. As an added bonus, it is compatible with night vision devices, making it a true all-purpose optic and the best AK47 ACOG period.

Trijicon BATTERY Powered ACOG Shot Show 2013

Tacksport AK Scope Mount

It is a sad truth that the AK is not the easiest rifle in the world to scope. However, our friends in the Soviet Motherland long licked that problem with a simple side mounting system that mounts to a rail and attaches with throw levers. Naturally, the running dog Yankee capitalists improved on the Soviet system, and now we have this marvelous scope mount (see full specs) from Tacksport. It fits a standard AK side scope rail and adds a rock solid Picatinny rail to mount your ACOG or other optic on, this is the gold standard of AK scope mounts. Made with a high profile to allow use of iron sights, this is just the ticket for mounting the best AK47 ACOG above.

TackSport AK Rail Scope Mount Update

Primary Arms SLxP3 Prism Scope

The Primary Arms SLxP3 Prism scope is not an Acog. I admit that, and maybe it shouldn’t be on this list. However, hear me out, ACOGs are costly optics. They are worth every penny, but man they are expensive. I wanted something similar to the ACOG, without the ACOG price, then the Primary Arms SLxP3 Prism Scope is your optic.

It’s a fixed power 3X scope with a built-in ballistic drop compensating reticle. This ACSS reticle is paired to the 7.62x39mm round the AK fires and gives you range drop points out to 600 yards. The SLxP3 is made from 6061 aluminum and is IP67 waterproof rated. The reticle is battery powered and fully illuminated. It’s lightweight, very compact, and perfect for an AK47. It’s not an ACOG admittedly, but it’s also a quarter of the price.

Killflash Anti Reflection Device

While not a must have, this is a “nice to have” item. Certainly useful for tactical applications and very useful for hunting, the anti reflection device cuts reflected glare from the ACOG, and makes it nearly impossible for you to give yourself away with light flashing off the objective lens of your scope. Made of durable and lightweight materials, the Killflash adds negligible weight to your rifle, while adding tactically important features.

Personally, I’d buy this if I have a tactical AK or am hunting under conditions where light bouncing off the scope could spook game. This certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you need it, you really need it. Plus hey, it looks really cool.

UTG Low Profile Picatinny Rail System

Building on the idea of the AK as a hard to scope system, we have this somewhat convoluted but oddly functional system from UTG. Fastening at one end using an extended length buttstock screw and replacing the rear sight leaf at the other, the end result is an actually more than acceptable and solid mounting platform. Cleaner looking than other more traditional scope mounts and offering a hard to find low profile mounting platform, this is the mount you want if you don’t plan to use iron sights and want an actual low profile mount for your ACOG. Inexpensive and solid, this is well worth looking at.

Mounting the Best AK47 ACOG

I have to admit, the idea of mounting a scope on a rifle that can be had for considerably cheaper is a tough one to swallow. As an added bonus, once you get into middle range and higher AK’s, there is little practical difference beyond fit and finish and other aesthetic considerations, making putting a top dollar scope on them even more painful. However, the AK is a fantastic rifle and worthy of a top grade optic.

Because there are no stable ways to mount optics to the AK 47 dustcover (common methods are unreliable, will not retain zero, or require rezeroing after taking the gun apart for cleaning), we have to either use the side scope mounting rail, or rig something that replaces the rear sight leaf. Because the ACOG is not meant for a scout scope configuration, we are pretty much left with a side mount or a rail that attaches to the rear sight leaf and is anchored in the rear of the rifle.

My personal choice is for a high profile mounting base that allows use of the ACOG scope and still leaves the iron sights free for backup use. There are a great many acceptable side rails, but most are imported and made for casual use, or are of lower grade quality. Finding a high grade base isn’t hard, but you will pay three to four times more than a cheaper mount. Resist the urge to go with the cheap ones in this case, as they will be a recipe for disappointment outside of casual use.

The AK-47 and related patterns are a venerable old rifle that has been made and used by the untold millions. They are common in civilian hands and make great hunting, sporting and tactical rifles. This legacy of the Cold War, born in the dying days of WWII is truly a rifle for the masses, and with a little bit of effort can be a more than suitable platform for an ACOG.

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