The 4 Best Beretta 1201FP Accessories – Reviews 2022

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Adding accessories to your Beretta 1201FP makes a lot of sense. But first, you need to understand the purpose of the 1201FP. The shotgun is one of Beretta’s many inertia-driven tactical shotguns and differs from the 1201F by having a shorter barrel and being designed for tactical use. In other words, the 1201FP is a home defense and duty-grade gun, and today we are going to look at the best upgrades possible on this platform.

The accessories we are suggesting are going to strive to work with the semi-auto shotgun’s strengths and to help solve its weaknesses. So, without further ado . . .

Here are our reviews of the 4 best Beretta 1201FP accessories on the market:

Beretta 1201FP Accessory 1: Truglo Fiber Optic Shotgun Sight

One of the Beretta’s 1201FP’s strength is its speed on target. Shotguns, in general, are great from quick shooting, especially on moving targets. However, you still have to aim to make hits (this is not the movies where you point in a general direction and vaporize a half-dozen gangbangers). In other words, you need to be able to see your sights. To help you always look at your sights the Truglo Fiber Optic shotgun sight is a great go to. This universal shotgun front sight attaches to any gun that doesn’t have a vent rib. The Beretta 1201FP lacks a vent rib, so it’s kosher.

This fiber optic clip-on sight is a bright green design that gives you a very easy to see option for close quarters shooting. It’s easy to see day and night, and the human eye picks up the color green faster than any other color. This will reduce the time it takes to get the gun on target and will give you a more robust sighting system than a simple bead sight. Installation is easy and can be done at home in about 15 minutes.

It’s also one of the most affordable sight upgrades you can make to your 12 gauge shotgun. The Beretta 1201FP’s rear sight will still line up with the TruGlo high viz sight, which makes it suitable for slug shooting as well. The Truglo Fiber Optic sight is an excellent upgrade to any 12 gauge shotgun, but for a tactical gun like the Beretta 1201FP, it could be the difference between hit or miss.

Beretta 1201FP Accessory 2: AmmoPal

So maybe this isn’t a direct upgrade to the Beretta 1201FP, but it is a worthy accessory to have for any tactical shotgun. The big question with a tactical shotgun is how do you carry extra ammo? There are bandoleers, pouches, and more that works, but these solutions tend to be slow. The AmmoPal is the high tech option for those asking that same question. The AmmoPal looks a bit like a rifle magazine. It’s a box that holds ammo, so the comparison is accurate.

However, the AmmoPal (see full specs) works more like a Pez dispenser than a magazine. It holds ten rounds of 12 gauge can attach to your tactical gear via two clips. It works on belts, tactical vests and more. As you need ammo, you pull it out of the AmmoPal, and a spring-loaded follower pushes the next round upwards.

You can fit an AmmoPal in a two magazine AR 15 pouch, and it’s easy to carry three on a tactical vest. Three AmmoPals gives you 30 rounds of shotgun ammo in an intuitive and easy to use platform. This solves an age-old question and is a welcome addition to the Beretta 1201FP’s users loadout.

Beretta 1201FP Accessory 3: Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling

I have only a few must-haves for tactical weapons. I believe the end user should tailor the gun to fit their need and mission. One accessory you have to have is a sling. A sling keeps the weapon on your body, allows you to let go of the gun and use your hands, and gives you means to secure the gun in case there is a physical fight. You shouldn’t settle for any old sling either.

The Blue Force Gear Vicker’s Tactical Sling (see full specs) is a legend in the tactical world. It’s sturdy, dependable and designed by a Delta Force operator. This sling features a quick adjustment pull tab to shrink or expand the sling. The Vickers allows you to run it tight when navigating obstacles, and instantly loosen it once the shooting starts. There are tons of different hardware options for the Vickers sling, and you can adjust and customize it to your liking.

The Vickers sling is perfect for shotguns and helps support their weight well. On a semi-auto like the Beretta 1201FP, it’s ideal because it’s easy to use the gun one-handed. A sling makes one-handed use more stable, and more comfortable on the operator. I would never hesitate to use the Vickers sling on any of my tactical weapons.

Beretta 1201FP Accessory 4: NC Star Universal Side Saddle

One of the big weaknesses of the shotgun is its ammo size. Those big and bulky shells give shotguns relatively low capacities. Keeping your Beretta 1201FP topped off and fully loaded can be a challenge without a side saddle. Side saddles are often produced for specific guns and those guns only, but NC Star offers us a universal option for all our side saddle mounting needs. The NC Star Universal side saddled use adhesive and velcro to secure 4 to 6 extra rounds to your gun.

This card fits on the receiver of your shotgun and the adhesive is incredibly strong. The velcro is equally sturdy and holds the shells nice and upright. The ability to choose between 4 or 6 shells is valuable, and you could even fit four on one side and two on the other. You can separate special ammo from your standard buckshot.

One of the unique features and one of the strengths of using velcro is that you could order multiple side saddles and swap them out as you run them empty. This works almost like a magazine system but for shotguns. This system is a quick and easy way to pack a reload on your gun for when things go bump in the night.

Best Beretta 1201FP Accessories Conclusion

The Beretta 1201FP may not get the same love shotguns like the Benelli M4 do, but its owners know it’s an outstanding option for the shotgun shooter. It’s a rock solid semi-automatic shotgun that pushes the boundaries of the inertia system.

With just a few upgrades, it can go from a good tactical shotgun to an outstanding fighting shotgun. In close quarters battle, there is no better weapon than the tactical shotgun, and the Beretta 1201FP encompasses everything great about the platform. Any upgrade here or there never hurt anything though.

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  1. I would add an extended larger charging handle. One of the advantages using this shotgun is the ability to quickly change from buckshot to slug. Unless the trigger is pulled or the loading tab at the rear of the loading gate is activated another round will not feed from the magazine tube. All that is required is pulling back the charging handle and placing a slug in . An oversize extended handle allows the operator to accomplish this quickly. It is the fastest system to allow select slug. These are still excellent shotguns for home defense

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