The 4 Best Boots for Mountain Goat Hunting – Reviews 2022

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So why get the right boots you can for mountain goat hunting? Simple: ever try and chase a goat up a mountain? It’s not easy. Besides a great cardiovascular system, the right boots make a big difference, not only in your overall comfort but also in the safety of your hunt.

The right boots allow you to easily climb almost any surface and scale any hill. The right boots allow you to easily manage your mountain goat hunt, help regulate your temperature, and protect you from the environment. We’ve gathered our favorite boots to make your next mountain goat hunt a success.

These are our reviews for the 4 best boots for mountain goat hunting on the market:

Mountain Goat Boots 1: Merrell Men’s MOAB 2 MID GTX

Merrell is a massive company making a ton of different types of boots for the outdoor industry. The MOAB, which stands for Mother of All Boots, is their standard bearer. The MOAB 2 boots are incredibly popular and have proven themselves time and time again in the hiking industry.

When scaling mountains, humping hills and conquering mud, the MOABs have proven themselves time and time again. The MOABs were incredibly popular with Special Ops guys in Afghanistan due to their comfort and ability to grip and climb with ease.

The MOABs (see full specs) come in a few different designs. For hiking up mountains to take goats, I suggest the waterproof models. This way if you hit the snow, it won’t soak through and cause discomfort. These are mid-height boots that will provide plenty of room for maximum movement as well as support and strength. This will help you prevent rolled ankles and serious pain should you make a misstep.

The MOAB boots have a protective rubber toe cap as well as a closed-cell foam tongue that keeps debris and moisture out. These are great at keeping your feet warm and free from exposure. Their Vibram sole will also greatly help as you climb up and down those mountains to get those goats.

Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Hikers - Testeed & Reviewed

Mountain Goat Boots 2: XPETI Thermator

If you are humping up mountains in the dead of winter to track down a mountain goat, you are probably used to being cold. However, you should pay close attention to how cold your feet and hands are. Not only to prevent frostbite but to ensure you are safe when humping or hiking up and down mountains.

This is especially true for your feet. You need to have the dexterity to safely climb up and down those hills. The XPETI Thermators are designed to ensure you do. They insulate your feet and keep your toes nice and toasty.

They do so with 200 grams of thinsulate insulation rated all the way down to negative 30 degrees Celsius. They are also waterproof and feature a hydro shield membrane that keeps feet dry even when you are hiking through snow and mud. The Thermators are mid-rise boots with excellent heel support and they have an aggressive rubber outsole that maximizes grip when humping and hiking.

The Thermators are designed to be designed for heavyweight use and they can take whatever abuse you decide to throw at them. They can withstand it while keeping your feet warm and providing you with the necessary traction to keep going up and down as much as necessary. These are among the best boots for mountain goat hunting period.

XPETI waterproof hiking boots

Mountain Goat Boots 3: Belleville TR550

The TR550 boots by Bellville are designed for tactical use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t chase goats instead of terrorists with them. The TR550 boots by Belleville are certainly a favorite of soldiers, but they are designed explicitly for mountain use, whether they’re in Afghanistan or the Rockies.

The features these boots have often lend them to hunting rather well, especially for chasing goats around hills and mountains. First, they have a vibram sole for digging in deep when hunting and hiking. They give you an overall outstanding grip and allow you to scale up and down hills with outstanding surety.

The TR550 boots (see full specs) are high rise boots that will offer the most support possible for the ankle and lower calf. They can and should be tied tightly to secure them. This allows you to climb the most mountainous areas with superior support and performance. The boots are equipped with a TR-1 Load bearing orthotic insole that provides excellent comfort when humping up and down mountains.

These boots are perfect if you might be facing rough terrain and designed to give a good ground feel when climbing, braking, and arresting slides. They also help with pure vertical climbing, and while that might be a rare requirement when mountain goat hunting, it could still be a situation you face. Hands down, these are among the best boots for mountain goat hunting.

Tactical Research Khyber Mountain Hybrid Boot

Mountain Goat Boots 4: Under Armour Men’s Post Canyon

Under Armour is well known for their athletic clothing, but they’ve also invested heavily in their footwear lines. From cleats to hiking boots they make it all. The Under Armour Men’s Post Canyon boots are designed for scaling up and down mountains and are perfect for Goat hunting.

As Under Armour often do, they put a lot of focus into not only making an excellent boot but a comfortable one as well. They built an internal mesh and sole that are remarkably comfortable and extremely soft on the feet.

This keeps you from developing blisters and hot spots on your feet can put a sour end to a good day of hunting. Outside of comfort, these boots are designed to be lightweight and water resistant. They are coated with the UA Storm coating to repel water. They also remain breathable and lightweight. They won’t cause pain or discomfort over long periods of time.

The US Post Canyon boots have an overly aggressive heel that provides excellent traction and allows you to easily climb up and down hills of all heights and sizes. They are mid-rise boots that provide brilliant comfort and excellent traction. Under Armour may not be the most well-known in the footwear game, but just give them time and they’ll conquer it.

Under Armour Boots #GoWhereYouDontBelong #IWILL

Boots for Them Pesky Mountain Goats

Climbing and scaling hills, mountains,and ridges can be an extreme hazard to your health, but that’s what makes the hunt so thrilling. The best boots for mountain goat hunting make it easy to keep moving and keep hunting. You can do so with warm, well-protected feet too. There is no reason to compromise when it comes to boots. Good luck!

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