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Finding the right game bag for moose hunting is a no-brainer. After all, an average male adult moose can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. That’s a massive amount of animal, and even on the small side, you are looking at over a thousand pounds.

As you’d imagine you aren’t grabbing it by the antlers and toting it out even if you’re built like Schwarzenegger circa the first Terminator days. No, you have to cut and quarter it in the field. And to carry the meat back you need tough and strong game bags. Bags that won’t tear or rip and will allow you to keep animals and bugs out of your fresh kill. With moose being such a big animal, you need specialty bags and we’ve found four of the best here.

These have our recommendations for the 4 best game bags for moose on the market:

Moose Game Bag 1: Ajillis Elk and Moose Game Bag Set

The Ajillis Elk and Mosse Game Bag set is designed for when you want to go big, but also split the load. This is a 6 bag set that comes with 4 large bags and 2 medium bags. The 4 large are 59 x 28 inches and the two small are 30 x 28 inches.

The multitude of sizes (see full specs) makes it easier to share the load as well as strap it down to a pack for carrying out. These bags are designed to be lightweight and compact. Altogether, they only weigh 25 ounces and take up 165 cubic inches.

They are designed to maximize efficiency and the system works. The last thing you want to do is crowd your pack with bags and the Ajillis Moose Game bags come with their own mini bag to conserve space and ensure your pack stays organized. This set of game bags are machine washable and designed to be used over and over again. They are made from a ripstop polyester material that is light but strong.

The Ajillis Elk and Moose Gamebag set are perfect for filling up and hiking out. These bags will help preserve and protect your game as you climb out. They allow you to keep moving without worrying about tears and losing meat, making these among the best game bags for moose around.

Moose Game Bag 2: Allen Backcountry Quarter Bags

Allen is mostly known for producing gun and hunting accessories. This includes cleaning kits, hunting orange vests, slings, and much more. The Backcountry quarter bags are for hauling out your next moose kill.

Like everything else, Allen makes this kit is made to last. The Backcountry Game Bags are incredibly strong and made to be dropped, kicked, and roughed up a time or two. These bags are best for the roughest country. You can fill them to the brim with moose meat and hike your way out without worrying about your pack splitting under a heavy load.

The Allen Backcountry Quarter Bags are breathable and allows for the game to breath to prevent smells from building in the bag. The Quarter Bags also come equipped with a drawcord for closure so you won’t need rubber bands or ting to close the bags. The Backcountry bags come in white or orange and come in both large and medium sizes. Medium bags are 20 x 30 inches and large bags are 28 x 50 inches.

The bags come in a pack of 4 and can be washed and reused for season after season. They can be strapped too, or packed inside a bag for easy and convenient carry. They are designed for high country game and can be used for elk or goat as well.

Moose Game Bag 3: Koola Buck Antimicrobial Hunting Game Bags

If you are hunting in warmer weather, you may be concerned with bacterial growth over the time it takes to get your meat out. You could also be concerned with bugs getting in there and finding a snack. All good fears to have when it comes to something you killed and plan to ingest.

The Koola Buck bags are designed to prevent the growth of bacteria. They are 8X more effective at this than standard game bags. This allows you to age your meat and prevent infestation of both bacteria and egg-laying insects.

These are one-time use bags that come in a nitrogen-sealed container that makes it easy to transport and organize. The sealed package is very small and easy to carry without creating a mess in your pack. These bags are coated with lactic and citric acids that help prevent bacteria and keeps bugs away, yet they are rated and approved for food-grade applications. These acids make contact and transfer to the meat to reduce the growth of surface-level bacteria.

The end result is one of the best game bags for moose because it allows you to haul your game out and at the same time prevent and reduce waste and spoilage. When shopping, make sure you select moose size by the way. This way you and your future are filled with organic and delicious moose meat.

Koola Buck Anti-Microbial Game Bag Review by Smith and Edwards

Moose Game Bag 4: Alaska Game Rolled Quarter Bags

If there is a state that knows big animals, it’s Alaska. They are home to some true monsters. This, of course, includes the subject of our discussion today: the moose. The Alaska Game bags are designed for those big Alaskan beasts.

These 60-inch bags (see full specs) are form-fitting and allow you to stretch and move the bag to accommodate odds and ends. These game bags are massive and a heavy duty design. They will not rip or tear under a heavy load or through rough conditions.

The Alaska Game Bags are pre rolled for easy carry and shoved tightly into a tough exterior pack for easy carry. The bags are breathable and reusable. The bags are designed to be odor-free, an important consideration when you are hiking among bear and wolf who would love an easy lunch after a long day. This also keeps out bugs who would also appreciate that free lunch.

When it comes time to cut and quarter, a big moose a good set of game bags is a must-have. The Alaskan Game Bags are made for hunters by hunters and are perfect for taking game, quartering it, and hiking out.

Moose Game Bags for Your Kill

Big game hunting in North America is limited to a few animals, with moose being one of the biggest. Shooting one is an honor as is eating one. The ability to pack out your game in a reliable way is a must. Game bags serve an important purpose in the community and carrying the best game bags for moose possible is a responsibility. Invest wisely or lose your kill. Good luck!

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