The 4 Best Compass Watches — Digital & Analog Reviews 2021

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Watches that come equipped with a compass will be very helpful to you in a variety of different situations, especially if you enjoy exploring the outdoors when camping, hunting, and hiking. There are also a variety of different ways that a compass can be built into the design of a watch. Some watches will have a miniature compass within the face, while others will have a larger compass that surrounds the watch’s bezel. There are certain tactical watches that even feature digital compasses and altimeters and barometers.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about what you personally prefer, but here are four certain models that we highly recommend. These are the 4 best compass watches on the market.

Casio SGW100B-eV

Casio launched their very first watch back in late 1974, and that was when the watch industry as a whole had entered the digital technological era. Casio developed electronic technology on the cutting edge for both watches and calculators, and today, they have released Bluetooth watches that sync the wearer to their smart phone, to update them of the time automatically. These are just some of the modernized features that come equipped on the exemplary SGW100B-eV. Powered by a Quartz battery, this watch is protected from scratches thanks to the durable mineral crystal protects. It is water resistant up to a depth of at least six hundred and sixty feet as well. This is one of the best compass watches period.

Casio SGW 100B-3V Sports Watch

Garmin Tactix Compass Watch

If you want military grade, look no further than the Garmin Tactix Bravo. This high speed, low drag watch is designed to be both practical and stylish. It is all black and absolutely gorgeous. The digital watch face can change between an analog appearing design and a standard digital watch. The Garmin provides a 3 Axis compass, as well as altimeter, barometer, and highly effective GPS system that you can enter coordinates into.

The Tactix is smartphone compatible and can wire in to allow you to check texts, emails, and more. The Tactix Bravo is even night vision compatible, which allows you to read your watch through the foggy green lens of a mounted NVG unit. The watch itself is designed to take falls, get wet, and even jump out of a plane with you. I’m being literal it has a jumpmaster setting for waypoints. This is an extremely well-made watch designed to last.

Garmin Tactix Bravo Night Vision Mode actually work?

Casio Multi-Function Watch

This imported Casio watch is the definition of multi-functionality. It features an inner dial patterned after diamonds and a blue contrast on the bezel. This watch also has both digital and analog display, and both are constructed out of a high quality quartz material. Additional features such as a 12/24 hour format, five alarms, stopwatch, countdown timer, world time in forty eight separate cities, a thermometer, and an indicator are all present and go right along with the compass that surrounds the blue bezel. This watch cannot be taken scuba diving, but it is suitable for most swimming purposes as it is water resistant up to over three hundred and thirty feet. This should be on anyone’s list of the best compass watches.

Casio thermo compass watch review

German Sensor Digital Compass Sports Watch

This is another imported watch that is another multi-functional watch, coming equipped with a altimeter, barometer, thermometer digital compass, dual time, track mode, chronograph, alarm, and track mode, all in 12 hour or twenty four hour format. In essence, this watch is an excellent alternative to the previous Casio. The liquid crystal display and electro luminescence backlight are what really separate this watch from others on the market. It also comes equipped with a compass that is very accurate, as it has two different methods of calibrating and both can be used in unison with one another for the utmost accuracy, and it sells with a six month warranty. Want the best altimeter barometer compass watch (man, that was a mouthful)? Well, this is it.

Pyle ABC triple sensor Lad Weather Watch PSWWM82BK

Do You Need a Watch with a Compass or a Military Grade Watch with a Compass?

In order to adequately serve your country, your community, and/or your family, one of your wrists will need to have a very worthy and durable watch on your hand. Having a compass on this watch also practically negates the need to have a compass on its own in your back or pocket. Each of the watches that we have recommended feature very accurate and high quality compasses that work just as well, if not better, than a compass that you could buy separate.

But do you need any watch with a compass, even one that comes equipped with an alarm clock or waterproof protection, or do you need a military grade watch with a compass that give you all of the features you will need for the outdoors or for the battlefield?

The best compass watches, like the ones we recommend aboe, are multi-functional. Each of them comes equipped with a compass, but it’s not good enough for your compass watch to only have that compass and a few other basic features. For example, a military grade compass watch should alsways feaure a reverse/inverse LCD light for stealth purposes. This means that the background of the screen will be in black, while the digits will be a lighter color. This is absolutely necessary if you plan using your compass at night (and by the way, several compasses that sell on their own don’t have this LCD feature).

Your compass watch must also be very durable and lightweight if possible. A compass that can be easily broken will be no good to you when an accident happens, and the same goes for compass watches as well.

We recommend that your compass watch be the kind where the bezel is marked with the cardinal compass points; that is why each of the four compass watches we selected all have this in common. Points on the bezel are simply easier to read, use, and will be more helpful when you need to get back on track quickly in an emergency situation.

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