The 4 Best Elk Bugles on the Market – Elk Calls Review 2021

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Elk hunting is a serious sport that’s often done in brutal terrain, and the game can be quite dangerous at times. The thought of purposely drawing in a dangerous animal may sound crazy, but there is an entire industry designed around drawing elk to hunters. A good call should be able to simulate the call of cows (female elks) or calves (baby elks—you get the idea) to draw in a nice mighty bull.

The calls should be easy to use, or at least easy to learn to use. A good call may require some training, but should be easy to understand. Calls should also be lightweight and easy to carry without being intrusive. A call should also be able to bring those mighty bulls and allow for an excellent shot.

Here are the 4 best elk bugles on the market:

Primos Hoochie Pack Call

The Primos Hoochie Pack call is a set of two different and distinct calls, designed to be used together. The Primos Hoochie Pack call is remarkably simple and extremely lightweight, perfect to be worn around the neck for field use. The Primos Hoochie Pack is designed for hunters to utilize a method known as herd talk.

The hunter uses both calls, alternating on occasion, to trick elk into believing there is a herd near. For mature bulls, this means a potential mate among the pack, and they can be drawn into checking the herd out. The calls are designed to be used with one in each hand. The calls are dead simple to use and are perfect for both experts and amateurs. One call is designed to simulate cows, and the other is designed to simulate calves. This gives a distinct impression of a herd to a bull.

Bulls react aggressively to herds and will actively seek a herd out over a single cow. Hunters should take caution and be in position and ready when using these calls. Keep your head on a swivel because a bull can easily sneak up behind you and may cause you to miss that shot. The Hoochie pack is an excellent value, a two for one kind of deal. This is one of the best elk calls on the market.

Primos Cow Girl Call

The Primos Cow Girl girl call is a remarkably small and lightweight call designed to provide a realistic female elk call (i.e., a cow). The Cow Girl Cow allows a hunter to simulate the many different noises and tone a female elk makes with ease. The goal is to attract a nice, big bull into the mix, and score a nice trophy kill.

A female elk often has a sliding scale for her calls. The note of the call will often slide from a high note to low note. The Primos Cow Girl call allows the user to squeeze the end of the call to simulate the sliding of high to low notes. This is known as inch sliding note consistency. This successful replication of the cow call is bound to draw in a nice, mighty bull.

The device is remarkably easy to use and requires just a little practice to get the notes right. The simplistic brilliance of the squeezed designed tone changer is an awesome method for one handed use. The Cow Girl call is easy for even a beginning elk hunter but is also still a valuable tool for the experienced elk hunter. This is likely the best elk bugle for those on a budget.

Primos Imaka Da Crazy Bull Call

The name for this call is incredibly odd and certainly unique, but the name shouldn’t turn you away from this call. This is a serious elk hunting call, and is designed to draw in the mature, male elk and drive them crazy. The call is basically a signal for the bull to mate and will rapidly draw him towards the call holder.

The Imake Da Crazy Bull Call is designed to allow the user to rapidly change pitch, allowing the user to simulate multiple cows, at varying distances. To change the pitch and throw the sound the user has to pinch, squeeze, and manipulate the bell to vary the pitch and simulate the different cow calls. This is not as easy as other cow calls out there, but this is one of the few that allows the user to vary pitch, and the sound of multiple cows with a single call.

The elk hunter willing to train and learn how to use the call is going to be rewarded with a single, do it all style call. Make no mistake, this call will require some practice to learn to use correctly, an absolute beginner may seek instruction from a more skilled elk hunter.

Primos Terminator Elk Call

The Primos Terminator Elk Call is an excellent call for any elk hunter. It’s traditional in its well tested and proven design. The Primos Terminator Elk Call is very versatile and allows the user to change calls rapidly, from basic blowing to chuckles, grunts, and screams. The Terminator, undoubtedly one of the best elk bugles, is at home with both beginners and experts. Anyone can pick up this call and simulate a basic cow call in about ten minutes.

As the user becomes more experienced he or she will be able to create a variation of different calls, and create a playlist for elk hunting. The Terminator is designed to actually simulate an elk’s voice chamber and actually designed to resemble one. The device has a snap on reed that lasts for years. The Terminator comes with two different reeds, and replacements are extremely affordable.

One of the best things about the Terminator is how little effort and how little air is required to use the calls. You will not find yourself red in the face trying to run the call. For beginners, it comes with a CD to help you ensure your calls are accurate and realistic, and there is also tremendous online support. The Terminator Elk Call is perfect for drawing in those big bulls.

Say Yes to Bull

Hunting elk is a dynamic and exciting sport. Tracking down a mighty bull and taking him down is like no other feeling in the world. Hunting elk requires a bit of deception, and that’s exactly what calls are. The bull elk may be big and mighty, but the hunter is smarter and utilizes a proper strategy to aid in a successful hunt. A call is just one of the hunters tool, but, it’s one of the most important, and we hope you’ve found the best elk bugle for your needs here. Good luck!

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