The 4 Best Marlin 795 Bipods on the Market – Reviews 2023

marlin 795 bipod

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The Marlin 795 is a small, lightweight .22 rifle produced as a wallet-friendly rifle. Rifles like this are often used as fun guns, as plinkers, and maybe to deal with pests and occasionally small game hunt.

Like any rifle, the Marlin 795 can benefit from the addition of a bipod, maybe even more so since the rifle is designed to be shot a lot. A bipod can stabilize the weapon and increase your overall accuracy. Bipods also make shooting easier for new shooters, who are most commonly behind rifles like the Marlin 795.

Below, in our humble opinion, are the 4 best Marlin 795 bipods on the market. They’ll fulfill better the uses that the rifle is meant for.

UTG Tactical OP Bipod

The UTG Tactical OP bipod is a great fit for the Marlin 795 when it comes to matching the rifle’s value. This affordable and well-built bipod can attach to either a Picatinny rail or via stock-mounted sling swivel. The dual mounted design makes it possible to even move this bipod from weapon to weapon with ease. The bipod is also extremely lightweight, coming in at under a pound it won’t make the weapon front heavy for offhand shooting. The folding nature of the bipod makes it compact and discrete, which is essential since one of the Marlin’s strengths is its slim profile.

The UTG tactical Op Bipod’s arms are under spring tension control once deployed and remain in place during firing. The bipod can pan left and right to give shooter’s greater range of movement without having to readjust. The legs are extendable and made with a hard and high-quality aluminum so they bend or deform under the weight of the rifle.

The bipod has rubberized round feet to help with grip on rough surfaces and is equipped with a quick retraction button. If you mount via sling stud there is an extra stud so you can keep using the same sling. This is, bar none, one of the best Marlin 795 bipods out there.

UTG Tactical OP-1 Bipod

BlackHawk Sportster

The Blackhawk Sportster is designed for rifles built and used for sporting purposes. This bipod isn’t designed for tactical use and this isn’t a detraction. Because it’s a purpose-built design, you get features you need for sports shooting while trimming away features designed for tactical applications. This trims weight and cost from the bipod. The Marlin 795 is an excellent small game rifle and better suited for sporting purposes, as it would be an abysmal tactical rifle.

The Blackhawk Sportster bipod (see full specs) has two extendable legs, which allows the bipod to range from 9 to 13 inches in height. The legs can fold underneath the weapon and when completely collapsed they are hardly intrusive. The Sportster bipod features textured rubber feet to dig into the earth and hold steady while shooting. It can easily withstand thousands of round of .22LR without budging an inch.

The Sportster is constructed entirely from metal for long lasting durability. The metal is aircraft grade aluminum that is both light and strong. The Sportster can also pan left and right, as well as pivot up and down. This gives shooters wide berth to engage different targets in different positions and elevations. The Sportster is very versatile, and an excellent addition to your Marlin 795.

Blackhawk! Sportster Pivot Bipod 9-13" Review

Avawo Hunting Bipod

While the Avawo bipod has hunting in the name it’s not just isolated for hunting use. While the Marlin 795 would be a good rabbit or squirrel gun, I suspect most people are using it to simply put holes in paper and make cans dance. What makes this bipod unique is how small and compact it is. The legs do extend to get it a little higher when needed, though. The Avawo bipod has a default setting of 6 inches but can be extended up to 9 inches. The legs can be extended independently of each other to conquer rough terrain.

This is also the lightest bipod on the list, weighing in at only 10 ounces. You’ll hardly even notice it on the end of your rifle, especially with the legs folded and shortened. The bipod attaches to sling swivel stud the Marlin rifle comes equipped with anyway, so mounting is simple and convenient. The bipod is able to pivot up and down to change the weapon’s elevation. The legs can be folded forward or backward, there are 5 different height settings, and the entire thing is made from hardened steel and aluminum.

The Avawo is a simple, compact and lightweight bipod that’s also remarkably affordable. At this price, it’s easily one of the best Marlin 795 bipods for the money.

Avawo Hunting Rifle Bipod Review

UTG Armored Bipod

Now this is a rather unique bipod. The first thing you notice when seeing or handling it is the fact it is coated in rubber. This hard rubber coating acts as an armor for the bipod. This means it can go crashing through the woods, being bounced up and down off rocks, and make it through it all without a single scratch. The armored protection also reduces the bipod’s noise when glancing off of nature, which makes it a lot quieter when hunting with.

Underneath the rubber armor, you do get full metal construction that can take anything you throw at it. The extra rubber does add some additional bulk, but you can’t beat the size. It’s still compact, with 6 to 8.5-inch adjustable legs. Each leg has five adjustment points, and these points serve independently of one another. They can be adjusted in a variety of different way that makes them customizable for rough terrain.

The UTG armored bipod (see full specs) folds and tucks beneath the rifle when not in use and weighs roughly a pound. The UTG is a little chunkier than other bipods, but it’s also much better protected. If you plan to do a lot of small game hunting, I’d suggest this as the best Marlin 795 bipod you can buy.

Pod Style

Bipods can be invaluable accessories for new shooters and grizzled veterans. Their added stability and their ability to get the true accuracy potential make them worthwhile for any weapon. With new or young shooters, they add a certain level of safety since the weapon on a bipod makes it difficult to point anywhere besides the target. Bipods are a simple but effective accessory that is an excellent addition to the Marlin 795. Good luck!

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