The 4 Best Springfield XDS OWB Holsters – Reviews 2022

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Springfield XDS pistols are some of the most popular compact handguns in the US. A modern polymer frame striker fired pistol, fitted with a grip safety and available in both 9mm and .45, it has carved out a niche of its own among knowledgeable gun owners and law enforcement. Because it is designed to be readily concealed, most XDS holsters are inside the waistband or pocket holsters. However, there is also a great demand for the best outside the waistband (OWB) XDS holsters. Some proved to be less than suitable, but there are some real gems out there well worth taking a look at.

Below we’ve included what we consider the best Springfield XDS OWB holsters on the market.

Blackhawk CQC Serpa Concealment Holster

Are you looking for a high-quality molded Kydex holster with superior retention features, and an ability to use as a paddle or belt loop holster? Then the Blackhawk Serpa is the best XDS OWB holster for you. Full of design features commonly reserved for larger, full-sized handguns, this holster gives you a predictable angle to draw from and reholster to, law enforcement grade retention, and the ability to adapt to the flexibility of a paddle holster or the traditional belt holster. Perfect for concealed carry or law enforcement backup, this is a 21st Century holster for a 21st Century handgun.

Blackhawk Serpa CQC holster for concealed carry

DeSantis Thumb Break Holster

Classic holster design and the luxury of top-grade leather combines to make this the best OWB XDS holster for those who demand the form and function of leather. Molded to provide an exact fit for the XDS, and featuring a secure thumb break to ensure retention under nearly any circumstance, this top rated holster (see full specs) is an excellent choice for plain clothes officers, or concealed carriers who like something a bit classier than plastic and nylon. Available in brown or tan, and backed by DeSantis’ legendary commitment to quality, this is more than a holster, it’s a fashion statement.

Thumb Break Scabbard

DeSantis Mini Scabbard

Another great offering from DeSantis, this Springfield XDS OWB holster combines traditional holster making materials with modern styling and design. Ideal for those who want a timeless holster without the bells and whistles. Molded to fit the XDS, this holster (see full specs) includes a tensioning screw to ensure a proper fit at all times, and fits belts up to 1.5” wide. This right handed holster enhances the easy concealment of the XDS and rides comfortably under a jacket or even just a long shirt. A must have for discreet concealed carry or simply for those who enjoy an open top leather holster. At this price, there isn’t a good reason not to buy it.

Desanti mini scabbard holster quick look

Springfield Paddle Holster

You’d think the best OWB XDS holster might be the one sold by Springfield themselves, and you really aren’t off the mark there. While not as fancy as other holsters we’ve looked at, there is a sort of rugged simplicity about this paddle holster that makes it appealing. It is said that form follows function, and while this won’t win any beauty prizes, it is a highly functional Kydex paddle holster.

As an added bonus it can be adjusted to fit any of the XD/XDS series, which means if you have several different XD style guns, you don’t have to pile up a bunch of holsters for them. Universal, affordable and designed by Springfield for the XDS, this is simply the ideal bargain XDS holster.

XDS Gear Paddle Holster Review

Why an OWB Holster for the XDS?

I confess, pistols the size and configuration of the XDS have always befuddled me. Clearly not full size but seemingly too big for normal pocket carry, they exist in a void between tiny pocket pistols and full size handguns. Since they shoot normal full-size rounds, the ability to shrink them in size is somewhat limited, and the XDS represents a good compromise all around

Except it’s still darned annoying to figure out how to carry them. When I think pocket pistols, I think Kel-Tec-sized pocket pistols, not XDS sized guns. Well, that leaves inside the waistband carry, which is nice, but not for everyone. Ok, it rides well in roomy pockets or inside a coat pocket, but eh…

OWB carry though is a Goldilocks sort of “just right” carry though. The size and shape of the XDS lend it well to casual every day carry, and these sorts of guns are popular not only with concealed carry permit holders, but police and security professionals who may not need or want the added bulk of a full sized carry piece. Naturally, this is where picking the best Springfield XDS OWB holsters comes into play.

Typically you will want a holster that has some form of retention so your gun doesn’t fall out of the holster at awkward moments, or even to make it more difficult for somebody to grab. Many holsters incorporate retention through the form of a thumbreak strap or a tight friction fit or requiring the gun be drawn from a precise angle that is easier for the gun owner, but not for somebody trying to snatch the gun.

That still leaves a lot of room for selecting a good holster. Leather is timeless and classic, and if you favor open carry or are a law enforcement professional, you may also value the high professional good looks of it as well. In some cases, a simple open top leather holster will suffice, while in others, you’d want the security of a thumb break.

Modern polymer holsters are lightweight, preciously shaped and formed, and can incorporate features that are more expensive in leather. Often they will have the highest law enforcement grade of retention security. They are usually cheaper than a comparable leather holster, making them ideal for a person on a budget, and depending on the type may be less likely to wear the finish on your gun.

Picking the best OWB holster for the XDS isn’t hard once you’ve narrowed down the playing field some. Pick your favorite holster material and style and you are nearly done. Or better still, buy a couple different ones. This is America after all, and what’s freedom if we can’t buy as many holsters as our wallet allows? Good luck!

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