The 4 Best Universal Sight Pushers – Reviews 2022

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Why get a univerisal sight pusher? Because adjusting, installing and removing sights on a handgun is never easy, especially, if you’re like me, a gun nut with tons of guns. Actually, it’s never easy when you don’t have the right tools.

A universal sight pusher is a must have tool for those looking to swap sights, adjust sights, or remove them. These tools make applying the thousands of pounds of pressure needed to move the sights easy. A good sight pusher will hold the slides steady, push the sights with ease, and accommodate a vast multitude of guns (hence, earning the moniker “universal”).

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best universal sight pushers on the market:

Aecktech Handgun Universal Sight Pusher

A sight pusher can be used for a few different tasks. This includes installing sight but also adjusting them on the range. The AeckTech handgun sight pusher is perfect if you need to do a little bit of both. Where are you going to be adjusting your rear sight? The range. The AeckTech Handgun sight pusher is the perfect option for those looking to pack a quick and simple sight pushing tool in their range bag. It’s super-compact but also one of the best universal sight pushers for the money.

Besides its small size (see full specs), the sight pusher is also quick and easy to use and doesn’t require different blocks to make adjustments to different slides. Most sight pushers have to utilize a series of different blocks to accommodate oddly shaped slides. This model does not. It can easily accommodate nearly any slide on the market, including slides like the Beretta 92 that feature slide mounted safeties.

The Aecktech grips the slide in four different places to hold it incredibly stable. This allows it to grip the slide effectively while applying the thousands pounds of force needed to push the rear or front sight out of place. The Aeckteck Sight Pusher is simple and easy to use, compact enough for the range bag, and handy enough for using it over dozens of guns.

NcStar Heavy Duty Universal Sight Pusher

If you want something it is for a dedicated workshop then the NcStar Sight pusher is designed for you. This system is designed to be capable of being bolted down to a workbench. The NcStar Heavy Duty Sight pusher is incredibly stable and this makes it quick and easy to install and remove sights. Being bolted to a table means it will stay where you need it, when you need it. This makes installing sights a lot quicker than hand-held models.

The NcStar Heavy Duty Sight Pusher will work with both 90 and 30 degree sight profiles. The sight pusher will work with any slide and using the kit is very easy. The bottom wheel allows you to adjust between slide heights from the minimal CZ to the rather larger Glock. This way you can get it to the perfect height for use with any gun. The two clamps will hold the slide in place, without gouging or harming your weapon’s finish.

There is two witness holes on each side that allow you to look into the sight pusher as you work and ensure everything is good to go. The top portion accommodates the sight pusher and allows you to easily view what you are doing the whole time. This is a simple and effective system to use and one of the best universal sight pushers for a dedicated shop.

VISM Rear Sight Tool, FULL Tactical Review

Sylvan Universal Sight Pusher

You need small, durable, but versatile pusher? Sylvan has you covered. This is their fourth generation sight pusher, and every system gets easier and easier to use. This model comes with a multitude of different blocks that allow you handle square sides like a 1911, stepped sides like an XD, and notched blocks for guns like the Beretta 92 with a frame mounted safety. There is even an offset pushed for snake eyes styled sights. This is one of the most universal sight pushers around. It even comes with soft, malleable padding so the blocks won’t scratch your slide.

The Sylvan Universal Sight Pusher is also nice enough to include a Glock front sight tool and a Glock take down tool. It all comes in a very convenient carrying case to keep everything organized. It can be used in both the shop and on the range. The Sylvan sight pushed is very well-made and is made with CNC precision. The pusher blocks are CNC machined aluminum. The actual tool is made from 9310 steel and is quite robust.

This sight pusher can adjust, remove, and install dovetail front and rear sights. A lot of sight pushers have issues installing front sights, and it’s nice to see an affordable, robust and versatile option that can do it all.

Sylvan Pro Sight Tool

Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Universal Handgun Sight Pusher / Tool

If you wanted a precision tool that is professional grade then the Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Handgun Sight tool is for you. This precision grade tool is made to provide the most minute adjustments necessary for adjusting and removing rear and front sights. The precision turning wheel makes it extremely easy to remove front and rear sights, or to make extremely small adjustments to your sights. This system does work for both front and rear dovetail sights.

The Wheeler Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool (see full specs) will work on all semi-auto pistols and you can reverse the sight prong to accommodate Glock slides. The system has a four piece adjustment system that allows you press exact pressure on the slide to prevent any deformation or damage to the slide as you install or remove sights. This also holds the slide still at all times. This system also allows you to work over any surface with ease.

This is not the cheapest system, but it is a very effective system. It’s perfect for gunsmiths and shops that need to ensure that the sights are installed absolutely perfectly. This also guarantees you’ll never mar the weapon. The Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Handgun sight tool is an amazing tool. It places precision and perfection at all times.

Wheeler Engineering Armorer's Handgun Sight Tool

Universal Sight Pushers – Getting Pushed

Getting the best universal sight pusher can be tricky. You need one that is actually universal. Many make this claim and they’ll work for about 75% of guns. The above listed are truly universal and they are extremely well made to boot. They’ll certainly push your sights one way or another, whatever gun those sights belong on. Good luck!

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  1. I have a Kimber Micro 9. Is there a sight pusher that doesn’t require disassembly of the gun? Bill

    • The rear sight pusher is angled on one end and flat on the other for different types of rear sights. You should have started from the other side when installing the trijicon sights you wouldn’t have scratched up the finish and you would have had more room. The trijicon sights are angled. Also when pushing the rear sight you need to turn the bolt not the nut to prevent the screw from loosening up.

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