The 4 Best Cold Weather Shooting Gloves – Reviews 2022

Best Cold Weather Shooting Gloves Reviews

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Why Do You Need Cold Weather Shooting Gloves?

Finding the best cold weather shooting gloves can literally save your fingers in the cold. Whether you need your gun when out in the woods or out on patrol a good pair of cold weather shooting gloves will provide critical protection.

It does not take very much exposure to develop the early stages of frostbite. According to the National Weather Service skin can become frostbitten when exposed for 30 minutes with temps at 34 degrees and winds of 10 miles per hour. Cold weather shooting gloves can give you the time outdoors in the cold that you want while keeping your hands safe.

The function of cold fingers also is compromised. When your hands are cold they can easily go numb and your digits just do not want to cooperate when it comes time to pull the trigger.

A good pair of cold weather shooting gloves can keep your hands warm and ready to go when you have your target in sight. Here are some good options:

Hatch Specialist All Weather Shooting Gloves


  • 7 sizes
  • Neoprene construction
  • Synthetic leather palms with patented Synsi Feel
  • Non slip finger tips
  • Strap Velcro closure

These gloves offer a snug fit thanks to the Velcro strap closure and the multiple size options. These keep your hands warm up to about 30 degrees. What makes these gloves best is the flexibility of the gloves and the Synsi feel palm which makes maneuvering your weapon easier than using gloves with padded palms. You can easily shoot with these gloves on whether you are shooting a handgun or a rifle. These gloves offer a true grip feel they will keep you close to your original gun grip. They are sold as all-weather gloves but user consensus is that they would be too warm in the warmer months of the year.  But again, this is a no-brainer: the best cold weather shooting gloves are, after all, supposed to be worn when it’s cold.

Hatch NS430 specialist shooting gloves 2020

Under Armor Cold Gear, UA Cold Gear


  • Silicone Palm
  • Long gauntlet
  • Form fitted
  • Wicking technology

These are actually sold as glove liners but they can be worn alone. The silicone palm ensures a firm grip on your weapon. The extra-long gauntlet helps to keep the wind and the cold out. These form fitting gloves have moisture wicking technology to keep your hands dry and warm. These gloves are great to wear with heavier outer gloves in extreme cold situations so that you can take off the outer glove and be able to shoot comfortably while still protecting your hands. The UA Cold Gear Liners are good for hunting in weather down to 32 degrees so many hunters wear these as is without outer gloves. They are available in 4 sizes and 6 color choices.

Glacier Pro Alaska Pro Waterproof Gloves


  • Waterproof
  • Leather palm
  • Breathable
  • True HD pattern

These gloves have a ribbed knit cuff around the wrist to keep wind out. They offer 60 grams of Thinsulate protection from the cold. They are waterproof, flexible and provide critical protection for your hands from extreme cold weather. They are great hunting gloves because your fingers can maintain their dexterity without having to sacrifice any of the warmth that you want. These gloves have been tested in the most extreme conditions and have come up winners. When you need critical protection for your hands you should consider the Glacier Pro Alaska Pro Waterproof Gloves.

Mechanix Insulated Winter Gloves


● Thermal Plastic Rubber closure
● Wind-resistant stretch fabric
● Fleece Lined
● Form Fitted Design

Mechanix Wear gloves have had a long history of being strong, dependable, rugged, and easy to use. Mechanix Wear gloves are well made, incredibly rugged and used by a wide variety of people. This includes Mechanics, of course, as well as soldiers, Marines, police officers and more trust Mechanix wear. These fleece lined gloves are complete with plastic ends to keep heat in, as well as a wind breaking layer to keep cold out. They also provide you an excellent level or of protection from falls, spills, and even heat. Additionally, it allows you to have an excellent level of dexterity and gives you the ability to handle your gun with confidence. You’ll be able to shoot accurately, load your gun, and fix malfunctions all while wearing the gloves.

MECHANIX GLOVES Original Insulated Vs Fastfit - REVIEW


If you hunt or have to work outdoors and it includes potentially firing a weapon you need cold weather shooting gloves. Anyone that has sat in the woods on a cold morning can tell you that having the right gloves is key to a successful outcome. Any law enforcement officer will also testify how important the right gloves are.

When your hands are cold it can make an enjoyable jaunt in the woods absolutely miserable and you can wind up unable to pull the trigger when you need to.

Finding the Right Gloves

Not all gloves are created equally. If you go too thick then you wind up with gloves that you have to rip off so that you can get your grip right on your weapon. If you go too thin than you risk not being warm enough. The best cold weather shooting gloves are just thick enough and no more.

Thickness is one factor and then there are these two factors that play a role in how well your gloves will serve you:

  • Flexibility
  • Choose the right size

Flexibility is key in a good pair of cold weather shooting gloves because that flexibility is going to allow you to retain the majority of your dexterity. Of course dexterity is key to being able to successfully shoot. A good pair of gloves will be able to combine both warmth and flexibility.

You have to choose the right size. At least 40% of the people that are complaining about their shooting gloves and not being able to shoot with them on are wearing the wrong size gloves. Most of the shooting gloves have size charts available to give you an idea about what size gloves you should order. If you choose a pair of gloves that are well made, flexible and the right size you can’t go wrong.

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