The 4 Best Thin Winter Gloves – Reviews 2023

best thin winter gloves

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Anyone who has been outside in cold or winter conditions knows how your fingers can stiffen up from the cold and make manual work a much more challenging task. But while using thick winter gloves can keep your hands and fingers warm, the thickness of the gloves also negatively impacts the mobility of your fingers as well.

This is where finding warm yet thin winter gloves would come in handy. This way your hands and fingers can kept warm while also being nimble enough to complete tasks at hand. This article will introduce four different kinds of gloves that meet this criteria. These are the best thin winter gloves on the market.

Mountain Made Outdoor Men and Women Gloves

These are excellent, multi-purpose thin winter gloves that work for either men or women. They are intended for cold weather or winter activities, such as hiking, driving, or cycling. Made polyester, spandex, and PVC rubber, these gloves are packed with an assortment of different features, such as touch screen technology on the fingers so you can use your smart phone or tablet while outside, super light weight, thermal heat preservation properties, a stretchy fit In all directions, and even an anti-bacterial treatment that will get rid of any odors. They do run a little small so you may want to consider ordering a size larger up than you usually would.

The North Face Apex Etip Gloves

When you need to keep your hands warm and dexterous at the same time, the North Face Unisex Power Stretch Glove is a prime choice. North Face constructed these gloves out of an advanced stretch material to make the gloves warm, and combined it with their multi-dimensional fit to make the gloves as flexible and comfortable as possible. Your hands and fingers will be kept fully insulated while engaging at winter sports while giving them the freedom you’ll desire. These qualities make these among the best thin winter gloves for the money and an excellent addition to any winter gear bag.

The North Face Men's TNF Apex Glove SKU:#7780212

Aufwarmen All Weather Touchscreen Men and Women’s Gloves

If we could only describe the top three qualities of the Aufwarmen All Weather Gloves, those qualities would be that the outside of these gloves have excellent traction, are completely touch-screen compatible, and the insides manage to keep your hands warm and nimble without sacrificing breathability.

The reason these gloves (which are polyester) have superior traction is because of the circuit design on the fingers and palm that will give the user a better grip than other gloves. Aufwarmen designed these gloves with tech-lovers in mind and the conductive fiber on the index finger allows you to tap, scroll, and wipe any touch screen device with no difficulty. Finally, the fleece inner lining of the gloves blocks the wind and the outside chill while not forfeiting breathability.

Glacier Glove Ice Bay Fishing Glove

In any kind of a cold environment, rain is arguably worse than snow because rain will get your gloves soaked. Wearing soaked gloves is chilly, frustrating, and downright miserable. But it’s also not something that you have to put up with.

The Glacier Ice Bay Fishing Gloves are fully neoprene work gloves that were designed to be used on fishing boats, but that can be applied to other tasks as well. Since fishing deals with cold water and sometimes even rain, the exterior of these gloves are designed to withstand water. But the interior of these gloves are also lined with fleece, which makes them very warm and ergonomic to wear.

Since the Ice Bay Fishing Gloves were designed for folks who would handling hooks and lines, they are extremely flexible. Finally, the neoprene grip gives you plenty of traction when having to handle anything slippery (obviously fish were in mind when these gloves were made, but they can handle other slippery things as well). Sometimes, to find the best thin winter gloves, you got to think outside the box.

Glacier Gloves Review by Capt. Matt Wirt

What to Consider when Choosing the Best Thin Winter Gloves

Gloves come in a variety of different kinds, sizes, materials, thicknesses, and of course, prices. Choosing the right pair of thin winter gloves for you will require you to understand what is out other on the market place and which ones will keep your hands warm in the cold. To do this, there are some specific criteria that you should follow.

First and foremost, when selecting a pair of winter gloves, have in mind what you will be using them for. Gloves are built for different tasks. Will you be keeping your thin winter gloves in your car’s compartment for you to access when you need to make repairs along the road, or will be putting them through more often through heavy duty work purposes outside?

Also keep in mind about what materials the gloves are made out of as well. The material of the gloves is directly related to what you will be using them for. A couple of the gloves that we mentioned in our list are made out of polyester with some PVC rubber, which is a good multi-purpose material.

While thinking about material, you should also think about how much protection you need. Obviously thin winter gloves may offer less protection to hazardous materials, but the stronger your thin winter gloves are the more protection they will offer. Leather is an excellent protective material and there are winter gloves made with leather.

The best thin winter gloves will be those that are lined properly. In some gloves the lining may be removable so that you can more easily clean your gloves; whether or not you want removable lining is largely a personal preference issue and based on what you’ll be using the gloves for. Removable lining is more suitable for everyday gloves but not for work gloves since they won’t be as strong.

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to make sure the gloves fit! Gloves of any kind that are too small or too large for your hands are not only an annoyance, but they can expose your skin to the cold weather as well. If you can’t find the above gloves in a store, you can always choose a couple of sizes online. Good luck!

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