The 4 Best Coyote Baits – Hunting Lures Review 2024

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Coyote are very elusive predators, which means that any hunter who wants to bring one into range of their rifle is likely going to have to use some form of bait. But you can’t just put any kind of bait out there that you think a coyote will like and then sit down and wait for them to come. Coyote baiting is an art in and of itself, and it involves two things: proper technique and, perhaps more importantly, the right kind of bait.

In this article, we will discuss the 4 best coyote baits on the market and then how to use them effectively so that you can have success on your next coyote hunt.

Wildlife Research 526 Coyote Juice Calling Scent

This is a high quality scent for attracting coyotes because it has a very long range and thus can attract a coyote in a large swathe of its territory. It is recommended that you use this scent along with a coyote call (read our article on coyote calls). The reason for this is because when just a call is used, coyotes will often take a long time circling around it before closing in. Scent will make the call feel more real for the coyote, and likely make it quicker for them to approach as well. The Wildlife Research 526 Coyote Juice Calling Scent sells in an eight ounce squirt bottle.

Pete Rickard’s Coyote Urine Hunting Scent

Pete Rickard’s specializes in selling animal urines and scents from carnivorous animals. Urine serves a double purpose because it can both attract a coyote as well as keep any unwanted pests out of your property area or garden. The dispensing bottle that the urine sells in is odor proof and dispenses very easily. Pete Rickard has long been a big name in the trapping and hunting scents world, and furthermore, their products are made right here in the United States. No ifs and buts, this is one of the best coyote baits for the money.

Mark June’s Lures Canine Candy Canine Lure

This lure has been proven to work for a wide variety of North American predator species, including wolves, foxes, bobcats, cougars, and coyote. Each kind of scent or bait is not only intended to attract a specific kind of animal, but they are designed to attract that animal in a specific way. In this case, the Mark June’s canine lure is designed to attract predatory mammals that have strong suspicion over gland-based lures. So if you have been using gland based lures with limited to no luck, this would be a great alternative. Mark June’s has designed this lure to work in all regions across North America and in warm or cold weather alike—truly one of the best coyote lures available.

Mark June’s Coyote Urine

Another product from Mark June’s is their coyote urine. As with Pete Rickard’s version of the same thing, coyote urine can be used to either attract coyotes or to scare away pests such as rabbits or deer that are bad for your gardens. The product is housed inside of a sixteen ounce, squirt top bottle that is very convenient to use. This should be on anyone’s list of the best coyote baits.

How Can You Attract a Coyote?

The nose of a coyote is very sensitive and is able to differentiate between a wide variety of different smells and odors. This means that even though a coyote will likely pick up on your scent, they may or may not become suspicious of it. If the coyote is suspicious it will, being the edgy creature it is, likely keep a wide berth between itself and the scent or bait. It is for this reason that you have to make sure that your scent/baiting system is very realistic. Let’s discuss how you can accomplish this.

It is recommended by many hunters that you combine calls and scent together, rather than just using one or the other. Spray the scent downwind over bushes and trees, and over a moderately large area. This will increase the chance of a coyote picking up the scent and maybe coming to it. A realistic, canine sounding call will also gain a coyote’s attention and when coupled with the scent, is almost guaranteed to bring at least one heading your direction assuming there are indeed coyotes in your general location.

You can also use scents in conjunction with decoys. Decoys are useful because they can confuse a coyote and draw them out just long enough and within range of your rifle. Many professional hunters also recommend using decoys to hunt coyote in the winter because by throughout the fall of hunting, the coyotes have already educated themselves on calls (which are used far more often) and if they sound real or not.

The biggest factor to take into consideration when selecting the best coyote bait is temperature, and to a lesser extent, the humidity of your area. Scents work better in the summer where it is warmer and more humid because it travels farther. If the air is dry, as it is during the winter, the scent will not travel far and dissolve in the air. In short, scent simply needs moisture in the air for it to spread. And even though the air can be dry in the summer at times, the scent will still travel a little farther in warm and dry air than it will in cold and dry air.

The good news for you is that coyotes are naturally curious animals. If they pick up the scent that you have sprayed in your area, and assuming that they are not too suspicious of it, they are very likely to investigate. With correct baiting and plenty of patience and effort on your part, you stand a good chance of success on your next coyote hunt. Good luck!

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