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Hunting coyotes is one of the most fun and exciting hunts you can do in North America. Coyotes are ravenous scavengers that put small children and animals at risk every day. but hunting coyotes is also a challenge—they are cautious creatures that are also cunning and quick.

A decoy makes it possible to draw a coyote into you. These animals can easily spot a human, so a decoy needs to be able to distract the coyote. An electric decoy is by far the best since its unpredictable movements are a complete and total distraction that works well with an added electric call.

Below we’ve collected the 4 best coyote decoys on the market. Take a look, why don’t you?

Primos Sit N Spin

Coyotes love movement. Small fast movements means small animals, and small animals are a coyote’s meal ticket. If you are using some form of call, be it electric or hand, you should invest in a decoy. Decoys are what gives a cautious coyote even more reason to pursue your call. Coyotes will often scout out an area from higher ground before personally investigating. The Primos Sit n Spin is a decoy that spins and flips and flops all around. When combined with a variety of different calls (see our coyote call article), it’s bound to lure a coyote to you.

The Sit N Spin looks like a squirrel tail when sitting still, but when moving appears to be a confused, perhaps wounded animal. While it may not fool you and me (or any human with an IQ higher than Forrest Gump’s), a coyote’s vision is only good enough to see a delicious ball of fur moving about.

This coyote hunting decoy is small and easy to carry, but a little bigger than backpack friendly. The Sit and Spin works with 4 double A batteries and the decoy is almost completely silent. Since it’s free from mechanical sounds it’s more realistic and easier to draw coyotes in closer. The units speed is adjustable, and it’s important to realize which speed works best. If the coyotes are likely to spot it at a distance it should be moving faster; if they are bound to be closer , it should be slower.

Primos SIT'N SPIN Crazy Critter Decoy

Primos Wooly Bully Predator Decoy

If you are looking for lightest weight, easiest carrying decoy you couldn’t go wrong with the Primos Wooly Bully. This is by far the lightest, smallest, decoy in the market. The decoy is a simple stake with an attached multi-critter. The multi-critter looks like a bird, rabbit, or a squirrel—or a combo of all 3. This oddball little animal doesn’t look so odd when it starts moving and kicking around. The wobbling little ball of motion is instantly eye catching. The creature moves in an unpredictable pattern, hoping, jolting, and spinning around. The decoy can be programmed with three different speeds.

What is really unique about this decoy is the fact it can be attached directly to underbrush or tree limbs. This combination makes it possible to pocket the little critter and hook it up in the field. The device is mechanically silent and can make a ton of noise flopping around in the underbrush. The decoy is not only small in size but is small in the dent it puts in your wallet.

For a low price, you have a pocket sized decoy that will draw the coyotes in for a quick and clean shot. Combined with the right call and the right bait (see our bait article here), this affordable little decoy that the four-legged ones just can’t resist. It’s among the best coyote decoys, hands down.

Mojo Outdoors Super Critter Predator Decoy

If size and weight aren’t an issue, you can’t go wrong with the Super Critter Predator Decoy. This is a two-in-one system that combines an electric decoy with a small speaker that acts as a call. The entire purpose for a decoy is to provide evidence there is a wounded animal in the same location the call is coming from. This combination decoy and call (see full specs) are perfect for a hunter looking for both. Of course, you will have additional weight and size because your gadget serves two purposes. The decoy and call are both coated with realistic prey fur that moves and acts like a real animal.

The speaker is programmed with the call of a rabbit in distress, a favorite meal of any coyote. The decoy itself moves at an irregular pattern, often stopping still for a few moments before continuing on. This mimics the way rabbits traditionally move. The device is compatible with a standard remote with a 3.5mm auxiliary cord. The decoy can be mounted on a standard camera tripod if necessary via a small tripod hole in the bottom. While not the cheapest decoy, you are really getting an excellent deal on both a game call and one of the best coyote decoys on the market.

Mojo Super Critter

Mojo Outdoors Critter Predator Decoy

If you have to hump and hike out to wherever you are hunting, then the Mojo Outdoors Critter Predator Decoy. It’s small and very lightweight. This makes it easy to hike in and out without managing a heavy or bulky decoy. It allows you to move comfortably, and more importantly quietly. The Critter Predator Decoy gives the appearance of a furry animal, moving unpredictably and creating a highly visible and attractive target for coyotes.

The main body of the device is staked into the ground and the body itself is furry and indistinguishable from an actual animal, at least to other animals it is. The main body houses the batteries, gears, and electronics to make the decoy do its thing. At the top of the decoy is a whip that has two tails on it. This whip is basically spun in a circle and this attracts and catches the eye of predators, specifically coyotes.

This simple system works very effectively. The motion of the whip attracts the eyes and instincts of a coyote. This not only attracts coyotes, but it also distracts them from you. They move in slowly, readying themselves to pounce on the decoy. This instinct based hunting focuses all their attention on that moving target. This allows you to move into position, take him, and strike your target without it ever seeing you. The Mojo Outdoors Critter Predator Decoy is an excellent tool to bag a few coyotes. If you want the best coyote decoy period, this just might be in.

Mojo Critter Electronic Predator Hunting Decoy Product Review


Decoys come in all shapes, sizes, and even color. The variety of configurations allows you to plan effectively and efficiently. The use of a decoy makes it easier to engage both close and long range targets with ease. Coyote decoys are a necessity for those who need want to have a successful hunt. Their modest price tag is nothing compared to what they can accomplish.

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