The 4 Best DMR Scopes on the Market — Reviews 2023

best dmr scope on the market

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The designated marksman (DM and the R is the “rifle” part) is quite an interesting and unique role in police and military operations. The designated marksman is not quite a sniper and not quite a rifleman; therefore, his requirements for a scope are different. A good DM scope should be capable of engaging with precision past 400 yards but also able to engage in close quarters battle with his squad. The optic should also provide good light transmission due to the high night ops tempo combat operations require.

DMR scopes need to be tough as well and certainly shockproof. Size and weight are important considerations as well. A DM may find himself in a variety of unusual positions, having to hold his rifle without a bipod support, so weight should be cut when possible. The lower a scope can mount the better, because a DM may be required to clear rooms like any rifleman.

Here are our candidates for the 4 best DMR scopes:

Bushnell Dmr II

The Bushnell Dmr II fills all the needs of a designated marksman, and then it does a little more. The Bushnell Dmr II starts with a 3.5 power low setting, which is perfect for close range engagements out to only a few hundred meters. The power magnifies out to 21, which allows shooters to make long range shots, or more precise close range shots. The unit features a very wide 50 mm objective lens to provide a wider degree of light transmission.

The Dmr II (see full specs) uses Bushnell’s own ultra wide band coating which aids in increasing light clarity in low light situations. The scope also has the Rainguard HD system to prevent fog and condensation from gathering on the outside of the lens. The inside of the optic is of course nitrogen purged and fog proof. The optic is also water and shockproof to withstand typical field conditions.

The unit comes equipped with a short sunshade to protect from glare and aid in concealment. The tube is also uses matte black finish that Bushnell calls black-out that also aids in concealment. The turrets are fingertip adjustable and incredibly tactile for adjustments in the field. The tactile feedback is an absolute necessity in a gunfight, when your hearing will be extremely limited. This is undoubtedly one of the best DMR scopes period.

Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR II-i 3.5-21x50mm

Burris Scout

Scouts and designated marksmen have very similar jobs in their units, and their equipment is usually interchangeable. A scout may be all about recon and a designated marksman is all about combat; they both rely on precision over brute firepower. The Burris Scout offers options for both up close and personal work, as well as longer range, extended distance shooting.

The Burris Scout (see full specs) is a 2-7 power optic, which works wonders at a variety of distances. The Burris Scout is a very lightweight, compact optic at only 9.7 inches long, and 13 ounces. The Burris Scout also has a long eye relief, which makes it perfect for the M1A rifle. The M1A and M14 series are some of the most popular designated marksman rifles. The ejection mechanism and the access to the chamber of the M1A are directly on top of the rifle. Mounting a traditional scope is possible but limits access to fix malfunctions.

The Scout scope is also designed to handle the heavy recoil of the 7.62 rounds commonly appropriated by designated marksmen. The Scout is of course shockproof, and fog and waterproof as well. The Burris Scout provides an excellent option for those looking to outfit a classic DM rifle with a modern optic. This Burris should be on anyone’s list of the best DMR scopes.

Springfield Armory M1A Scout Squad 308 Rifle & Burris 2-7x Scout Scope Review (HD)

Leupold VX-Freedom

The Leupold optics company is one well versed in the needs of both snipers and designated marksman. Leupold provided optics for the United States Marine Corps for decades and continues to do so. The current Marine Designated marksman rifle is topped with a Leupold optic. The VX-Freedom is an excellent DMR scope.

The VX-Freedom is a 2 to 7 power optic. The lower settings make close range, rapid fire shots much easier. The 7 power allows the designated marksman to reach out and touch someone. The VX-Freedom is surprisingly lightweight and does little to bog the rifle down weight wise. The small 33mm objective lens allows for the use of low scope rings to keep the rifle from being ungainly and more comfortable to use.

The VX-Freedom is an extremely durable optic. Like any optic designed by Leupold it is fogproof, shockproof, and of course waterproof. The VX-Freedom scope is perfect for ranges up to 600 meters and, in a skilled shooter’s hands, even further. The glass is of the highest quality, and provides a crisp and clear sight picture in all but the absolute darkest of nights. The VX-Freedom excels on a semi automatic rifle like an AR or M1A.

Weaver Tactical 1-5

The Weaver Tactical 1-5 is actually designed with the idea of dynamic and dangerous situations in mind. Be it hunting dangerous animals or hunting the most dangerous animal, the two-legged kind. A designated marksman would feel right at home with. The European style tube holds a series of different magnifications ranging from 1 to 5 power. At 1 power the optic can be used as a close range battle optic and at 5 it’s perfect for “hunting.”

The objective lens is a minimalist 24 mm, which allows the use of low or extra low sight rings. A low profile makes the optic and weapon more precise, and much more comfortable for extended viewing. The Weaver Tactical 1-5 is extremely durable, designed with a 3 point erector system. The unit is fogproof, waterproof, and shockproof, and made from aircraft grade aluminum.

The Weaver Tactical 1-5 has a dual X reticle with ¼ MOA adjustments at 100 yards. The scope is fully multi coated to provide excellent optical clarity, and gives a solid sight picture regardless of the smaller objective lens.

Shot Out

A designated marksman is a very important role in a combat based team. The DM is responsible for providing both precision shots, and still acting as a rifleman. A good semi automatic rifle is important, but a good optic is more important. A designated marksman needs something light, tough, and accurate–he (or she) needs the best DMR scope for the money. And we hope here you’ve found that scope. Good luck!

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