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The Glock 22 .40-caliber handgun is the most popular firearm issued to police. The police are becoming more and more dependent on mounted lights, so the need for holsters that accommodate both weapons and lights has grown.

If you’re an owner of a Glock 22 with a light, you need to take special consideration when purchasing a holster. Obviously, the holster itself should be designed and fitted for the Glock 22 and light. The holster should be made from a modern polymer, which is resistant to chemicals, moisture, and ripping and tearing. The holster should also have some form or retention that holds the weapon in the holster regardless of what happens to the shooter.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best Glock 22 holsters with lights:

Blackhawk Serpa CQC

The Blackhawk Serpa is one of the more popular holsters among a wide variety of different shooters. It’s used by people looking to conceal carry such as police officers and the United States military (it serves as the Marine Corps chosen M9 holster). The Serpa is an ultra-modern holster, which is perfect for the modern Glock 22 semi-automatic pistol. It’s a modular holster system that can be mounted to a shoulder holster, a thigh rig, a MOLLE adapter, and, of course, a hip carry option.

The Serpa CQC allows users to securely carry their flashlight-equipped firearm. The holster locks the weapon and flashlight and prevents anyone from attempting to wrest the gun away from the user. A small push button retention device has to be defeated before the weapon can be drawn.

The CQC is made from a modern polymer material that is resistant to water, stretching or tearing. It’s also a level two retention holster that qualifies for most security and police positions. The holster comes with both a paddle device and a belt loop option. The Blackhawk Serpa CQC holster is a product that works and is easily one of the best Glock 22 holsters with light.

Safariland 6280 STX

The Safariland brand is often the choice of both competitive shooters and law enforcement professionals. The 6280 STX holster is fitted specifically for the Glock 22 and allows the user to mount and carry an attached flashlight. The holster covers and protects nearly the entire weapon and secures it well. The 6280 is a level 2 retention holster and uses the self-locking system.

The self-locking system is in the form on a hood that covers the Glock 22’s rear plate. The user simply deactivates the device with their thumb, which unlocks the weapon in a very simple and natural manner. The SLS system (see full specs) prevents unauthorized access to the weapon and protects it from the environment. The SLS keeps the weapon from being taken from the user while encouraging a smooth, and efficient draw.

The Safariland laminate protects the weapon and the light from being hit, dinged, or damaged. The modern materials keep the holster lightweight and makes it capable of supporting the full-sized Glock 22 and mounted light. The holster is extremely durable and capable of lasting as long as the gun does. The Safariland, a light, and a Glock 22 are an impressive—and deadly—combination.

Fobus Tactical

The Fobus Tactical line of holsters allows users to carry a Glock 22 pistol with nearly any standard handgun light attached. It’ll work with Glock OEM lights, Inforce lights, smaller Surefires, and the incredibly popular TLR series of lights. The Fobus tactical series is made from modern polymer materials and is both lightweight and incredibly strong. The holster is completely water-resistant and will not break, tear or rip.

The Fobus Tactical can fit any rail or trigger-guard mounted devices and makes the weapon and light easy to carry. The weapon is held in place by both an active retention device and a passive retention device. The passive retention device is known as a muzzle stud that goes inside the barrel and secures the weapon. The active retention device is a safety strap that encircles the trigger guard and holds the weapon tight to the holster.

The Fobus uses a rotating system to allow the user to select the cant at which they’d like their Glock 22 to ride. This helps users make a fast, safe, and efficient draw when the time comes. The holsters comes with options for both a paddle, and a belt loop option. The Fobus Tactical is perfect for the needs of serious shooters and professionals. It should be on anyone’s list of the best Glock 22 holsters with lights.

IMI Light Tactical Holster

Designed by experts in the police and military, the IMI Tactical holster is a polymer holster that is designed for police and military applications. That being said, the holster is one of the best choices for the Glock 22 and a light because of the holster’s simplicity. The design allows for use in rugged environments with extreme weather. The IMI Tactical holster is designed to function with the popular lights available for the Glock 22.

The IMI Tactical holster (see full specs) is resistant to sand, dust, and water. It’s a level-2 retention holster that utilizes a thumb release that can only effectively be utilized by the person wearing the gun. The holster uses a standard rotational device that allows the user to easily adjust cant.

The IMI Tactical can be used with a paddle, a belt loop, belt clip, or a drop leg platform. The holster is fitted with a raised protective sight hood to protect both standard and higher suppressive sights. The light itself is well protected by the holster. Drawing from the holster is very simple, and can be done extremely fast. The holster bottom is even left open to accommodate a threaded or extended barrel. The IMI Tactical holster overall is one of the best Glock 22 holsters with lights.

Glock tactical light and holster


The Glock 22 is an impressive weapon and the addition of a flashlight makes it incredibly versatile in all situations. However, the 22 is a large and powerful weapon and when combined with a light it’s even larger. So a holster needs to be supportive and made to carry this kind of weight. Without the very best Glock 22 with light holsters, it could often be uncomfortable to carry such a large weapon. So a good holster can work wonders when carrying a good weapon.
Good luck!

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