The 4 Best Sights for Glock 22 – Night Sight Reviews 2023

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The Glock 22 .40 pistol is one of the most popular Glock models. Issued by dozens of police departments from municipalities, to state to federal, the Glock 22 serves and has for decades. However, it does have a weakness, and it’s the standard Glock has “target” sights that are rather pitiful.  See, the only upgrade a Glock really needs is a solid set of sights.

Whatever sights you choose, make sure they’re metal and extremely durable. The sights should also be easy to see, and this can be tailored for both night and day shooters. The sights should be precise and allow a shooter to engage their target accurately, and they should also be easy to install and should be fixed (fixed sights are tougher and more dependable on a firearm made for combat).

The Glock 22 is an excellent weapon, and its sights should be as dependable as the weapon. Here are the 4 best sights for Glock 22 on the market, which an emphasis on sights that can be  seen at night or in low light.

MeproLight Tru-Dot Sights

The Meprolight Tru-Dot sights are an industry favorite for police-issued weapons. Combining both an affordable price and excellent performance, the sights have also become very popular with the general public.  The MeproLight Tru-Dots are night sights that glow in all forms of low light. These sights do not require the user to charge them with external light either. The MeproLight sights are capable of lasting up to 15 years of service before beginning to lose their glow.

The MeproLight Tru-Dot sights are available for the Glock 22, but can also fit multiple models. The sights glow nice and bright at night, and they stand out well against most backgrounds. The sight glow a bright neon green, these glowing sights are very easy to see in the dark and make low light firing possible and accurate. During the day, the sights are of course much dimmer but are still capable enough to use with accuracy and precision.

The MeproLight Tru-Dot sights are easy to install and do not require a gunsmith for most shooters. Of course, some shooters may prefer the expertise of a smith. The sights are made of a tough and durable metal that is virtually indestructible in normal situations. They are a standard set of sights with three glowing dots. This is an excellent set of sights for someone looking for an affordable, yet reliable option.  These are among the best night sites for Glock 22 period.


Trijicon GLO1

The Trijicon brand is one that is incredibly popular in the sight and optics industry. The Trijicon GLO1 sights are iron sights that work with a variety of Glock models, including the Glock 22. The Trijicon GLO1 sights are both day and night sights that are perfect for both police and civilian use.

Like all Trijicon products you expect them to be durable, strong, capable, and, of course, precise. With those expectations in mind, Trijicon delivers on all fronts. The sights are made from metal and are large and bright to see, and precision made to squeeze as much accuracy as possible from the Glock 22 platform.

The Trijicon GLO1 sights (see full specs) use both white day rings and tritium inserts to achieve success in both day and night situations. The white rings are very easy to see during the day and make it possible to rapidly get on target, and place precise shots as necessary. The GLO1 sight’s Tritium inserts grow incredibly bright and are act as mini-lamps at night. These bright sights are simple and follow the three-dot pattern that is traditionally associated with handguns.

The Glock 22 is a .40 S&W weapon that has some snappy recoil, but the inserted tritium lamps are protected by durable aluminum cylinders that absorbs endless amounts of recoil. The tritium is also protected by harsh cleaning solvents, and the sights themselves are capable of lasting for decades. These should be on anyone’s list of the best sights for Glock 22 handguns.

Trijicon HD Night Sights Yellow And Orange

Glock 22 Sights Ghost Ring Sights

The Ameriglo Glock Ghost ring sights are a very unique and modern sight option for your Glock 22 pistol. Most sighting systems use a standard two post rear sight and single front post. The Ameriglo Ghost ring sights use a rear peep sight, like you’d find on a rifle with a standard front sight. The use of a rear peep sight improves precision by forcing you to truly and properly align your iron sights.

Without a doubt these sights take some additional training time to learn, but they are well worth it. This is especially true for shooters who like to take their Glocks out to longer distances. The rear peep sight really helps you reach out and touch a target beyond standard handgun range. The Ameriglo sights are suited for both competition and duty use. These night sights feature three bright green tritium vials.

This lights up your life when the lights go out. This does force the sights to be more like traditional night sights. The rear of the sight is serrated to reduce glare during the day. These sights will fit your Glock 22 perfectly and they’ll fit all standard Glock frame pistols. If you like non-traditional things, these just might be the best sights for Glock 22 pistols that you can buy.

Big Dot Tritium Sights

If you are looking to use your Glock 22 for defensive purposes and defense purposes only, the Glock 22 Big Dot Sights are perfect for rapid, close-range target engagement. These sights consist of the small rear blade, with a small tritium insert in the center of the blade, and one big front sight. This huge front sight makes the sight incredibly easy to see, and upon presentation of your Glock 22, there is no struggle to find the front sight.

The shooter aligns the large white ring (see full specs) on the front sight and the small white line on the rear sight to get on target. This simple aiming method makes it possible to get shots on target as fast as possible. While the sight may not be the best choice for 25 yards and beyond, it’s a great option for self-defense.

The Big Dot Sights have a tritium insert in the center of the front big dot sight and a smaller lamp in the rear sight. This makes the sights nice and bright at night, or low light situations. The day/night sight aspect makes them perfect for transitioning from daylight to the dimmer inside of buildings.  For home defense or other self-defense scenarios, these just might be the best night sights for Glock 22.

XS Big Dot Tritium Sights Review (HD)


The Glock 22 is a strong, accurate, and powerful weapon that’s unfortunately hampered by the factory front sight. With the Glock series of pistols being so popular, the options for aftermarket sights are overwhelming, but as long as you keep in mind your specific needs, you’ll be fine. The four sights we’ve listed above represent a large segment of the different categories you may encounter, and are all excellent sighting systems for the Glock 22. They are, in our humble opinion, the best sights for Glock 22 for the money.  Good luck!

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