The 4 Best Hunting Action Cameras – Video Filming Reviews 2021

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Photo by Col Ford and Natasha / CC BY

There are a great many ways to photograph and film your hunt; some people like a gun mounted camera, while others favor setting up a static camera near their blind or in their tree stand in order to record those thrilling moments leading up to a successful kill.

However you want to do it though, it is clear there are about thirty seven million different cameras on the market, and not all of them are suitable for filming hunts. Some just can’t handle the weather, others just are pure junk. There is little time to fiddle with settings or adjust a camera in the middle of a hunt, so you need something you can set and forget.

We’ve found four, ranging from gun mounted to more traditional cameras. Take a look and see if you agree that these are the best hunting action cameras for you.

GoPro Plus Mount

No review of cameras for taking pictures while hunting is complete without the ever popular GoPro. These absurdly rugged and reliable cameras are designed to be used under extreme conditions and can even survive underwater use. While a bit blocky and not quite streamlined to match up with the traditional shape of many firearms accessories, when used with a special barrel mount, a GoPro is overall probably the best camera for filming hunts.

This particular GoPro has extremely high resolution filming capabilities, includes a remote control (ideal for turning your camera on or off if you are sitting in a blind and getting ready to setup a shot) and in general is a (all caps, if you’d notice) Really Nice Camera. Mount it on your rifle or shotgun, or just attach to your vest, and you can make your own live hunting video.

GoPro Sportsman Mount Shotgun Field Test

Sony Digital Camcorder

Here is a fantastic bargain on a digital camcorder that is quite suitable for filming hunts. With a wide angle Ziess lens, image stabilization, 30x optical and 60x digital zoom and more, this camera shoots 9.2MP images, making it perfect for taking on your next hunt, or really for any camcorder use. This is about perfect for setting up near a tree stand or blind, or simply your favorite spot to hunker down waiting for game. This modestly priced camera comes as a complete ready to use kit with tripod, memory card and connecting cables, making it a turn key proposition.

60p Clear Zoom New Sony HandyCam HDR-CX405 - 20th Floor View

Tactacam Camera

The Tactacam is a high-end sports camera that’s designed to be as hard and as rugged as you are. It has a one-touch operation for simplicity of use and quick on/off capability. It features up to an 8X zoom, and this allows you to bring the hunt to you. The camera comes with image stabilization software that maintains a clean and concise image as the gun fires and recoils.

The Tactacam shoots in 4K and can connect directly to your phone, and you can even stream your hunts. The Tactacam 5.0 comes with an optional kit that makes it easy to mount the camera of your rifle, bow, or shotgun to record every deer, bird, and hog hunt you go on. Hands down, it’s one of the best hunting action cameras for the money.

iON CamoCam

It clamps to your gun, it has Realtree camo, takes 14 megapixel still images, records for 2.5 hours, and is waterproof up to 10 meters. Which is why you should buying the iOn CamoCam for filming your next hunt. Reasonably priced, designed with hunters and outdoorsmen in mind. It’s at home on plain guns as well as camouflaged turkey guns. This camera has basically everything you’d want on a gun camera and no price boosting frills and gimmicks you might not want.

New iON Camo Camera is Completely Silent

The Best Hunting Action Camera – Filming Hunts

There are a lot of great ways to film your hunt, including setting up large cameras on tripods or other mounts. Being able to view a hunt from a first person perspective not only makes it exciting for anyone else watching the footage, but it is a good way to study your own technique and to see what you might do better the next time. As an added bonus, in this litigious day and age, the same camera you use for hunting might be mounted on your self defense shotgun and be used to document a self defense action.

If you choose to go with a more traditional camera setup, you gain the advantage of giving viewers a third person view of the action, and can also provide additional footage to supplant a gun mounted camera, allowing for the chance to edit together a really compelling hunting video. On top of that, using a traditional camcorder allows for a partner to rapidly change angles or focus when things get interesting. What I like best about setting up a camcorder is that you get a far higher quality picture and sound quality than you will from any gun mounted camera, and will not ruin filming the actual killing of the game with recoil and muzzle blast, allowing a proper documentation of the hunt.

The main concern with hanging a camera off your gun (well maybe other than a GoPro that is built for hard duty) is ensuring that it lasts more than one or two trips. Recoil is a thing, after all, and it can take a harsh toll on a camera. Pick a camera that is marketed for use on a gun, that all but ensures the manufacturer is prepared to support that device in a hard use setting. Most cameras should ship with both Picatinny rail and barrel/magazine tube adapters that allow for mounting on almost any position desired on the gun.

Once you’ve chosen best hunting action camera you could afford, place it where you want it and that’s pretty much it. There is little else to do, save to charge the battery and make sure it is turned on when you are out hunting. Picking the right camera for filming hunts is mostly a matter of budget and degree of hard use. Pick the one best suited to your needs and enjoy it! Good luck!

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