The 4 Best Scopes for .270 Winchester — Reviews 2022

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The .270 Winchester is one of the most popular rounds in existence. It’s a favorite among hunters who value its terminal ballistic performance, its moderate recoil, and its widespread availability. The .270 Winchester is a favorite of hunters around the country, and with such a diverse country our hunters have different needs when it comes to .270 scopes.

The hunter on the plains of Texas needs something with a high optical zoom, and the ability to make precise shots. The brush hunter in Florida needs something light that gathers light for hunting under a canopy. The dog hunter (someone who hunts with dogs, not hunt dogs!) needs a low magnification for rapid shot placement. The .270 Winchester can perform all of these tasks, but the best scopes for .270 Winchester rifles allow the round to take control of its versatility.

Nikon Buckmaster

The Nikon Buckmaster is an optic built from a company with decades of optical experience, Nikon produces everything from cameras to binoculars, and of course, rifle scopes. Like all Nikon products the Buckmaster is high-quality piece of glass, with an excellent price point.

The Buckmaster has a variety of different magnifications, but the 3-9x power is the most popular. This model offers versatility for both short and medium range hunters, and the magnification is typically sufficient for most.

The Buckmaster would be perfect for the brush hunter looking for the maximum amount of light. The Buckmaster has a system of multi-coated lenses that are coated with Buckmaster’s proprietary Brightvue anti-reflective method. This allows the Nikon to gather nearly a 100% of the available light. This is perfect for the early mornings, or late evenings when the best hunting takes place.

The Buckmaster is 100 percent waterproof and nitrogen filled to prevent fog from gathering inside the lens. The Buckmaster is equipped with a bullet drop compensator to turn make longer range shots easier and works out to 600 yards. The Nikon Buckmaster is a superb optic that is precise, accurate and built to last, and is easily one of the best scopes for .270 Winchester rifles.

Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40 Rifle Scope - Unboxing and Review

Leupold VX -R

The Leupold VX-R is a superb optic, from a manufacturer of superb optics. Leupold has been producing quality optics for decades and have had numerous contracts with both police and military forces. The Leupold VX-R is designed for hunters and shooters though, and when paired with the .270 Winchester makes an excellent stalking or hunting-with-dogs weapon.

The 1-4x magnification is low enough to be used rapidly when trying to get on target with a running animal, and the reticle is illuminated and bright enough to catch the eye with ease. The reticle is known as the Firedot, and earns its name, put the dot on target and fire. The VX-R provides the crisp and clear picture you can expect from fully multi-coated optics.

The VX-R (see full specs) is waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof. Although the scope is designed for hunting and shooting it is still built to military standards for durability. The VX-R features a motion sensing technology for the reticle, if the scope does not detect motion for a period of time, the optic will shut off. This keeps the batteries from dying when the weapon is in storage. The VX-R is a great option for Semi-auto hunting rifles like the BAR or pump Remington rifles

Leupold VX-R Patrol 1.25 4X Scope Review

Barska Target Dot

The Barska Target Dot is the scope for long range hunting with the .270 Winchester. The Barska Target Dot is a high powered rifle optic and has a powerful magnification, from 6.5x to 20x. The lowest setting could be used for medium range shooting, and the scope can facilitate long range shooting with any setting over ten. The caliber proof elevation adjustments allow the scope to maintain zero regardless of the elevation.

The Target Dot is water and fog proof and is made from high-quality aircraft grade aluminum. The scope body is one inch in diameter and made to be completely shockproof. The huge 50mm objective lens offers fantastic light transmission, even at long ranges, although an optic this large is a bit heavy. The Target Dot weighs 22.3 ounces and is over a foot in length, this kind of size and weight is an expected trade-off when it comes to long range magnification.

The Target Dot features finger adjustable turrets as precise as ⅛ MOA per turn, and a very thin crosshair. A thin crosshair makes it easier to see a game animal at long ranges and does not obscure the target. Everything about this scope is built for long range projectile delivery, and when paired with a .270 it can transform a rifle into a long range platform. For the budget minded, this is likely the best scope for .270 Win.

Ruger 10/22 with Barska 6.5-20X50

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme X30

The .270 is a versatile round for hunters. It’s a solid performer at most ranges and certainly performs well within acceptable hunting ranges. It’s no slouch up close either. To take advantage of this short to moderate range potential you need the right optics. One of the best optics for the job is the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme X30. This optic’s magnification ranges from 2.5x for short range shooters all the way to 15x for moderate to long range shooting.

The Xtreme X30 uses the awesome illuminated LR600I reticle for excellent and easy windage and elevation holdovers. This descending style reticle gives shooters multiple aiming points for a wide variety of ranges and wind conditions. It’s perfect for making those quick field corrections. The reticle goes out to 600 yards and makes these shots a breeze. The X30’s illumination makes low light shooting easy, as does the guaranteed 91% light transmission. The X30 is water, shock, and, so it’s basically field proof for hunters. If you are hitting the field this fall with a 270, do yourself a favor and check out the Bushnell X30.

Bushnell Trophy Extreme

Conclusion on the Best .270 Scopes

The .270 Winchester gained its popularity from its usefulness, its accuracy, and its dependability. All of these traits translate over to a high-quality optic. These is no reason your optic should not be as dependable as your ammo, and hopefully, among the choices above, you’ve found the best Scope for .270 for your needs. Good luck!

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