The 5 Best Scopes for 7mm-08 – Leupold, Vortex, Nikon, CVA Hunter Reviews 2022

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When looking 7mm-08 scopes, you can apply the same criteria you’d use in choosing a .308 scope. See, when first developed in the late 1950’s as the wildcat 7mm/308, the 7mm-08 is just a .308 Winchester case necked down to accept a 7mm bullet. In 1980, Remington formalized this round as the 7mm-08 Remington, and it has proven to be a commercial success, rivaled only by the .243 and of course the .308.

You’ll want a strong scope, with decent magnification, and quality construction. While there are high-powered match grade optics out there that are more than suitable for 7mm-08, we are going to look at scopes primarily suitable for hunting, which of course is the most popular role for the 7mm-08. These scopes have been selected for quality and price point, plus of course being suitable for use on a rifle chambered in 7mm-08.

Here are our recommendations for the 5 best scopes for 7mm-0 on the market:

Vortex Optics Diamondback Rifle Scope

Vortex Optics makes a surprisingly high grade scope at an equally surprising low price. We have some experience with these scopes on several different rifles and were always impressed with the “bang” for the buck.

The Diamondback has 4-20x magnification, a generous 40mm objective lens, zero reset target turrets, multicoated optics, and an easy to use VMR-1 MOA reticle that helps dial in precision shot after precision shot. This is one of the best scopes for your rifle as it takes advantage of the inherent long range potential of the 7mm-08 round, while not being an excessively large optic.

Light enough for long-distance hunting but powerful enough for target shooting, you’ll find yourself falling in love with this scope each time you go shooting. Want the best Vortex scope for 7mm-08 rifles? This is it.

Vortex Life | Vortex Extreme 2018 - Long Range Shooting with the Diamondback Tactical FFP

Leupold VX-2 Rifle Scope

For the best Leupold scope for 7mm-087 rifles, it’s hard to beat their VX-2. In a classic 3-9x40 configuration, this totally water- and fog-proof scope boasts a number of advanced features. Abrasion resistant DiamondCoat protect the precision ground lenses, while the exclusive Leupold Matched Lens System delivers the brightest, clearest images you can find in a scope of this class.

Leupold offers a lifetime warranty and builds their scopes right here in the United States, making this a logical choice for your favorite 7mm-08 rifle. While you might find higher powered scopes or scopes with larger objective lenses, you won’t find a much more perfect hunting scope for your 7mm-08. Suitable for hunting in pretty much any operating conditions, this optic will be serving your children and grandchildren long after you are gone.

Leupold VX-2 3-9x40 REVIEW Best Hunting Scope for the Money!!

Bushnell Trophy XLT Rifle Scope

A modestly priced 3-9x40 scope, the Bushnell Trophy is the best 7mm-08 scope when you are on a budget, but still looking for a tough, reliable scope.

Featuring multicoated optics, a nitrogen-purged body, water- and fog-proof construction, and a fast-focus eyepiece, the Bushnell Trophy XLT is 7mm-08 ready and will work great on your favorite hunting rifle. While not as refined as the Leupold VX-2, this is still a real contender for best scope for 7mm-08 rifles. Unless you are hunting in extreme conditions or very long distance, or are good enough to need the absolute best, you’ll find this scope will more than do the job you need done.

The reasonable price point, traditional 3-9x40 configuration, special optical coatings, and user friendly design all combine to make this a real bargain in the rifle scope world.

Bushnell Trophy XLT

Nikon Buckmaster Rifle Scope

This is absolutely one of the best 7mm-08 scopes for the money. After all, this is a Nikon scope we are talking about, so you know it is true! Yup, it is another 3-9x40 scope, and of course it is nitrogen-purged, water- and fog-proofed, etc, etc, etc, etc…

That’s the thing with modern scopes. How they should be made has been perfected a long time ago. All that varies are a few small features, and each price point simply represents a higher level of quality in construction, and a closer push towards perfection. There is certainly a point of diminishing returns, and your average shooter probably won’t do any better with a thousand dollar scope than they would with this Nikon Buckmaster.

In other words, save some cash, and pour that money back into your rifle in the form of a better barrel, better trigger, and better stock. Then look at upgrading your glass—if you need to. But Nikon is already known for producing excellent glass, and if you want the best Nikon scope for 7mm-08 rifles, this is just a top contender.

Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40 Rifle Scope - Unboxing and Review

CVLife Hunting Rifle Scope

Ok, this is a very inexpensive scope. So inexpensive that you might question the quality of it, and that is only natural. These low-cost imported Chinese scopes are increasingly popular because they are cranked out on modern machines on a thin margin, and often bundled with nice features like illuminated reticles, larger-than normal-objective lenses, and high magnification.

This is one of the best 7mm-08 scopes for a budget minded shooter who wants a bit of reach out and touch something with their rifle. The 6-24x magnification is perfect for the 7mm-08, and the huge 50mm objective lens will give you a nice, big and crisp sight picture.

Is it a Leupold-quality scope? No. Will it get the job done for you in decent weather or at the range? Yeah, it will. If you need a scope cheap and in a hurry, this will do quite nicely.

CVLIFE 6-24x50 AOE Scope

Choosing the Right 7mm-08 Scope

The 7mm-08 is certainly capable of long range shots, but like many hunting cartridges, it will more likely be used at 300 yards or less (although I’m sure plenty of folks will disagree, which is fine, this is a broad generalization after all), which is why the focus was on common hunting scopes that will let the average 7mm-08 user enjoy their rifles.

The right 7mm-08 scope has to hold up to recoil, and probably a good bit of inclement weather. The cheap CVLife scope will work under idea conditions, and casual use, and that’s ok, because that’s all some shooters ever need. The rest of the scopes we looked at will stand rougher handling and more constant use.

Of course, not all scopes are created equal, and only you know what scope will work best for you needs. A person going on a once in a lifetime trophy hunt in Alaska will need a far different scope for their 7mm-08, than somebody hunting deer on a pleasant fall morning in upstate New York.

Some shooters may prefer a larger magnification than 9x, or a larger than 40mm objective lens, and there are certainly scopes that offer that, but for so many hunters and shooters 3-9x40 scopes are popular for a reason – they simply get the job done under nearly all circumstances.

Whatever scope you wind up considering the best scope for 7mm-08, try to buy the best you can afford, without going overboard. Optics are best considered a “buy once, cry once” proposition, after all. Look over this list, if you love it, great! If not, ask yourself why not, and build off that. No matter what, you win. Good luck!

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