The 4 Best Scopes for Winchester 94 – Reviews 2023

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Finding the right Winchester 94 scope might appear harder than it looks, even if it’s one of most recognized lever-action rifle in the world. After all, this rifle is an American icon that was in continuous production for more than 100 years before being briefly discontinued and then coming back in 2011. With more than 7,000,000 Winchester 94 rifles sold since 1894, it’s no wonder why it’s a staple of American history.

Today, hobby shooters and hunters enjoy the Winchester model 94 because it’s still a superior firearm, even by today’s plastic-fantastic standards. Still, the rifle itself is manufactured with iron sights only. So what can you do if you want to add a scope? On this page, you’ll find some of top scopes to use with your Winchester 94, depending on your budget and preferences.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best scopes for Winchester 94 rifles on the market:

Winchester 94 Scope 1: Leupold VX-3i 1.5-5x20mm Riflescope

The Leupold VX-3i 1.5-5x20mm riflescope is a mid-range option for the hunter who wants solid and reliable optics on their Winchester 94.

This scope is made with a black matte finish along with lens treatments to ensure it’ll never give away your location when you’re out in the field. In addition, the lenses are further coated with an ion-assist layer that provides outstanding light transmission.

The scope itself is sealed and filled with nitrogen inside, ensuring the lenses are waterproof and fogproof to keep a clear line of sight at all times. The finger-click turrets also make it a cinch for your aim to accommodate windage and elevation as well.

In terms of overall strength, the Leupold VX-3i is quality tested against intense levels of recoil to ensure that it’ll keep its calibration and structural integrity after hundreds or thousands of shots. It’s also made of aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure it can withstand an accidental drop every once in a while.

If you’re looking for a simple and reliable scope that’s specifically made for hunting, then this is your best bet for your Winchester 94! And because of this scope’s mid-range capabilities, it’s likely to be compatible with any of the rounds that a Winchester 94 is designed to fire. However, the .30-30 Win and .32 Win Special options have the longest applicable range and may not be the best fit for this scope in particular.

Leupold 101: VX-3i Riflescope

Winchester 94 Scope 2: Sightmark Ultra Shot R-Spec Reflex Sights

The Sightmark Ultra Shot R-Spec reflex sights are the short- and mid-range solution to fitting your Winchester 94 with a scope. While reflex sights are not the period-appropriate kind of scope to go with a Winchester 94, the combination of classic and modern is appealing to a certain kind of shooter who doesn’t want a full scope (and with Crimson Trace lasers attached to my snubnosed Smith & Wesson, I dare say pairing a classic firearm with a high-tech optic is an awesome action).

This reflex sight is made of rugged aluminum and comes with a protective shield and a scratch-resistant coating that keep it looking great for years after you use it. It also comes with red or green reticle settings with 10 brightness settings for clarity.

The sight itself can be quickly attached or detached with the simple flip of a switch for convenience. It also has an auto-shutoff to conserve battery life when not in use. At just 6” x 4” x 4”, this is one of the smallest optical attachments you could make to your Winchester 94. Just make sure you have the right equipment to attach it, and you’re good to go!

Because reflex sights are made for short- and mid-range engagements, these sights are likely to work best with Winchester 94 models that fire .25-35 Win, .38-55 win, or .450 Marlin rounds. Again, this is not the rifle/optic combination to relive the sniper scene in The Hurt Locker.

Sightmark Ultra Shot Plus Reflex Sight Review

Winchester 94 Scope 3: Nikon P-Tactical 3-9×40 Riflescope

The Nikon P-Tactical 3-9×40 riflescope is a shorter-range option for Winchester 94 owners who prefer the carbine or short-barrel variants. This scope is designed, engineered, and manufactured by Nikon, the same worldwide brand that’s famous for its high-grade cameras, which promises an exceptional level of optical clarity and precision.

The scope itself is colored black with a classic design that makes it look great on the top of any Winchester 94. Naturally, it’s also made with integral windage and elevation turrets to ensure you don’t just see your target, you hit it too.

The eye relief of this scope is also noteworthy since it’s specifically made for comfort. This is a feature that Nikon also uses on its cameras to ensure that photographers — and in this case, shooters — can enjoy a certain level of comfort while lining up a shot. It also helps prevent eye fatigue during long hunts.

With a lightweight body and fogproof lenses, the Nikon P-Tactical 3-9×40 riflescope is among the best scopes for Winchester 94 rifles. But because of its shorter range, this riflescope may be best when paired with a Winchester 94 that is made to fire .25-35 Win, .30-30 win, .38-55 win, and .450 Marlin rounds.

Nikon P-Tactical MK1-MRAD Scope Review Excellent scope priced right.

Winchester 94 Scope 4: ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Rifle Scope

The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro smart rifle scope is a piece of modern optic technology with a compact and classic design. This scope is designed with incredible precision and craftsmanship to deliver the absolute best scope for Winchester 94’s around.

This scope features an ultra-high-definition 4K sensor that gives you a crisp, quick, and clear view of your field of vision. It features a built-in ballistic calculator that factors range, wind, your gun’s profile, angle, temperature, humidity, and so much more to ensure you get the absolute best accuracy from a long-range shot.

To go along with that, this scope also comes with the option to stream its field of view to your mobile device, and you can record directly to an SD memory card to capture your shots. The scope itself is designed to accommodate recoil so that you can aim, press record, and fire while ensuring a consistent view in the recorded video.

If you’re a technology enthusiast with a Winchester 94, the ATN X-sight scope gives you the incredible power of today’s tech to go with the timeless appearance of a Winchester 94 rifle (think the glass pyramids at the Louvre—or, just as striking, my snubnose revolvers with laser sights that I talked about earlier).

Because of its longer range (compared to other scopes on this list), this riflescope will most likely work best with Winchester 94 models compatible with .32 Win Special rounds.

4MR Ranch In Depth Review of the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Day & Night Scope

Which Rifle Scope Is Right for Your Winchester 94?

So which scope is best for your Winchester 94?

If you want a mid-range scope that is more-or-less compatible with all of the Winchester 94’s ammunition options, then the Leupold VX-3i riflescope (see full specs) is the choice for you. It’s also important to note that this is the only scope on our list that’s made specifically for hunting — not hobby shooting.

If you want something with a more modern edge, choose the Sightmark Ultra Shot R-Spec reflex sights. This scope doesn’t “go” with the classic look of the Winchester 94, but for the gun owners who like a little clash, it’s a great choice.

If you’re looking for a reliable and name-brand riflescope for your Winchester 94, then the Nikon P-Tactical scope (see full specs) is your best bet. This scope will excel with a handful of different rounds that Winchester 94 models can handle, which makes it almost as versatile as the Winchester 94 itself.

Finally, the ATN Corporation X-Sight mart scope is ideal for the modern technologist who loves their Winchester 94. This scope comes with an on-board computer that makes targeting almost a non-issue, complete with the ability to record your shots for bragging rights.

Are you ready to pick the best scope for Winchester 94 rifles? Pick from our list now!

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