The 4 Best Sig 522 Red Dot Sights – Reviews 2023

sig 522 red dot sight

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A red dot sight for the Sig 522 would be an excellent addition. The 522, after all, is a fun gun and at home at the range for plinking galore. As a plinker, one of the best optic options is the red dot sight. As an affordable gun, the Sig 522 therefore should also have an affordable red dot, which we’ve found below.
Here are our recommendations for the 4 best Sig 522 red dot sights on the market:

The Tasco 22 Rimfire Red Dot Sight

Everyone knows Tasco, and the majority of new shooters probably started with a Tasco scope. Tasco red dots are not exactly new but aren’t as well known as their little variable optics. The Tasco Rimfire red dot is a robust little guy well suited for the Sig 522. It’s very affordable, and while it’s designed for rimfire guns like the 522, it’s tough enough to take the abuse of larger and more powerful firearms.

The Tasco 22 Rimfire has rubicon multi-layered fully coated optics that are clear and give you a nice bright sight picture. The Tasco optic offers a very wide field of view and simple overall design. There are 11 brightness settings, and the optic is made for daytime shooting. I doubt many people are going out with 3K night vision goggles to shoot .22 so it doesn’t seem to be a major concern.

The Tasco 22 Rimfire is a 30mm tube that replicates a full-sized red dot optic. When it’s fixed to your handgun, the Tasco 22 rimfire is among the best Sig 522 red dot sights for the money. It’s perfect for plinking and equally awesome for training new shooters.

Sig Sauer p522 with Tasco Red Dot

Ade Advanced Avenger Red Dot Sight

The Ade Advanced Avenger red dot optic is for those who want something small and decisive. The Avenger is a miniature red dot optic that’s not one of those super costly, Navy Seal grade red dots. This means it’s perfect for the Sig 522. The Sig 522 is super small and easy to use and mount. It’ll take up barely any room on your 522 and make it look like a modern tactical rifle. Let’s be honest: looks are part of the battle with tacticool guns like this.

The Ade Advanced Avenger (see full specs) comes with a Picatinny rail adapter, so it’s a perfect fit on the Ade Advanced Avenger. The dot is 3 MOA, which is small enough for precise rifle shooting, especially on small targets. The 522 is a great plinking rifle, and plinking rifles are made to shoot small targets. If you can’t see the target, the optic isn’t worth the time of day. The Ade Advanced Avenger comes with 6 different brightness settings and a nice crisp reticle. The lenses are glass and are a half inch thick, so they are quite robust and dependable.

The Ade Advanced Avenger is light and compact, and it comes with everything you need to attach, adjust, and zero the Avenger. It’s among the best Sig 522 red dot sights, at a great price that will run and run.

Sightmark Sure Shot Reflex / Red Dot Sight

If you like the open design of a reflex sight but the size of a standard red dot the Sightmark Sure Shot is here for you. The Sightmark Sure Shot is an excellent design that runs like a champ. The Sure Shot is a square shaped reflex sight that allows for excellent overall vision and situation awareness. The Sure Shot design is very light, but still gives you a full-sized optic’s window. The Sig 522 is a simple rifle, low recoiling rifle, but the Sure Shot can take a lot more than the 522 can throw at it.

The 522 and this optic are perfect pals if you want something simple, affordable, and versatile. The Sure Shot has 4 different reticles to serve a variety of purposes. The first is a simple 3 MOA dot, and then we have a Crosshair, a 10 MOA dot and a 65 MOA circle with a 3 MOA dot. This wide variety of reticles opens up your options when it comes to both precision and close range shooting.

The Sightmark Sure Shot is a great little optic. It will have you transitioning between targets like lightning, hitting tin cans with satisfying accuracy, and make teeny tiny groups on paper targets. The Sightmark Sure Shot is reliable and durable, and perfectly suited for the Sig 522.

The Primary Arms Micro Red Dot Sight

Let’s finish up with one of the best budget red dot sights on the market. The Primary Arms Micro Red dot sight is a handy little sight that is priced incredibly low for what it is. The Primary Arms Micro Red Dot sight sports a 2 MOA red dot with 11 different brightness settings, and 1,000 hours’ worth of battery life. The design gives you an incredibly bright dot that features very minimal wash-out. The Primary Arms Micro Red Dot sight is made to last and is shock, water, and fogproof.

The Primary Arms Micro Red (see full specs) is remarkably clear, and the sight picture provided is incredibly bright. The coated optics provide a beautiful picture that gives great contrast to make sure the red dot is highly visible and easy to see.

The red dot features an internal low mount perfect for the flat top Sig 522. Mounting, zeroing and being accurate with this dot is remarkably simple. It’s ideal for new shooters, or someone who really wants to take a step up in affordable red dots, making this one of the best Sig 522 red dot sights period.

Primary Arms 2MOA Micro Dot with Removable Base and Flip Caps (MD-AD)

The 522 and Red Dot Sights

When it comes to plinking rifles, the Sig 522 is a step above most. It’s a neat looking and unique rifle. It’s reliable, fun to shoot and very modern. Mounting optics is easy to do and should be done. Life is so much seen through the lens of a red dot optic. It also makes plinking easier for new shooters. Red dots just rule, and if you have the right one for your Sig 522, your life is going to get a lot more fun very quickly. Good luck!

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