The 4 Best Taurus Pt 609 Holsters – Reviews 2022

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The Taurus PT 609 is a great subcompact, 9mm handgun designed for concealed carriers on a budget. With the rise of small guns, we’ve seen the rise of concealed carry holsters. A concealed carry holster should easy to conceal (duh), held tight to the body, and of course carried with excellent retention. The holster makes the gun easy to hide and is one of the most important considerations you can make.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best Taurus PT 609 holsters on the market:

Taurus PT 609 Holster 1: Phalanx Defense Stealth Operator

While the name is a mouthful, the Stealth Operator is one helluva good holster. The Stealth Operator is designed to be a semi-universal holster made from polymer materials. This holster is thoroughly modern and designed as a concealed carry holster. The Stealth Operator fits over a 150 guns, including the Taurus 609. This polymer holster is an outside the waistband design that allows for a quick draw and a comfortable carry.

The system uses a frame lock technology (see full specs) located around the trigger guard to keep the weapon in the holster. The comforting snap occurs whenever the weapon is holstered and you know it’s retained. The holster gives you a slight forward cant for a sure draw and a clean presentation. The design is an open bottom cut that allows the facilitation of guns of all sizes. This affordable and effective holster is thoroughly modern and a great option for any Taurus 609 owner.

The Phalanx Defense Stealth Operator is designed and made in Gainesville, Florida. This USA-made item is backed by a lifetime warranty that promises that Phalanx Defense will repair or replace your holster should it fail. The Phalanx Defense Stealth Operator is an injection molded nylon polymer shell that uses rust resistant black oxide hardware for long lasting performance. The overall design is perfect for concealed carry because it can be held tight to the body and never affected by sweat.


Taurus Pt 609 Holster 2: Tagua Universal IWB Holster

This Tagua concealed carry holster is replicating the famous Yanqui slide leather concealed carry holster. The Yanqui slide is a simple leather loop outfitted with a metal clip and two belt loops. This holster can be carried IWB or OWB but admittedly it’s best carried IWB.

A Yanqui slide is basically a large leather loop that gun fits in. This style of holster is simple, and has been used for decades as a minimalist holster. The metal clip is placed in the center of the holster and simply fits over your pants and belt, keeping the majority of the gun concealed by your pants. Toss a light T-shirt over the top and your Taurus PT 609 has magically disappeared.

The Tagua Leather slide is simple but effective. Its small size also results in a low weight, and minimal interference in your normal day to day life. As a leather holster, there is a bit of a break-in period to ensure the holster fits both your body and your gun. After that short break-in period, you can carry in complete concealment and comfort.

If you choose to wear the Tagua as an OWB holster you’ll utilize the belt loops on the outside. This is a tight fit, and the gun does cling to the body, but it works.


Taurus PT 609 Holster 3: Concealed Carrier LLC Belly Band

If you are looking for an easy and safe way to carry a gun regardless of how you dress, consider the Concealed Carrier LLC Belly Band. This holster is perfect for the Taurus PT 609 and you can carry a spare magazine with this all-in-one system. As the name implies, this semi elastic band stretches and wraps around the body The holster and magazine pouch is built into the system and you can place it almost anywhere around the body. A simple thumb release gives you secure retention and a solid grip on your gun.

This system allows you to carry under a button down shirt and in more formal clothes. In most styles the PT 609 is small enough to disappear pretty easily—although a plaid shirt or striped shirt really helps hide that gun bulge. Drawing from this setup is slower than a standard holster, but it’s to be expected when carrying under deep concealment.

The Concealed Carrier LLC Belly Band is made from neoprene so its wicks away sweat and dries fast. I’d advised wearing an undershirt between your body and the belly band, though. This setup is secure, easily concealed, and fits the PT 609 like a glove.

The Belly Band Concealment Holster

Taurus PT 609 Holster 4: 5.11 Tactical Holster Shirt

Now, when it comes to really deep concealment, you may find yourself where the traditional holster or even belly band is impossible to carry. In these situations, you’ll need a creative solution to make sure your Taurus PT 609 Pro isn’t left at home. 5.11 provides that solution via a simple tactical holster shirt. This white compression shirt is designed to be worn as an undershirt. However, it packs a pleasant surprise under each shoulder.

The shirt has reinforced sleeves (see full specs) that are designed to grip and protect your gun. It holds the gun under your arm so there are no unsightly bulges or tells that you are carrying a gun. This shirt is perfect for guns like the Taurus PT 609 Pro and provides a soft and comfortable option for deep and utter concealment.

The shoulders are mesh to redistribute the weight of the gun so it’s never uncomfortable and the shirt never sags. This setup can even be quick to draw depending on the overshirt. The 5.11 Tactical holster shirt is a simple solution to a complex problem.

5:11 Tactical Holster Shirt : Concealed Carry Shirt

The Raging Bull

The Taurus PT 609 is a dedicated concealed carry handgun that balances size and capacity quite well. A concealed carry handgun is only as good as the holster that carries it. A good concealed carry holster will keep the gun comfortable, hidden, and ready for action. Good luck!

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