Comparison of the Best Progressive Reloading Presses — Reviews 2023

In this article, you’re going to find a progressive reloading press comparison of the two most popular presses, which are the Hornady’s Lock N Load and the Dillon Precision Pressive Presses:

Hornady’s Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

The Hornady’s product arguably enjoys the best progressive reloading press reviews. It’s easy to use, easy to set up, and produces a consistent cartridge. Here are the pros and cons of the Hornady Lock N Load progressive reloading press:

– Easy to start out on as a beginner reloader
– Works highly effectively and consistently
– Easy to swap out dies (5 minutes!)
– The EZ-ject station makes it easy to pop out bullets
– Main body built to last

– The product could get fairly expensive (at least, more than a turret or single stage press)
– Doesn’t come with die sets – they have to be purchased separately
– Extra tools are needed for the most effective reloading
– The moving parts are numerous, therefore more fragile than simpler presses.

Dillon Precision 16944 Progressive Reloading Machine

Another product that might be considered the best progressive press is the Dillon Progressive Machine. (The one above includes dies for reloading 9mm; if you want the Dillon with other dies, the pick the one with the dies for your caliber). Whether you’re just getting started or have been producing for a long time, it has some qualities that make it well worth its price. Here are the pros and cons.

– Can load over 120 different kinds of calibers (with appropriate dies)
– Capable of reloading both pistol and rifle bullets
– Lifetime Warranty (Dillon is well known for its great customer service)
– 4 stage reloading system
– Cranks out over 500 rounds per hour
– Is consistently near or at the top of the best progressive reloading press reviews

– Requires a caliber conversion kit (the above includes 9mm; you need dies for other calibers)
– Some of the moving parts could break more often than turret presses.
– Setup can be a bit complex for first-timers

Reloading: Getting started with Dillon Presses

Why Use Progressive Reloading Presses Over Others

Progressive reloading presses tend to be both more expensive and more time-consuming to set up than a single-stage or a turret product. A progressive reloading press:

– Produces more rounds in less time than others
– Completes multiple reloading stages in one go
– May not last as long (due to all of the moving pieces involved)

If you’re planning on reloading large batches of identical bullets, then a progressive product is the best way to go. Once you’ve got the gist of the machine down, you can create hundreds of bullets in an hour. If you do a lot of shooting, or reload bullets to sell in bulk later, this product is a great option for you. Even if you’re just stockpiling bullets for the future, a progressive press is a good investment.

The only reason you might want a different product is if your goals are for smaller batches, or if you want your product to last even longer. The best progressive reloading presses last for years, but a single stage reloading press will last even longer because of the simplicity in its design. As long as you take care of your press and do regular cleaning and maintenance, you should be able to get whatever product you choose to last your lifetime.

Well, we hoped you’ve enjoyed our best progressive press comparison. If you’re interested in our recommendations for single stage or turret presses, please check out our homepage for more info.

  • Owner of, Boyd Smith is a major handgun enthusiast, and although he owns Glocks, he prefers the revolving wheel type. His go-to guns are a Smith & Wesson 642 Performance Center for carry and a Ruger GP100 in the nightstand biometric safe (he has kids). He loads both revolvers with old-school 148-grain Federal Gold Medal .38 wadcutters. It’s OK if you think he’s a wimp. Email him.

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3 responses

  1. How much is the Dillon’s Precision RL5508 4 Stage Progressive Reloading Machine cost and if you have any others that are close to this reload Dillon’s Precision RL5508 4 Stage and maybe a little less cost I would be interested in a new or used one? Steve Johnson
    If you could sent me to a web site for new or Reconditioned I would appreciate it? Thanks re reading and maybe helping me. Steve again

  2. There one hidden cost and shock when buy any Auto-Progressive press out there.

    The shell holder plates are very expensive costly things.

    The normal shell holder wont interchange in them.

    Most cost more than $40 a plate or more.

    You have to a new plate for every round the you load that adds up fast.

    The more expensive the press the more expensive the plate. (As in the big blue comp.)

  3. All I can say is I’ve used both the Hornady L&L and Dillion 750 for both rifle and pistol, and I’m going to go with the Dillon. And their customer service is nearly legendary. I got my first Dillon in 1989.

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