The 4 Best AR 15 Hard Cases — Reviews 2021

best ar 15 hard case

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Whether you are heading to the range for a day of target practice, heading out for training exercises, or you’re off to a competitive event, you’ll appreciate being able to transport your AR-15 safely and securely. More than keeping your AR-15 secured during transport, your hard case will protect your rifle from sustaining damage that it might otherwise be vulnerable to in your vehicle or while outdoors.

Soft cases are often a good option if you are looking for a lightweight rifle case that can also be slung over your shoulder on shorter trips (see our article on soft cases).  While soft sided case certainly do ensure that your rifle and your accessories do not roll around or otherwise shift during transport, they are not necessarily the most ideal choice for offering you complete protection for your AR-15. They’ll protect your rifle from scratches and other superficial damage, but will not give you the full protection that you might need if you are on the go.

With the investment of the best AR 15 hard case, you’ll get superior protection for your rifle:

Plano 108421 Gun Guard AW Tactical Case

With a reputation for quality products, and a long list of products in their catalog, Plano is often the go-to choice for sporting enthusiasts. This hard sided tactical case is a good choice for the transportation and protection of your AR-15.

At 42” in length, you’ll have no problem fitting your rifle into this sturdy and durable case. It’s a good option for your AR-15 rifle, and others that are similar in style and length.

The case can be locked, which is a great security option when you’re on the go. The dual-stage latches are spring-loaded and designed to last.

Soft sided cases cannot offer you the thorough protection that you need from the elements, but this case certainly can. Weatherproof, with a Dri-Loc seal, this case will be able to withstand rain and other weather conditions that could otherwise damage your rifle and accessories. The case will be airtight, watertight, and kept free from dust.

This rugged construction of the case will ensure that it can effortlessly stand up against even the most extreme of conditions. The interior contains high-density foam that will offer complete protection to your rifle.

Durable, with the Plano reputation and warranty behind it, this is among the top choices for the best AR 15 hard case.

Flambeau Safeshot Oversized Double Case

At 5.9lbs, this durable hard-sided case is quite lightweight when compared to others in its class. It’s an oversized case that can readily accommodate two of your rifles. This makes it a good option for heading out to the range to get in a bit of time honing your skills.

The case features four locking points that will give you the security that you need while transporting your rifles. The hinges of this case are a combination of a brass and piano style hinge that provide you with the safety and durability that you are looking for.

The interior of this double case boasts a durable and cushy eggshell foam to cradle your rifles during storage and protection.

Whether you’re on the go or perhaps shipping one or two rifles cross-country, you’ll find that this hard sided case can meet all of your needs, within budget.

Pelican Products 1750 Gun Case with Foam for Rifle

Pelican cases have a reputation for being ultra-durable. This gun case is more than durable; it is weatherproof and also crushproof. Investing in a case that can protect your rifle is something that every serious shooter can appreciate. The o-ring seal, combined with the tongue and groove fit will keep water out of your case; making it a good option for when you’re on the go.

All of the cases in the Pelican catalog feature an automatic pressure equalization valve that will release accumulated air pressure, while keeping moisture out of the case and away from your rifle. It also makes it a snap to open the case. The latches are double-throw latches that offer you a secure fit. Stainless steel padlock protectors also allow you to secure your case, when security is vital.

Lightweight and strong, the case also boasts fold-down handles and wheels that make it easy to transport your case when you’re on the go.

The firm foam interior is ideal for securing and protecting your scoped rifle. There is no worry about the rifle and your accessories shifting during transport.

This product is a solid investment that you will appreciate for many good years to come—easily one of the best AR 15 hard cases.

SKB iSeries Single Rifle Case

Available in three colors, including tan, olive green, and black, this single rifle case is a solid option for the protection of your AR-15. This hard-sided case can readily accommodate scoped rifles that are up to 49”.

Constructed using an ultra-durable and strong polypropylene copolymer resin, this case will withstand a solid amount of use and abuse when you are on the go. Safely protect your rifle in this case, and rest assured that it will not be at risk of accidental scratches or other types of damage. The case is also crushproof, which is sure to prove beneficial if you are shipping the rifle or perhaps checking it at the airport.

The case has an intelligent design that will ensure that it is waterproof and dustproof, and able to withstand a range of extreme conditions. The high quality foam interior will protect your rifle during transport, and help to keep it from inadvertent damage that a soft sided cases simply cannot provide. Whether you accidentally drop your case or find yourself running through the rain with it, you’ll appreciate the durability and protection offered by this hard sided rifle case.

Four reinforced locking locations allow you to secure your case using your own locks, when security is of the utmost importance. The easy release latch system allow you ease of access.

This is among the best AR 15 hard cases and is protected by a lifetime warranty, but you are sure to enjoy using it without worry for many good years to come.

Well, we hope you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. And, remember, if a hard case is too heavy and cumbersome, you might want to check out the best soft cases for your AR 15.

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