The 4 Best Camos for Antelope Hunting – Reviews 2021

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Photo by USFWS Mountain-Prairie / CC BY

Finding the right camo for antelope hunting is a smart idea. After all, antelope are beautiful creatures, fun to hunt, and happen to be quite tasty. To hunt any animal, you need the right equipment with camouflage being part of that equation.

Antelopes are smart, cautious, and observant creatures. Blending into an environment is a critical component of hunting antelopes. There are lots of different camouflage patterns out there. Choosing the right camouflage pattern is critical, so we’ve gathered some of our favorites.

These are our recommendations for the 4 best camos for antelope hunting on the market:

Staghorn All Over Camo

The early fall is basically late summer. Hunting season might be in effect and it’s technically the fall, but it’s hot. It’s still mostly green, and you need a little something to help you blend in without warming you up. The Staghorn all over camo long sleeve t-shirt is a great choice. It’s simply a lightweight layer of disguise that lets you stay hidden and keep cool.

The Staghorn All Over camo shirt is superbly simple on the outside, but impressive once it’s on. The shirt is breathable and you’ll feel every breeze and keep your cool on the hunt. The Staghorn shirt doesn’t shrink in the dryer and resists fading. The t-shirt is mostly green with some browns thrown in. This is more aimed at the beginning of fall before things get brown up.

The Staghorn All Over Camo shirt uses a Realtree MAX 1 pattern that is a little darker but perfect for those early fall hunts. Best of all, it’s affordable. You can toss it on, hit the field and get after those tasty, tasty antelopes. Sometimes simple is better, and the Staghorn All Over Camo is an affordable shirt that works and functions.

Kryptek Hyperion Camo Long Sleeve in Highlander

Kryptek is one of the most modern camouflage patterns in existence. It’s basically brand new and unlike anything, we’ve seen in the modern market. The Hyperion shirt is a long sleeve, an ultra-modern lightweight shirt designed as a mixture of both hunting styles and modern athletic shirts. The perfect pattern for hunting in brown plains land is highlander. The highlander pattern allows you blend in effortlessly in the environment a lot of antelope are in, especially out West.

Kryptek is known as a company that makes tactical gear, and they take this tactical knowledge and blend it in with hunting gear. This gives you the best of both worlds. The Hyperion allows for a lot of mobility and comfort. It’s also rugged and reliable too. If it’s good enough for war, it’ll survive hunting season. The Hyperion also incorporates moisture-wicking fibers to keep you cool but not soggy.

The shirt also offers 35 UPF sun protection for hunting in the open fields. The Hyperion shirt is not quite an athletic fit, but close enough to prevent it from snagging as you move through the woods or fields. It’s designed with a purpose and the purpose is chasing antelope. Kryptek makes amazing camouflage patterns and ultra-durable gear backed by an impressive warranty. This is easily one of the best camos for antelope hunting.

Kryptek Highlander Camouflage Effectiveness

M65 Multicam Camo Jacket

The M65 is a classic military design. While that pattern jacket is no longer in use, the Multicam camo pattern is top of the line. The M65 jacket design is still quite handy and is extremely well suited for hunting. The M65 design gives you four pockets up front that allows you to store all your necessary gear. This includes a call, a folded up orange vest, sunglasses, your phone, and whatever else you may carry while hunting. The 4 big pockets give you plenty of options to have uncrowded pockets and organized gear.

Multicam (see full specs) is a pattern designed for the military, but its pattern makes it perfectly suited for hunting. Multicam is the closest to a universal camouflage you can get and it’s perfect for hunting throughout the season. The pattern allows you to move between the early fall to the late winter. Multicam is an awesome pattern on an awesome pattern jacket.

The combination of a new military pattern with an old school jacket design gives you a perfect all-weather hunting jacket. The M65 Multicam jacket has a built-in hood, a removable liner, and hook and loop cuffs. The internal liner is perfect for colder weather and allows a seamless transition from the cold morning to the warmer afternoons. Hands down, these are among the best camos for antelope hunting on the market.

m65 field jacket review

Sitka Gear CORE Lightweight Camo Hoody

Sitka is a premium brand. A brand known for producing some of the most comfortable and camouflaged designs out there. Sitka gear looks odd to the human eye, but it’s meant to. The Sitka brand of camouflage is incredibly effective. It blends in brilliantly in the field and even helps cover movement as you get into position. The Sitka Gear CORE hoody is a midweight hoody that incorporates the best of clothing technology into a single piece of gear.

This outfit (see full specs) includes water resistance, quick-dry comfort, and a lightweight stretch mesh. We also get Gore-Tex, one of the highest-end water-resistant materials in the world. Built into the jacket is a hood of course as well as a facemask to better disguise you and keep you warm. The Sitka Gear CORE lightweight hoody comes in numerous patterns but Subalpine will work best for the hunting of antelopes. The Sitka Gear hoody fits like a glove.

It’s incredibly comfortable and very well made. It will stand up to years and years of abuse. It won’t snag while crawling, ducking, or climbing. The Sitka Gear hoodie is ready to rock and roll on your next hunt. It is a premium grade jacket at a premium price, but it’s worth every penny.

Gear 101 - Sitka Core Layering Systems

Camo for Antelope Play

Hunting antelope is a fun, exciting, and difficult sport. Having every advantage, you can is a must when hunting these fast and cautious critters. Camouflage is a pattern that can effectively make you invisible. Camouflage won’t replace skill, but all the skill in the world doesn’t matter if your game spots you before you spot it. Skills and equipment work hand and hand and you build skills, but you must choose the right equipment, which means the best camo for antelope hunting period. Good luck!

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