The 4 Best Canik 55 TP9 Accessories – Reviews 2022

canik 55 tp9 accessories

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So why get accessories for your Canik 55 TP9? Well, the Canik 55 TP-9 is a somewhat modified clone of the famous Walther P99 and some have claimed it to be an improvement due to things like the mag release function.

However, nobody is selling a budget handgun with a full set of accessories, and with the money you save buying this little gem, you certainly can afford a few goodies to go along with it. So we’ve scoured the internet to the right upgrades to your Canik. Without further ado . . .

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best Canik 55 TP9 accessories on the market:

Canik 55 TP9 Accessory 1: Leather Concealed Carry Belt

The TP-9 comes with a holster already, but you may want a better belt. Most belts are not built for comfortably carrying a handgun around all day, so you might as well get one that is. This Amish-made (yes, you read that right), unbreakable leather belt is a joy to wear even without a pistol.

Made of top quality materials in an old-fashioned, time-honored way, this is a belt to last you a lifetime, and one you’ll want to wear even when you aren’t carrying your Canik. As an added bonus, it is crazy affordable, so you can really afford to treat yourself to one of the good things in life.

Canik 55 TP9 Accessory 2: Otis 9mm Cleaning Kit

A dirty gun is an unhappy gun, and possibly one that won’t work for you when you need it to the most. Fortunately, the Canik is easy to clean so you simply need a good kit, and it is hard to go wrong with the classic Otis kit with flex-steel cleaning rods.

This innovative kit is compact, and does away with the potential for wear on the muzzle and bore that a traditional cleaning rod can do. This kit will clean your TP-9, .38/.357 revolvers, and various .45’s. Comes with everything you need to clean your gun, except your favorite solvent and lube, so there is really no reason not to grab this kit for your Canik.

Canik 55 TP9 Accessory 3: Universal Pistol Magazine Loader

This deceptively simple little gem makes life at the range a lot easier. If you are only shooting one or two mags, the loading isn’t much of an annoyance, but if you want to get a lot of shooting in, it helps to have a mag loader.

There are a lot of gimmicky loaders out there, Most are specific to a particular brand of mags, and a lot of junky “universal” loaders, but the Top Loader Universal is one of those products that define a market, and stand out due to the inability of competitors to match what has been created. Crazy affordable, and suitable for pretty much any 9mm to .45ACP mag, there is precious little reason not to toss one of these in your range bag.

Canik 55 TP9 Accessory: 9mm Snap Caps

Many Canik owners are first time handgun buyers or novice shooters. The combination of low price point and high quality make for an attractive combination, and easily justify spending a few dollars on training aids. While most modern guns are safe to dry fire, it is still good to use snap caps in training.

Not only do snap caps safely allow you to practice loading and unloading your handgun, but they also are useful in real shooting to simulate a dud round (the biggest hurdle for shooting accurately is your trigger flinch), and to provide practice in clearing the chamber and reloading after encountering a defective round of ammo. And of course, they are also useful for dry fire practice. No matter what use you have for them, a set of 9mm snap caps is a cheap investment into safe handgun training practices.

Accessorizing the TP-9M

The Canik 55 TP-9 is a peculiar handgun. It is well made and low priced. This creates derision in some circles, where the idea of price point is tied to ego. Some people simply can’t handle an affordable handgun without the snob appeal, as if their Walther were a Mercedes and a Canik a Hyundai. But Hyundais often are more reliable than Mercedes, and the Canik also ships with a very complete set of accessories, including a rather well-made holster.

Despite the popularity, there are not many accessories specifically geared towards this handgun on the market. The lack of a Picatinny rail limits the ability to mount things like lights and lasers, and most people are content to use the holster that ships with their gun, or a fairly generic nylon holster of no special design. The TP-9 is truly a blue-collar handgun and lacks the fancy accessories that seem to define guns with more “cult appeal.”

Having said that, there are a great many things any rational gun owner needs, and that they should acquire with their Canick 55 TP-9, first and foremost being a quality belt like the Hanks Gunner (see full specs). It is easy to slide a holster on most any belt, and in many cases that will do the job. But that is like saying a cheap compact car from 1970 will get you to and from work. It probably will until the minute it doesn’t cut it anymore.

Same with a cleaning kit like the Otis Cleaning System (see full specs). There are a ton of quality cleaning kits on the market, but it is amazing how many people don’t bother with even a basic one. A nice pocket-sized cleaning kit makes it easy to store with your other gun accessories, and doesn’t cost much.

Same goes for things like a magazine loader or snap caps. These are the little things you see on the benches and in the range bags of experienced shooters, but they seem to get lost in the background, but it is often the little things that define experience and the ability to improve your skill. Or at least show awareness of better ways to do things.

At any rate, the TP-9 is a fine handgun, and is a much upgraded version of a fine handgun. It lacks the snob appeal (and price tag!) of so-called “better” handguns, and ships ready to use and carry. It is really hard to find fault with any of that, but very simple to a few so-called best Canik 55 TP9 accessories to make your ownership experience truly sublime. Good luck!

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