The 4 Best M4 Slings — Reviews 2023

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Whether you are heading to the range or you work in the law enforcement field, it’s of the utmost importance that you have the most comfortable accessories by your side. With the best sling on your M4, you’ll find that not only are you more comfortable in the field with vastly reduced fatigue, but you’ll also find that you’ll have better control of your weapon than if you were to try and carry it sans sling. You will also have your hands free for utilization of other tools while you’re on the go. In the field and on the move this can be incredibly beneficial and potentially life-saving.

There are a number of great options in slings for you to consider. Keep in mind that these slings will not only work with your assault rifle but will also work for your Airsoft weapons so that you are able to participate in live simulations with other like-minded enthusiasts.  Some offer padding, while some do not. Your choice in padding will be based entirely on your intended use of the sling. There are also some great options in color, so that you can opt for black, beige, or even camo slings to suit your needs.

Here is our list for the best M4 slings on the market:

Red Rock Outdoor Gear the Outdoor Connection Duty Two Point Sling

This sling offers the shooter the ability to adjust the length of the sling so that the weapon can be transitioned easily and swiftly. Designed with a practical comfort in mind, this sling has been constructed using 1.25” military grade webbing.

This assures you of the durability that you are looking for. With durability and reliability not in question, your sling will be one less worry on your mind when you are on the go. The last thing that you need to be concerned about is whether your sling is going to fail on you when you need it the most.

Field tested and weather resistant, you’ll find that come rain or shine this two-point sling is going to provide you with the stability and ease of use that you are looking for.  Boasting a tri-glide and slip-lock adjustment, it’s a snap to get the fit you need. At just 1.4 ounces, with a barely there feel, you’ll appreciate the addition of this sling to your gear.

This product is one of the best slings for M4 rifles, and it can also be used with all of your rifles and other tactical weapons.

Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling

When you’re on the go with your M4, regardless of where your day is taking you, you need a sling that gives you the ability to quickly adjust and transition from carry-to-fire and fire-to-carry positions. This needs to be an effortless motion that doesn’t come with fiddling with buckles and snaps. The Condor Speedy 2 Point Sling allows you those quick transitioning adjustments that you need; regardless of whether you are in law enforcement or a civilian on the range, speed is an important factor.

The sling boasts a pull tab that will get you those speedy adjustments. There are two buckles that can quickly detach when you need to release your M4 from the sling rapidly. Designed with the on-the-go shooter in mind, the sling is made with 1.25” durable webbing that will stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions.

While the sling is not padded, it does not have a stiff or uncomfortable feel to it. This will assure you of effortless all-day use if need be.

Keep in mind that this is not a good option for the bench shooter. Despite having an adjustable length, you’ll likely find that it’s a bit too long and unwieldy if you are at the bench and are not on the move with your weapon.

Other than that small caveat, this is a durable and reliable sling that will get the job done when you need it to. It’s one of the best M4 slings, no doubt.

Troy Industries Two Point Battle Sling

With a tri-glide system, Troy Industries’ Two Point Battle Sling is a solid choice for the individual on the go. Whether your day has you traversing rough terrain, spending time on the range, or something entirely different, with this sling you’ll have your weapon easily accessible when you need to rely on it the most.

The shoulder of the sling is cushioned and non-slip so that you don’t need to worry about it constantly needing to be adjusted on your shoulder throughout the day. The shoulder pad can also be reversed depending on the side that you opt to carry your weapon. While not all slings have cushions, and certainly some prefer not to use cushioned slings, this little bit of extra comfort can be useful when you are marching long distances and have a number of weight-adding accessories along with your M4.

Constructed using high-strength ¼ inch nylon bungee cord, the sling also boasts a military grade webbing that offers unmatched flexibility.

Comfort and durability, along with extreme reliability make this two point sling from Troy Industries a great option. It can be used for any of your tactical weapons, including your Airsoft rifles.

STI 2 Point Sling

When you are on the go with your M4 or other tactical weapons the last thing you need to be concerned about is stopping to adjust your sling. Boasting heavy duty 1.25 inch military grade webbing, reliability need not be a concern when you’re using this sling. Weather resistant, and able to withstand pretty much every type of condition or situation that you could face in the field, this is one of the best M4 slings.

You’ll also find that this sling from STI can be easily and rapidly adjusted to suit your needs. Whether you are in the field or on the range, you’ll appreciate being able to get a custom fit by using the fast-loop adjustment thumb loop.

This sling can be adjusted out to as long as 55 inches, which will accommodate all of your tactical weapons with ease.

Using this system you’ll be able to almost effortlessly transition between positions. Go from carrying to shooting in seconds, and return your weapon to carrying position without breaking stride.

Good value for your investment, this sling is a solid choice for all of your tactical weapon carrying needs.


You do have some great options in slings for your M4. The best M4 sling is going to be one that is adjustable, comfortable, reliable, and of course durable. All of the options explored here will effortlessly meet all of your needs, and fit in neatly with any budget.

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