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Founded in 1976, Pelican Products is widely regarded as being one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of protective cases. Most of us reading this article should at least be somewhat familiar with Pelican cases. They are used by nearly everybody from defense contractors to military personnel to law enforcement officers and to those who work in aerospace, industry and entertainment, and finally just to the individual consumer.

All Pelican cases are very noteworthy for their durability that can last a lifetime. But when most people look into buying a Pelican case, they think that they have to set aside a sizable chunk of their paycheck to buy one. We’re here to show you that there are a number of different Pelican case models that you can buy without biting big into your wallet.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best cheap Pelican cases on the market:
Pelican 112 Case w/ Foam

This is a very well built Pelican case that is made to hold handguns and cameras.  Like several other Pelican models, it is made with a copolymer polypropylene on its outer walls. This is a very strong material that also manages to be much lighter than much of the competition out there. The hinges and handles are held in place to the outer wall by way of stainless steel pins. Not only that, but any water that tries to seep into the case will be kept out by the automatic pressure equalization valve. It’s not a decent case if water can get into the case and ruin your $2,000 Dan Wesson 1911.  The best thing about is that you can have the Pelican 112 Case for a song. Total measurements are seven and a quarter inches for width, three inches for height, and four and three quarters inches for diameter.

Pelican 1170 Multi-Purpose Carrying Case

This one costs a little more money than the 112 Case but it’s still relatively inexpensive by Pelican standards. Just like all other Pelican cases, the 1170 carrying case is watertight, dust proof, and crushproof. Yet despite its durability, it manages to be very lightweight as well. Convolute foam is located only on the lid, while pick n’ pluck foam is located in the body. The small size and lightweight of the case combined with the carrying handle permits this Pelican case to be held in your hand. Without a doubt, this is one of the best cheap Pelican cases.

Pelican 1150 Case w/ Foam

All of the features that you would expect to be on other Pelican cases, such as the polymer o-ring and automatic pressure equalization valve to keep the water out. The trademark Pick N’Pluck foam inside the 1150 case not only fully protects everything within it should the case be thrown violently against something, but it can also be fully customized to your specifications. Dimensions on the Pelican 1150 Case are eight by five and a half by three and a half inches. A folding front handle in the front allows you to carry the 1150 Case in hand.

Pelican 1060 Micro Dry Case

The Pelican 1060 Micro Dry Case is easily the smallest case on this list. The diminutive size of the Micro Dry Case doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t put it through the same kind of things that you could a larger case as well. Features such as the automatic pressure equalization valve and O-ring seal are still here to keep water out, and the stainless steel hinges are still keeping everything together for example. The purpose of this micro case is to keep your small but valuable possessions, such as a cell phone, safe while embarking on rugged outdoor sports or activities. It is one of the best cheap Pelican cases period.

So Why Pelican Cases?

In this article, we’ve shown you four different models of pelican cases that you can buy without breaking your wallet. Granted, all of the pelican cases that we have shown you on this list are small and can be carried with one hand. Larger pelican cases designed to carry larger and heavier equipment are going to naturally cost more money and won’t be “cheap” anymore.

But let’s talk about why you should go with a Pelican case over other brands when it comes to protective and waterproof cases. Pelican cases have earned the reputation they have for multiple reasons, some of which we have already covered in our discussions of the different models.

Pelican cases are waterproof as a result of the polymer O-Ring and in some models the automatic pressure equalization valve. These two things keep moisture out even when a pelican case is submerged in water up to one meter. Plus, if there is enough air inside the case it should be enough for it to float. The same goes for dirt when the pelican case is buried underground; air is allowed in but dirt and earth is not.

Pelican cases are also incredibly durable on the outside due to their solid wall construction that is made out of a variety of different co-polymers that increase strength while reducing weight. You can throw a Pelican case over nearly any kind of a hard surface multiple times but the only damage that will be inflicted on it is a few scruff marks on the outside. The co-polymers and foam inside keep your equipment and possessions inside fully protected. As an added bonus, the handles and hinges are made out of stainless steel that keep the case tightly together. All their products, even the cheap Pelican cases, have these features.

So it’s very easy to see why Pelican is among the most successful case companies worldwide, and yes, many of their products can be a little expensive as a result of their high quality. But what we’ve striven to do is to introduce you to a number of different Pelican models that you can purchase for a relatively low price that still offer the same level of quality that we have come to expect from them.

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