The 4 Best Glock 20 Holsters – Hunting, Chest, Shoulder Holster Reviews 2023

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The Glock 20 is one of the most powerful production Glocks out there, and it’s one of the few automatic handguns used for hunting. Because you are often climbing through and over thick brush, however, you could easily drop and lose your Glock 20, which would be damaging to both your wallet and your ego.

The solution is, of course, to carry your Glock 20 in a holster. A good hunting holster needs to have a solid retention device. You also want a durable holster that is tough and capable of taking a beating and handle heavy use. The holster also needs to be capable of supporting the big handgun. The Glock 20 is not a dainty gun, so don’t trust a dainty holster.

Below we have reviewed what we consider the 4 best Glock 20 holsters for hunting. Two are hip holsters and 2 are chest holsters, and you’re sure to find what you’d like among the four. So let’s check them out!

Blackhawk Serpa

The Blackhawk Serpa is a durable, and strong kydex holster that is trusted by law enforcement and military forces world wide. The Blackhawk Serpa is completely weather-proof and can be exposed to the elements almost indefinitely. The Blackhawk Serpa is incredibly strong and can be worn in a multitude of ways—via belt loop or belt on the waist, as a thigh rig, or as a shoulder rig.

The Serpa uses an active retention device that utilizes a simple push button to release and lock holster. The locking system is durable and maintains your confidence in where your weapon is and where it stays regardless of the terrain. The system also has a passive retention screw that can tightened the active retention device. If the active retention device ever breaks, the passive device can maintain the weapon.

The Blackhawk Serpa system is a lightweight design that is quite simple. It can be adjusted for comfort and for cant when worn on the belt. The Serpa also features kydex belt and pants attachments. The use of kydex means the material will never bend, or twist from heavy use. The holster can also be used for concealed carry quite easily. The Serpa is an excellent system that will keep your weapon in place regardless of the environment. It’s one of the best Glock 20 holsters for hunting period.

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Kenai Chest Holster

Chest holsters are most commonly used for big, full-powered revolvers since revolver are the more common weapon for hunting. The power of the Glock 20 displaces these revolvers for some game, and the chest carry method is still viable. A gun worn across the chest reduces the width of the hunter and prevents the gun from snagging on branches and brush. This also protects the weapon itself from moisture and debris.

The Kenai Chest holster (see full specs) mixes traditional nylon with a modern polymer to produce a fitted holster for your Glock 20. Wearing across the chest can be a pain if the holster is not fitted properly. However, the Kenai has more than enough points of adjustment to make it fit most hunters. The Kenai can be worn low or high on the chest safely. The chest holster’s buckles are placed strategically out of the way to prevent a back pack from grinding them into your body. This also allows the holster to be donned and removed easily.

The Kenai chest holster positions your Glock 20 in such a way that it is easy to draw. There may be times where drawing needs to be fast and this holster certainly sets that up well for you. The Kenai chest holster is one of the best Glock 20 chest holsters if you plan to be moving for extended periods of time while hunting.

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Diamond D Guide’s Choice

The Kenai is a fantastic hunting holster, and the Diamond D is similiar in a lot of ways. The Diamond D Guide’s Choice holster is made almost entirely from leather. This traditional approach to holster design has proven successful over and over again. The Diamond D Guide’s holster utilizes a three-chest design to maximize comfort and safety while hunting with your Glock 20.

This traditional leather holster (see full specs) is lined softly to protect your weapon from scratches and abrasions. The soft leather grips your weapon and protects it from the outside world quite well. The external layer of leather isn’t so soft, and it is nice and thick. This keeps most things from reaching your weapon and damaging it. The retention device is a simple leather thumb strap that securely holds the weapon in place.

The Diamond D Guide’s choice has an open bottom. This open bottom makes it possible to use any of a number of aftermarket barrels for the Glock that are longer than standard. Many hunters prefer a supported chamber and a six-inch barrel and this holster makes that combo possible. The Diamond D holster id designed by experienced Alaskan outdoors men—that is, hardcore dudes. For that reason alone, this is one of the best Glock 20 holsters for hunting.

Guides Choice Chest Holster

Uncle Mike’s Sidekick

If you are looking for a budget option to carry your Glock 20 while hunting, the Uncle Mike’s sidekick is for you. Designed to be as simple and as affordable as possible the Sidekick is still an effective hunting holster. The Sidekick is made entirely from nylon—a cheap but durable material. The Sidekick is a belt-mounted holster and can fit belts as wide as 2 inches.

The Sidekick is outfitted with a nylon strap and button to secure the weapon in place. This strap is adjustable for different lengths for different sized weapons. The holster rides high to keep the weapon right at hand when needed. This simple option is a good choice for hunting, backpacking, or fishing. The holster rides close to the body and can be adjusted to the front of the front of the body for appendix style carry.

Nylon is water resistant, but it shouldn’t be submerged so don’t go fishing with your Glock 20. The material is malleable and molds to fit your weapon over time. To ensure a proper fit the weapon should be left in the holster for a week or so the holster can adjust for its size. This just might be the best Glock 20 hunting holster for the money.

Glock 20

Hunting with the Glock 20 can be a tough and demanding but rewarding thing to do. It’s a powerful weapon, but it can be difficult to shoot. Accuracy is important with such a weapon because you have to be close to the animal, and a miss may result in an angry hog whose motivation now is to ram his tusks up your behind. Don’t complicate things or makes things even more difficult for yourself by using a substandard holster. Good luck!

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