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best long underwear for hunting, best thermal underwear for hunting

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Hunting is an exciting and dynamic sport that requires immense skill, knowledge, and even physical fitness. Hunting is a sport that most commonly occupies the fall and winter months of a year. This breeds a special requirement among hunter for warm and functional clothing. And it all starts at the base layer—the underwear.

Hunting underwear needs to be durable, it needs to wick moisture away, and it needs to allow for easy movement. The 4 listed below are some of the best long underwear for hunting period. Check them out!

Hane’s Men X Temp Thermals

Hanes is probably one the most well-known clothing manufacturers on the planet. They produce a wide variety of different underwear, including these thermals. These are made for rough and ready sports and hunting is certainly one of the rougher ones. Being exposed to what is almost always cold and brutal temperatures as you fight not to shiver as the sun rises. The Hanes X-Temp long underwear are designed to make that a bit more bearable.

They are a cotton poly blend of 60/40 respectively. They are designed to be somewhat tight against the skin. This leaves room for more and more layers for colder environments. What’s important to remember is this material is designed to be the first layer. This way it can wick sweat away from the body. They are designed to be extremely comfortable like any other Hanes products. They stretch just a bit to allow the user to move rapidly and dynamically. This gives not only a wider range in movement but prevents the underwear from tearing while climbing and jumping.

The cotton portion of the blend lends to the warmth it is capable of providing. This is followed by the use of a waffle knit pattern. This locks in the heat, and helps the material maintain its structure. The Hane’s X temps are also extremely affordable but also very effective. These are among the best long underwear for hunting.

Nike Pro Combat

The Nike line is closely associated with basically every sport on earth. They make nearly every kind of clothing you could imagine. The Pro Combat line was developed with an eye on extreme sports and the military’s need for modern long underwear. These Pro Combat leggings are designed to be a second skin. Meaning they are quite tight but at the same time they are flexible and easy to stretch. This is important when moving and climbing, as one would do when climbing a tree stand.

The Nike Pro Combat (see full specs) leggings are also extremely well-made. They are designed to fit every body type within size and reason (if you’re training for Mr. Olympia, you might look elsewhere). They form fit and guarantee moisture wicking. There is nothing worse than hiking into the woods, through slippery grounds, up hills, and through marshes and then, when you sit still, you’re covered with sweat. Without a moisture-wicking material, that moisture sticks to the body and starts to make you freeze.

The Pro Combat underwear is made from what Nike calls DRI-Fit fabric. This fabric is proven to be quite capable of wicking moisture and drying quickly. The lined gusset and ergonomic seams guarantee an unaltered range of movement. They aren’t the cheapest, but they aren’t exactly expensive either. The Nike Pro Combat underwear is an excellent addition to any hunting load out.

Nike Pro Combat Compression Tights Review - NO MORE LEG DAY PAIN!

Carhartt Base Layers

Carhartt clothing is designed for working men and women who live life in the outdoors. Be it at work or at play, Carhartt is a well known brand that is synonymous with quality. Quality and warmth. These long underwear are known as a base layer. A base layer meaning the first in what is then built around with other warming layers.

Once you hit the field, in the fall or deep winter, your Carhartt base layer is there to protect you. There are lightweight and extremely soft. Made with 100% cotton, the Carhartt base layer is both extremely comfortable and incredibly warm. They have a flexible waist line that form fits and is quite comfortable. This allows it to fit a wide variety of different waist sizes comfortably. Like all Carhartt products, they are well made, and made to last season after season after season.

The Carhartt base layer is semi form-fitting. This is a big plus who feel skin tight is just too tight. The Carhartt base layer does cling to the body, and does not have any extreme bulk to it. These pants allow easy movement while providing warmth. The 100% cotton design makes them naturally moisture wicking and of course comfortable. Bar none, these are among the best long underwear for hunting.

Made by Hand: Carhartt Made in USA

Under Armour Men’s Cold Gear

If you want the absolute best , it will cost a bit more. Under Armour is an extremely well-respected company that has proven itself with athletes, military members, and yes, hunters. You’ll get years of solid performance from their Cold Gear line. Under Armour uses their own blend of materials to produce a very unique material. The Cold Gear line is made from 87% polyester and 13% elastene, which give the clothing a few important features.

First and most important, it is comfortable, especially for all day wear. The Cold Gear (see full specs) is also extremely warm and does an excellent job of retaining body heat. It does this through the strategic use of dual-layer fabric. Built into the pants are a stretch mesh gusset and inseam panels. These provide an appropriate amount of ventilation throughout the pants for increased comfort. The material is also some of the very best at wicking away any and all moisture, including, of course, sweat through the body.

The Cold Gear 4’s stretchy material allows for easy and dynamic movement. This lets the user climb, jump, kick, and do whatever is possible—you can fistfight a grizzly in style (of course, we don’t recommend doing this). The seams are integrated into the pants in such a way that it prevents chafing during all day wear. The Under Armour Cold Gear is the best you can get, but it is a bit pricey. However, if you really want the best long underwear for hunting, this is well worth the cost.

Underarmour base layers


Whoever knew underwear could be so very important. As the base layer, it sets the standard for the layers on top of it. A poor base layer is likely to leave the user cold, wet and quite grumpy. Cold weather underwear should be extremely comfortable and provide a comfortable layer of warmth to the user, and we hope you’ve found the right clothes for your next winter outing. Good luck!

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